LAST 302

Special Topics in Latin American Studies

Prerequisite: Sophomores with permission. An exploration of a specific topic in Latin American studies. Topics will vary by semester and the course may be repeated for credit when course content changes. Topic for Fall 2013: "Immigration, Emigration, Brain Drains, and Death Trains." This course will explore issues related to immigration and emigration in the context of Latin America. We will consider internal migration in countries such as Bolivia and Brazil where urbanization has been a trend for decades; we will also look at migration across borders in Latin America in recent years (Guatemala to Mexico, Bolivia to Argentina, across several Central American borders); and finally, we will examine migration from various Latin American countries to the U.S. (Brazil, Central America, Cuba, Mexico). Topics include the causes of specific migrations, the effects on the home countries and the destination countries, culture clashes, and legal versus illegal migration. V.4

Course Overview