Course Catalog

The advising program at Sweet Briar encour- ages students to make informed decisions about their own academic progress. Coordinated by the Director of Academic Advising, the program provides assistance for students as they develop their educational objectives and inte- grate their academic and co-curricular experiences.

Prior to her arrival, each student is matched with a first-year academic advisor on the basis of shared interests.

Throughout her career at the College each student will add campus specialists and even selected alumnae to an advising team, which she will manage. Upon declaration of a major, her principal academic advisor will become a faculty member from that program. Supplementary advising of first-year students and sophomores is normally the responsibility of the Director of Academic Advising. Supplementary advising of juniors and seniors is normally the responsibility of the Dean of the College.

In the process of helping students make their own choices, academic advisors interpret College requirements, assist with course selections, monitor advisees’ academic progress, and make referrals to campus resources.

The responsibility for advising students about graduate programs and career plans is shared among the Dean of the College, the Director of Academic Advising, members of the faculty, and the Career Services staff.


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