Paula Ledbetter '06

(800) 381.6142

Hometown: Glen Allen, VA
Educational Background:
Sweet Briar College, 2006 (B.A. English and Creative Writing)
Recruitment Areas/Responsibilities: 

  • Virginia:  Richmond City, Tidewater, and Southside



Hobbies: crafting, painting, reading

Favorite vacation location: Walt Disney World

I waste too much time: on Pinterest

If I was a celebrity: my best friend would be Tori Spelling

I’d like to spend a day with: Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman

For my birthday: I prefer strawberry shortcake with ice cream rather than birthday cake

I’d love to share a kitchen with: Paula Deen

Favorite spot on campus: Monument Hill

Paula and QVxMe, Briefly:

I knew as soon as I set foot on campus for the first time that Sweet Briar was where I would go to college. I was a sophomore in high school and Sweet Briar was the first college I visited…of course then I compared every other college I visited to Sweet Briar. While I wasn’t entirely sure of what I wanted to “be” or what I wanted to study, I knew I wanted to go to a school where I could take a little bit of everything and have time to figure it all out.

I have worked at Sweet Briar since I graduated in 2006….so I guess you could say I kind of like it here! Sweet Briar opened many doors for me including leadership experiences and the opportunity to study abroad at Oxford. I was a student-athlete, involved in our Student Government Association, and was a member of four tap clubs.

I currently work with students from the Richmond area and the Tidewater area of Virginia. I live in Richmond and work remotely from home for Sweet Briar. I also work with transfer students and coordinate our alumnae volunteer program.

On a personal note, Sweet Briar has been a very significant part of my life. I am who I am today because of the four years I spent at Sweet Briar and because of the professors and staff members who believed in me.  I met my lifelong friends there. I met my husband there at Fall Formal during my sophomore year.  He proposed to me on Monument Hill during my senior year, and we were married there a year later.

Why I Love Sweet Briar:Paula field hockey

Sweet Briar is a place that empowers young women. The opportunities are endless and students feel motivated to become the people they are meant to be. As a student, you feel that you can achieve anything because of the support you have from your professors and staff members on campus. The College recognizes that it is essential for students to learn outside of the classroom through internships and work experiences. These outside experiences contribute to our students becoming confident women who go on to make a difference in their communities after their time at Sweet Briar.

Advice to Students:

College is not only the place where you will be going to school; it is the place where you will live. It will be your home away from home. It will be unlike any experience you have had so far in your life. You will gain independence, freedom (and with that freedom, you will make and learn from many mistakes), and you will ultimately become the person you are meant to be. The friends you make in college are most likely to be your friends for life. Your college process is your own individual process. Do not follow where your friends are going and do not let others' opinions hinder your reasons for wanting to look at and attend a certain school. Let Mom and Dad have some input. Follow your gut feeling.