HNRS 119

Creativity and Critical Thinking

Prerequisites: First-year Honors Inquiry course and permission of instructor. A First-year Honors seminar. Writers and artists make expressive work as a personal response to the world around them, but the nature of that response is often intuitive or visceral rather than considered and interpretive. This course invites students to examine the creative process - their own, or that of other writers and artists - through the lens of critical thinking and academic discussion. Readings will include Twyla Tharp, Richard Hugo, Malcolm Gladwell, James Baldwin, Jorie Graham, and Chiniua Achebe. Assignments will include personal or analytical essays, short fiction, and poems; if students wish to augment their writing with original creative work in the visual arts, video/film, or other disciplines, they may either collaborate with one another or integrate their own projects into a cohesive whole. III.W, V.6b