INTD 114

Global Girlhoods

Prerequisite: Open only to first-year students in the y:1 program. American anthropology began in the 1920s with the observation that girlhood could be very different from place to place around the world. Girls have had different obligations to kin, different senses of selfhood, different relations to boys, and different lives to look forward to as they grow up. How do girls spend their time in different societies? What do they look forward to, what do they avoid, what deep obligations do they feel? The 20th century saw historical transformations that both brought together girlhoods from around the world, and divided them sharply - modernity, with its standards of education and its linking of personal growth with national development; and globalization, with its paradox of mass market consumption and flexible production giving girls new prominence around the world. What do girls want in the new world economy, and how should they achieve their desires? May be counted toward the major or minor in anthropology. III.O