INTD 112

Writing Wrongs: Gender and Power in Antiquity

Prerequisite: Open only to first-year students in the y:1 program. We will examine the paradoxical differences of status for women in literature and life in ancient Rome, Greece, and Egypt. Wherever possible, we will read the words of women themselves, including the Greek lyrics of Sappho and the Latin elegies of Sulpicia. We will also consider why women were afforded status and relative autonomy in the world of religious ritual. We will look at Greek priestesses, the famous Pythia, and the surprising power of women in Sparta. The course will end with a consideration of female pharoahs in ancient Egypt and how art and texts had to change in some ways to accommodate this shift in political power. We will compare evidence of actual powerful women to the depiction of gender relations in Egyptian literature and art. May be counted towards the major or minor in classics. III.O, V.1