Gifts of appreciated securities can provide you with an income tax charitable deduction and a capital gains tax savings. There are several ways to make a gift of securities to Sweet Briar: electronic transfer, mail or hand delivery.

Before making your gift, notify the Office of Development of your intent by calling toll-free at (888) 846-5722, or send a letter stating your name, address and the purpose for which the gift is being made.

Electronic Transfer
Notify your broker that you wish to make a gift of securities to Sweet Briar College. After authorizing the transfer, instruct your broker to contact the Office of Development. Our office will give your broker complete transfer instructions.

Send the unsigned certificates in an envelope to the College. In a separate envelope, send a signed stock power to the College.

Hand Delivery
Certificates also may be given directly to a Development staff member or hand delivered to the Office of Development. DO NOT mail endorsed certificates! Once the certificate is endorsed, it is legal tender and can be exchanged by anyone.