Sweet Briar Station and Caboose

Through the generosity of the College, its alumnae and the National Science Foundation, the department is very well equipped with modern instrumentation, equipment and supplies. Our facilities are housed at two locations: the Train Station/Caboose and the old Water Plant.

The Train Station contains a student/classroom area and a laboratory for the earth sciences, and the caboose serves as a computer lab and lounge for majors. As an environmental major at Sweet Briar, the student area of the Train Station and Caboose are your areas. There's a couch in the Train Station and futons in the Caboose. There are tables to study or work on and modern computers for your exclusive use. You have a data projector to practice your class presentations, a map library to help with your class projects and the departmental library. We hold some classes in the Train Station, too, so you'll often find it convenient to study with friends right up until class time.

The geology lab is well equipped with an extensive collection of rocks and minerals, a Topcon GTS Electronic Total System (computerized laser surveying system), several Garmin global positioning system hand-held units, Leica stereo and compound microscopes with digital cameras and image analysis, digital movie camera and digital still cameras, hand-held dissolved oxygen, turbidity, conductivity and pH meters, and much more.

Outside the labs, you'll have access to our departmental 4WD vehicle, our two boats and our greatest facility of all — five square miles of campus and the Virginia piedmont and Blue Ridge Mountains!