ARTH 336

Studies in Medieval Art and Architecture

Area I, Ancient and Medieval. Prerequisite: ARTH 115. Selected interdisciplinary topics in medieval art will be studied in depth. Course content will vary from year to year. Topic for Fall 2013: "The Materiality of the Book: From Scribe to Press." The course takes two parts. The first examines the "medieval book" (i.e. manuscripts). Unlike almost all other Medieval art forms, manuscripts have survived in greater number and with less alteration. The same is true of the Renaissance printed book, our second topic of study. In both we will explore questions of image and text; levels of literacy; religious and secular; patron, audience, and artist; and the technologies of production. Grounding these contexts is our study of the materiality of the book - we will use manuscript pages and early printed books from our collection to learn to read and interpret these objects, as well as how to scan and preserve them. We will also visit neighboring institutions, such as UVa's Rare Book Collection or the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, DC, as well as many libraries whose books are digitally available. May be counted toward the minor in Medieval and Renaissance studies. Not open to students who already have credit for ARTH 341 (taken in Spring 2011) or HNRS 260. V.1, V.6a