The Blue Ridge Summer Institute for Young Artists is a three-week camp for high school students interested in making art that challenges old ideas about what art is and what it isn’t. 

The camp is located on Sweet Briar College’s 3,250-acre campus, which is nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Through intense study, collaboration and hand-held digital technology, BLUR students explore the way art will be made in the future.  

Why “BLUR”? Because the program is designed for you to work deeply within your own art form — creative writing, visual art and theatre — while collaborating with artists in other fields, blurring the boundaries between the arts to imagine new ways of seeing, thinking and creating.

To see photos of the 2013 camp, click here.

Quick Facts on BLUR 2014

When: June 15-July 6
Application Deadline:
April 30
: Sweet Briar College
: 2 hours of college credit
: Creative Writing, Theatre and Visual Arts
(includes iPad): $3,095* 

(*Scholarships and day student rates available)

Partners: Endstation Theatre Company, Virginia Center for the Creative Arts


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