The Classics, Philosophy, and Religion Department


       The Classics, Philosophy, and Religion Department was formed in 2004 to house what the faculty believes to be intrinsically related and reinforcing disciplines. Each program retains a separate major and minor and each brings its distinctive body of knowledge and investigative tools to an overall liberal education. The CPR faculty, students, and curriculum work together to cross departmental boundaries and to show how critical and creative thinking enlivens any subject. Students often double-major or combine a major and minor within the department. The faculty sponsors lectures and special events together and team-teaches courses frequently.

       In the future, the faculty hopes to develop clustered courses where the content of classes in different programs is intentionally in dialog with that of other CPR courses offered in the same semester. The Classics, Philosophy, and Religion Department embodies the mission of Sweet Briar College by fostering a student-centered program that engages both the students and the faculty with an array of intellectual and interactive experiences, preparing students for the future and enriching education through cooperation and support.