Student Parking Regulations 2013-2014


Providing adequate parking and the proper supervision of campus traffic is a major activity on university and college campuses throughout the United States. To protect students, staff, faculty and visitors to our campus from accidents — as well as to provide security for motor vehicles parked on the campus — Sweet Briar College has established specific regulations regarding the operation and parking of all vehicles on campus properties.

All members of the Sweet Briar community, including visitors and guests of the College, are expected to adhere to the parking and traffic regulations, and should understand that storing, parking and operating a vehicle on campus property is a privilege, not a right. That privilege may be revoked at any time. Failure to adhere to the established parking and traffic regulations may lead to the issuance of a parking ticket and fine, the towing of the vehicle at the owner’s expense, and when warranted, disciplinary action by the college.

Sweet Briar College also reserves the right to tow or impound any vehicle that is illegally parked or parked in a way that constitutes a serious hazard, impedes vehicle or pedestrian movements, or impairs the operation of emergency equipment and/or the making of repairs.

Vehicle Registration

  1. All student vehicles must be registered with the Department of Campus Safety. A parking permit, which must be obtained through the Department of Campus Safety, will serve as a means of identifying those cars which have been properly registered.

  2. Vehicle Registration forms are available at the campus safety office and must be filled out completely and legibly for a parking permit to be issued.

  3. The issuance of a parking permit does not guarantee the right to a parking space. It is up to the individual driver to find an appropriate parking space for their vehicle.

  4. Parking permits must be current and must be displayed at all times while on College property. Permits should be affixed in lower left corner (driver’s side) rear windshield. Older hanger style permits are still valid; however, they are no longer issued.

  5. Students are required to register any vehicle they plan on parking on campus within one (1) week of arriving on campus for the current academic semester. The current fee for student parking is $100 per year for residential and non-residential students. Checks for this fee should be made payable to Sweet Briar College.

    Click here to download the Student Parking Registration Form.

Changing Vehicles or Registration

  1. If you change vehicles, bring your new state vehicle registration to campus safety to obtain a new permit. There is no charge for a replacement permit.

  2. If your license plate number changes, bring your state registration certificate to campus safety so that your records can be updated. There is no fee to change this information.

Parking Lot Assignments

Residential and Non-residential Students:

All students are required to park in the following designated locations, unless otherwise instructed by the Department of Campus Safety or other College official:

      • Elijah Parking Lot

      • Lower Meta Glass Parking Lot

      • Guion Parking Lot

      • Green Village

      1. Students who have a medical issue or other emergency situations that require parking near a residence hall or in an area not authorized for students, must contact the director of campus safety before parking in these areas to discuss the matter to determine what accommodations may be made.

      2. Students may park in designated faculty/staff parking areas from 5 p.m. to 8 a.m. Monday-Thursday and 5 p.m. Friday to 8 a.m. Monday. Any student vehicle not moved from these spaces by 8 a.m. will be subject to citation.

      3. Reminder: There is no student parking in the Upper Quad from 8 a.m.-5 pm. Monday through Friday.

Faculty and Staff:

    Faculty and staff may park in the following locations:

1.   Spaces specifically designated “FAC-STF”

2.   Fletcher Parking Lot

3.   Boathouse Road Parking Lot

4.   Manson/Admission designated spaces

5.   Parking spaces around the Quad

Click here to download the SBC Parking brochure.

Parking/Traffic Regulations

All motor vehicle and parking regulations and permit requirements are in effect 24 hours a day year round, including on Reading and Exam Days.

  1. All vehicles must be parked in designated parking space areas.

  2. No parking will be permitted in any fire lane. For the safety of the community, fire lane violations will be strictly enforced with fines and towing on first and subsequent offenses.

  3. Student parking is not permitted in the following locations at any time:

    • Behind the Health Center (except for an actual medical emergency)

    • Manson/Admissions Parking Lot.

    • Upper Quad between 8:00 am  and 5:00 pm, Monday Through Friday. (except for move-in/out dates)

    • Babcock Fine Arts Center (front or side lots)

    • Fitness and Athletics Center (in designated Visitor or Faculty/Staff spaces)

    • Florence Elston Inn and Conference Center (unless staying at the Inn)

  4. Prothro Lot — No student parking is allowed at any time in the Student Commons/Prothro Lot. This lot is reserved for visitors, faculty and staff only.

Other parking restrictions:

  1. No parking is permitted in the designated Admission Guest parking spaces adjacent to the admission office.

  2. No parking is permitted on any campus roadway, driveway or paved/hard surface area that is not designated as a parking area.

  3. No parking is permitted in handicapped spaces unless the vehicle displays a handicapped license plate, handicapped placard or SBC medical hangtag.

  4. No parking will be permitted in any spaces reserved for resident directors.

  5. No parking will be permitted on lawns, sidewalks or in such a manner as to block entrances of crosswalks.

  6. No parking on any striped pavement area.

  7. Student Commons/Post Office Lot — 20-minute parking only.

Visitor/Guest and Temporary Parking

  1. Students hosting visitors and guests are responsible to advise their guests of all College parking regulations.

  2. Temporary parking passes are available from Campus Safety. Current state registration information must be available to obtain a temporary permit. There is no fee.

  3. Temporary permits must be hung/placed in plain sight on the rearview mirror or dashboard.

  4. Campus community members are responsible for ensuring their guests’ compliance with all campus parking regulations and guidelines.

  5. Campus community members are liable for paying any parking fines incurred by their guest.

Parking/Traffic Enforcement

  1. Vehicle and pedestrian safety is a primary concern for everyone who lives or works on, or visits our beautiful campus. Campus safety officers are authorized to issue tickets for illegal parking, moving violations, failure to obtain/display a current parking permit, or any other violation of the established vehicle guidelines and regulations.

  2. Violations and Fines – The following fines will be written for each specific violation:

      • Parked in Fire Lane — $100 Fine

      • Parked in Handicap Space — $100 Fine

      • Failure to register vehicle — $100 Fine

      • Failure to obey traffic control device — $50 Fine

      • Reckless driving — $50 Fine

      • Speeding — $50 Fine

      • Failure to display current permit — $20 Fine

      • Parked on or obstructing roadway — $20 Fine

      • Parked on grass/walkway/other area — $20 Fine

      • Parked in reserved/restricted space — $20 Fine

        • Admission Guest  

        • Chapel  

        • Faculty/Staff/Visitor

        • Health Center 

        • Loading Zone 

        • Prothro 

        • Quad

        • Striped Pavement Area 

        • The Den

      • 20 Minute Violation — $20 Fine

        • Student Commons/Post Office                   

Restricted Parking Privileges

  1. Parking any personal vehicle on Sweet Briar College property is a privilege granted by the College. Any individual who receives five (5) parking tickets during a semester or seven (7) tickets during an academic year will have their on-campus parking privileges restricted to the Guion Parking Lot. The following procedures will be followed for implementing Restricted Parking:

      • Accrual of tickets under this policy begins at 8 a.m. on the first day of the academic year, even if the parking permit is purchased after that time.
      • Upon receiving a 4th ticket within the semester or 6th ticket during an academic year, the permit holder or vehicle owner will be sent a warning notice from the director of campus safety alerting them that their privileges to park on campus will be restricted to the Guion Parking Lot if they receive a fifth (5th) parking ticket before the end of the semester, or seventh (7th) ticket before the end of the academic year.
      • The Restricted Parking policy apply applies to citations issued to any vehicle registered to a family unit and/or to the permit holder, regardless of who was driving at the time the citation was issued.
      • Substitution of another vehicle on campus in an attempt to avoid having privileges restricted due to excessive tickets will not be permitted and may result in any vehicles be operated by the individual being towed from campus and all parking privileges being revoked.
      • Upon receipt of the 5th or 7th ticket, the vehicle will be immobilized and the individual must pay all outstanding fines and the immobilization fee. Once the fines and fee have been paid, a campus safety officer will remove the wheel lock. The individual registered to the permit will be advised that their on-campus parking privileges are now restricted to the Guion Parking Lot. The director of campus safety will also meet with the permit holder and provide the permit holder with a formal letter notifying them that the individual’s parking privileges are restricted.
      • If individuals who have had their parking privileges restricted violate the restrictions, they will be cited for the violation and the vehicle will be towed from campus property at the owner’s expense.
      • The individual’s privilege to park any vehicle on campus property will be revoked for the remainder of that academic year.
  2. Restricted parking privileges implemented during the second semester of the academic year will carry over to the following academic year for returning students.

Citation Payment and Appeals

  1. Parking Appeals may be submitted directly from the SBC Campus Safety website. Written appeals and payment will be accepted until 5 calendar days after the violation occurred.

  2. Tickets are payable at the campus safety office within 5 days of receiving the ticket. Fines can only be paid by check or cash. We cannot accept payment by credit card.

  3. Tickets that are not paid will be referred to the SBC business office for billing purposes.


  1. When it becomes necessary to tow a vehicle, the person to whom the car is registered on campus will be charged the towing fee, regardless of whether the towing is actually completed (once the towing company is called). If your vehicle has been towed, check with the Department of Safety to determine the location of your vehicle and the fee to be paid to retrieve it. The College will not be liable for any damages resulting from towing of vehicles.

  2. A vehicle will be towed in the following instances:

    1. Any vehicle parked in a manner that is interfering with emergency procedures or life safety, such as parking in a fire lane or blocking a fire hydrant.

    2. Any vehicle that is illegally parked or parked in a way that constitutes a serious hazard, impedes vehicle or pedestrian movements or impairs the making of repairs.

    3. Any vehicle on campus for more than 24 hours that does not have state registration, Sweet Briar College registration or appears to be abandoned.

  3. It is the owner’s responsibility to retrieve and pay for any vehicle towed from the campus.

Important Reminders

  1. Space Availability: A parking permit does not guarantee the holder a parking space, but only the opportunity to park within the specified area or areas.

  2. Regulations are in effect at all times, including academic recess, holidays and during the summer.

  3. The College assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to any vehicle parked on College property.

  4. Students who loan their vehicles to other students or friends are responsible for any violation incurred.

  5. The Department of Campus Safety is responsible for the registration of vehicles, issuance of parking permits, and enforcement of parking regulations. Questions concerning these matters should be directed to the department of campus safety at Ext. 6144.

Driver’s Responsibility

  1. Finding Authorized Space: Drivers are responsible for finding an authorized parking space. Lack of parking spaces, mechanical problems, inclement weather or other disabilities do not justify parking violations.

  2. Permit Display: Parking permits must be displayed according to the parking regulations or special instructions provided by the Department of Campus Safety.

Driving Regulations

The Sweet Briar campus has a speed limit of 15 mph on the main campus and 10 mph at the stables. All speeds are judged by the campus safety officer on duty. If you are considered to be speeding, you will receive a ticket.

Bicycles on Campus

Bicycles are allowed on the College campus and should be registered with the Department of Campus Safety. A bicycle is considered a vehicle when operated on the roadway. As a result, bicyclists are subject to the same responsibilities and regulations as motorists. The same fines apply to motorists and bicyclists for traffic violations, such as failing to yield to a pedestrian or running a stop sign.   

Bicycles cannot be stored in residence halls or building hallways and will be confiscated if this occurs.