Class Notes (Summer 2011)



Eleanor Wright Conway died 6/18/10 at nearly 99 yrs. old. She had a long, interesting life, born in HI and moving often during her childhood due to her father’s military posts. She attended SBC while he was stationed in Washington, D.C., and married Theodore John Conway 3 yrs. after graduation. They moved to Paris, France, where they studied French civilization at the Sorbonne, so Ted could return to West Point as a faculty member. Eleanor and Ted had 2 daughters, Laura and Ruth, while living in the Hudson Valley of upstate NY. In 1942, Ted was sent to serve in the war. Afterwards, he rose to the rank of Four Star General and he and Eleanor lived in and traveled to countries including Thailand, South Korea, France and Germany for his assignments. They were also sent on official trips on behalf of our country to many places in Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia. They made many friendships on their trips that lasted well into their retirement yrs. with such dignitaries as the King of Jordan and the Shah of Iran.

            Eleanor belonged to the Daughters of the American Revolution and the Protestant Women of the Chapel. She was a Brownie Leader and a Red Cross volunteer. She was proud of having completed the Power Boating Squadron course while living on Tampa Bay, FL. During retirement, Eleanor helped Ted as his research assistant as he completed his doctorate in history at Duke U.



Frances Bailey Brooke

405 Jackson Ave.

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Edith Vongehr Bridges-Cone writes: I no longer travel much, which saddens me, but 2 wks. ago David and I, plus 3 of my daughters and their spouses, flew from CA to NYC for a wk: the occasion was son Tyler’s receiving a prestigious Cabot Award (excellence in Journalism) for Latin America in 2009/2010. He’s a foreign correspondent in Lima and Venezuela for the Miami Herald and recently for the McClatchy newspaper group. Since 12/2009 he’s been freelancing.

My other kids and grands are all managing in these difficult times. I’m more or less like others of my generation. I wish I could be at the Reunion!



Ann Morrison Reams

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Alice Lancaster Buck

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Our class had a wonderful 2-day mini-reunion at SBC in Oct. Some of us are even in the new video, “A Sweet Briar Woman: An Introduction” which they shot while we were there. Melissa Coffey Gay ’98, Donna and Dinah from the Alumnae Office treated us like royalty and planned a special 2 days for us, including classes and lectures, tours and wonderful meals and shuttle service, with the most thoughtful driver who catered to our every need.

            President Jo Ellen Parker spoke to us at the Welcome Dinner and gave an exciting account of the state of the college. Our thanks to our class president, Louise Smith Barry and Marian Shanley Jacobs, who arranged for the reunion. Also there were Catherine “Tee” Tift Porter, Jean Blanton Stein, Virginia “Dykie” Watts Fournier, Emily Anne “Em” Wilkins Mason, Anne Woods Guzzardi, Betty “Fence” Williams Gookin and Richard. My Pete would have loved being there as he seldom missed one of our reunions, but unfortunately he had a stroke in May of last yr. and died in June. I’m grateful for our 65 wonderful yrs. and the many SBC reunions we shared.

            The college sent a copy of Rebecca Skloot’s The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks to each of us attending Reunion. A fascinating book, we read it ahead of time in preparation for a class in the library with creative writing professor and author David Griffith. It was fun to be “students” again. We also enjoyed a class on nutrition led by Bonnie Kestner and another class in Guion taught by Dr. John Morrissy who said he wanted to introduce us to his pet sharks. We were a bit apprehensive as we walked to his lab, but were delighted to find the sharks were very small. In fact we patted one as he held it in his hand! Our last night we were invited by Louise Swiecki Zingaro ’80 and Scott to a party at the Farmhouse. Louise, who had been the executive director of alumnae affairs, is now VP and chief of staff. She and her successor Melissa Coffey Gay ’98 have done a magnificent job of making us feel welcome whenever we return.

            Betty Gookin and Richard volunteered to plan our next mini-reunion. Peggy Gordon Seiler was happy to hear that it will be in Richmond as she had to miss the last one. It will probably be in Oct. and hopefully many of you will join us. Betty and Richard had “a lovely trip to England in May to visit cousins and a wk. in Ireland.” They still enjoy their “rebuilt” house and open it often for such events as a benefit lunch for the local symphony, or other groups such as the Middleburg Garden Club or the “Vintage Ladies.” They stay in shape with swimming aerobics 3 times a wk.

            After the Oct. reunion, I drove Tee Porter up to visit daughter Catherine Porter Fuller ’68 in D.C. and to receive The Role of Honor award from the Colonial Dames at their bi-annual meeting at the Dumbarton House. Tee was selected by the Colonial Dames of GA to receive this national honor. Congratulations Tee, from all of us. Tee is in touch with Alice Johnson Fessenden who continues to live an active life, which includes a lot of travel.

            Hazel Fellner Tuttle sent a letter last yr., but it arrived too late to be included in the last report. She has kept in touch with Dottie Tobin Baldwin through the yrs., and with Alice Johnson Fessendon who also lives “out west.” Alice is in NV and Hazel in CO.

            Paulett Long Taggart had to miss the mini-reunion because she was playing the role of Beatrice in “Much Ado about Nothing” (the same role she had played at SBC in ’44). Pat Patton Odell was in it too, organizing the dances. Paulett reminded me that Pat had written that wonderful song for our class play “The Tang of Autumn.”

            It’s hard to report that we lost 3 more of our wonderful classmates during the past yr.  Constance “Connie Sue” Budlong Myrick died on 5/20/10, Elizabeth Vaughan Bishop on 12/110, and Norma Bradley Arnold on 12/4/10. We’re grateful for all the yrs. we knew them. Please use my email address above and send me your latest news. Thanks!



Dale Sayler Morgan

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Julia Mills Jacobsen

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Mary Haskins King

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Mary Vandeventer Saunders

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Thanks to you who responded to my request for your news.

Polly Pollard Kline has 6 children, 7 grandkids and 3 great-grandkids. Husband Rob is 90 and still working. They’ve been going to Sandbridge Breach, VA, for 52 yrs. She and Cholly Jenes Rendall keep in close touch.

Rea Dingwell Loos (from Williamsburg) and Dick delighted are with their retirement home. She’s involved with the fitness center, arranging bridge games, singing with the choral group and mentoring two 2nd grade boys in a public school. She keeps up with Jean Loue Albert who still lives on her farm in Munroe, VA.

Cholly Rendall, whose husband was a pharmacist turned farmer, (thus a “farmicist!”) lives on their farm in Yanceyville, NC, knits, reads, lunches with friends and attends church. Her health is good; she still cuts grass and rakes leaves! Son Gordon lives across the creek. She and Polly Kline keep in close touch.

Betsy Gurleyhewson writes from Vero Beach, FL, that she and husband Tom enjoy life in a retirement home, couldn’t be happier. They went on a cruise to the Caribbean over Thanksgiving with daughter Joan and are planning another trip to Europe in Apr. Joan is just back from 6 mos. in Thailand where she worked in an orphanage. All the children there have HIV. She’s going to medical school in Aug. “She’ll be an incredible doctor!” Betsy and Tom swim often and play tennis twice a wk. She keeps up with Anne Hill Edwards and Rea Loos. “Greetings and love to all our classmates!”

Candy Green Satterfield lives at Westminster Canterbury at VA Beach. Her daughter Caroline lives in Tierra Verde, FL, hoping again to teach at a junior coll. Son Jim, a lawyer, lives in Washington D.C., grandson Jason has 3 jobs, among them a chef at a fabulous restaurant in Orlando. Granddaughter Leslie works at a veterinarian clinic.

Joan Berend Gordon is in good health. Daughter Ann Morse is married to David Dickinson, chair of the education dept. at Vanderbilt in Nashville. Her field is special needs. Son Jonathan “Fuzzbee” Morse is a versatile musician/performer in Hollywood. Stepson Rich Gordon is at Northwestern teaching online newspaper; his wife, Marie Dillon, an editorial writer for the Chicago Tribune; and grandson Conrad (14) an all-around everything. Tom Gordon, her only family in Pittsburg, is a computer programmer and poet who is getting married for the 1st time at age 50 next May. Being 86 hasn’t stifled her activities. She lives in a neat, 4-room condo in Oakland, which is where Carnegie Mellon and Pitt and the Carnegie Museum and beat hospitals are located. She’s an active art docent at the museum; attends Osher classes (this yr. Proust, ukulele, watercolor, short story reading). She writes articles for the Osher magazine (Osher is a national program for senior citizens). Joan also practices Chi Gong, yoga and aerobic swimming. Having lived alone for many yrs., she’s kept busy with friends at book club, film club, Slow Food, etc. Her book The Road Taken: A Journey Down Pennsylvania Route 45, Local History Co., 2003, is still in print.

Shields Jones Harris writes: “I’m 86 and feeling blessed with good health. My mother always said if you have your health, you can face whatever you have to. I find this to be true. I’m sure we’ve all had ups and downs that we’ve survived. Charlie and I had 3 children. Shebe is divorced and lives with us, which I love. She has a good job in the health field. Chris lives in East Hampton and Palm Desert and does Mapeasy-maps of cities that are really guide books. You see them in Barnes and Noble and airports. Millie and her husband live in Rocky Mt. (2 daughters in Rocky Mount. I’m so lucky). Millie is head of admissions and communications at Rocky Mt. Academy. She and her husband also have a mountain house, which they share with me to take several groups of friends up during the summer and fall. Sweet Charlie died 2 yrs. ago from Alzheimer’s. I kept him at home with part time companions and then had to put him in assisted living — very difficult, but after a few mos. he accepted it. I have 4 wonderful grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. Lee and I are as close as ever. She and I sold our family homes and moved to an area across from country club and near many old friends. We played bridge yesterday and I brought her home for supper. Lee has had very severe osteoporosis and needs day nurses, but that doesn’t stop her from going!

Wheats Young Call and I (Mary “Polly” Vandeventer Saunders) are both living in Newport News. She belongs to 2 book clubs. Aunshill Edwards writes from her home in Portsmouth Sweet Briar Circle (it was a coincidence). She keeps in close touch with Rea and Betsy Hewson. “Just saw my theory and composition books and term papers on a bottom shelf. Time to toss those for sure!” She had health issues for the past 2 yrs., which have brought about a change in her pace. My daughter Liza lives in Alexandria loving all of the interesting goings-on in that area. My son Roby, a lawyer and wife Melissa live in my old house. Their son Joe graduates from h. s. in June. Their daughter Grace (14) gets more sophisticated every day. Their computer savvy blows my mind! I live at a retirement home. I’ve been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. “Keep moving” is what I keep hearing, so me and my walker try to keep moving. No future travel plans, but friends, family, books and time spend pulling for drama help. Think about Reunion — nice way to catch up in person. So pack up your old kit bags and head back the prettiest campus in the whole world!



Linda McKoy Stewart

18 Osprey Ln.

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Catherine Cox Reynolds
20 Loeffler Rd. T-408
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As I write this in late Jan., I’m gazing out on the deepest snowfall in recent CT history. It’s beautiful especially the cotton balls on the red berries on the mountain ash tree outside my bedroom window, rather like a summer treat of whipped cream on raspberries. At times like
this, Phil and I are happy to be in our snug retirement community with no worries about snow shoveling, slipping on icy sidewalks or leaping over snow banks left by the diligent plowmen who clear our streets.

 Alice Trout Hagan moved to Brandon Oaks, a community of about 250 people in Roanoke, last Oct. Her children insisted that she give up driving and told her that her house was outgrowing her.  However, Alice says she’s amazed that she likes her retirement community, and told her children that the move was the biggest Christmas present she had ever given them. Alice has been in touch with Walter Brown, our honorary classmate who is looking for a retirement community near his children in NJ. The only drawback to such places in NJ, according to Walter, is that they’re too full of Princetonians, and Walter (Yale ’45W) is true

Alice had had a visit from Mary Lewis Stevens Webb’s son Rutledge and
his wife and baby. All are thriving in Charleston and carry on Stevie’s memory. Alice also has been in touch with Patsy Davin Robinson who plays tennis, as does Preston Hodges Hill. It would be difficult for Patsy and Pres to get together for a game, however, since
Patsy is still in MI and Preston in her Denver house. She spends vacations in Aspen, CO, with children and grandchildren from CA and NV. All 14 Hills gathered for Christmas in
3 adjoining condos at the foot of Ajax Mt. Preston’s daughter-in-law Joan Luise Hill and 2 friends have produced a book, a 10-yr. undertaking based on Catholic theology and their own
experiences called The Miracle Chase. It’s a moving read, available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

Preston is joining Carolyn Cannady Evans for a trip to Egypt, Lebanon
and Jerusalem in April. I’ll leave the New England snows in March to journey to Midland, TX, to visit Larry Lawrence Simmons. Larry lost her husband a little over a year ago, but keeps busy traveling, delivering Meals On Wheels and reading to 3rd graders at the school she founded 30 yrs. ago.

I heard from Margaret Towers Talman in late Nov. that Polly Plummer Mackie died on Thanksgiving Day at her home in Bryn Mawr, PA, after several yrs. of failing health. Polly was an anthropologist and traveled the world on “digs” and as an art consultant. She was a member of her church’s choir for 50 yrs. (no doubt building on her experience in the SBC choir.)
Through her church, she was involved in the founding of the African Children’s Mission and traveled to Malawi to participate in the building of infrastructure and planning of aid. Polly leaves 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren.

Margaret is still “bopping along” in spite of a broken ankle. She gets together often with Caroline Casey Brandt, Kitty Hart Belew and Libby Trueheart Harris who all live in the same retirement community in Richmond. Kitty heard from Anne Fiery Bryan, who lives
in Charlottesville.

Mary Fran Brown Ballard, our indefatigable fund agent, keeps me in the network with classmates whom we have lost touch with. One is Betsy Blair Gosling who died in ’07. Mary Fran reported the sad loss of her brother.

Carolyn Cannady Evans gets together with Ann “Flip” Eustis Weiner and Judy Easley Mak from time to time, most recently at an SBC brunch in D.C. Carolyn says all is well with Deborah Carroll Conery in New Orleans. Debby’s husband, Billy, has some health problems but is mobile. Their lovely home in the Garden District was spared by Katrina, but Billy’s hunting lodge was destroyed. Carolyn had heard from Jackie Jacobs Leffers who moved to a 3-bedroom condo in Lookout Mt., TN. Jackie would welcome visitors. Her address is 7 Stonedge, 100 Scenic Hwy., Lookout Mt., TN 37350-1267.

Ellen Ramsey Clark is making progress (slowly) recovering from an operation for spinal stenosis. She does rehab therapy 3 times a wk. and is now able to walk with 2 canes. Ellen sees Carter Van Deventer Slattery from time to time when Carter comes to Memphis to visit
her son. Carter’s other son is in Nashville where he serves as Treasurer for TN’s new governor.

Thanks to all of you who sent me news for this column. Keep it coming!



Patty Lynas Ford

2165 West Dry Creek Rd.

Healdsburg, CA 95448

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             Janet Broman Dingle: Husband Larry and I are blessed with a large family and full lives. Between the 2 of us, we have 5 children, 15 grandchildren, 7 great-grandchildren and 2 more on the way! Over the yrs., we’ve enjoyed attending annual bomber squad reunions of Larry’s B-17 squad that flew over 30 missions across the English Channel during WWII. For a number of yrs. we’ve spent several of the winter mos. in Palm City, FL, with friends. Many of our travels at holiday times took us to see our kids in WVA, OH and NY. We’ve stayed busy with Kiwanis, church, golf, bridge and friends. Sadly, it became necessary to place my husband into an Alzheimer facility in 8/10. It’s close to where I live, and I visit often. He receives excellent care and the family hosted a special party to celebrate his 90th birthday last Nov. I’ll probably be moving in the future myself, in order to downsize from our large condo, but will remain in the Chagrin Falls suburb of Cleveland and continue with the activities we’ve enjoyed. My younger daughter, Sue, and her family moved to Fort Mill, SC, last summer and my older daughter, Cathy, and her family, reside in Corning, NY. Cathy plans to accompany me to our 60th in May. I’m looking forward to seeing my classmates at Reunion, as well as my sister, Joan Broman Wright ’46 and husband Jim.

Mary Pease Fleming: I talked to Joan Davis Warren over the holidays and she’s pushing Fri. night at Reunion, maybe to get Sue Lockley Glad to come. I also heard from Eugenia Ellis Mason, who is widowed and still lives in Petersburg, VA (close to Richmond). She notes: “as far as going to Reunion, I don’t even get as far as Richmond these days!” 

Jean Duerson Bade and Ann Petesch Hazzard keep in touch at Christmas. Jean is in her same house, holding on over her children’s objections, and goes swimming 6 days a wk. She’s given up traveling, so seems doubtful about Reunion. Ann writes “all is pretty well here. I still have most of my wits and am physically fit. Love playing bridge and enjoy singing in the chorale as well.” Ann lives in a retirement home in Alexandria, VA, where she and Rutledge moved before he passed away. Barbara Birt Dow and Bill stopped on their 1st winter trip to their home in Vero Beach, FL, and had a great dinner at their house. Ann Sheldon Campbell and Bill came too. Barbara showed Ann how to get on a website for a jewelry co. in Charleston, SC, and there was her granddaughter modeling glamorous things! The Dows have probably already gone back to Vero after Christmas in Devon, PA, on the auto train, so they won’t have another visit just now. Barbie is as beautiful as ever, even though she has been nursing Bill’s cracked ribs (a fall in the living room). Rives and Ann had a busy and happy holiday, saw half of their children.

Sue Lockley Glad: We’re moving to Bend, OR, in 1/11 to a 55-and-older resort community named Touchmark. We have a lovely condo with a fantastic view of the Deschutes River near the Old Mill District. It’s private, and we know a number of people who live there. It’s smaller than our current condo. It also has assisted living places if we need help. It’s rather near our summer place at Black Butte Ranch (which we share with our daughter’s family) near the Bend Athletic Club and several bridge playing friends we’ve met at the Ranch. After 50 yrs. in CA, it should be an adventure! Children and grandchildren are spread through Los Angeles, Tucson and Eugene, beginning college and working hard. I may or may not get to Reunion in May as my husband needs quite a lot of attention.  

Ann Mountcastle Gamble-Blechta: I’m unable to leave my wonderful 2nd husband George very often, but you know I will be there if I can. Brother Frank lives in Richmond, and I’d go over with the wonderful gals from there so will see. I’m glad to be in FL when the north is under ice and snow. I loved those yrs. in the snow, but now I’m happy just sweeping up bougainvillea petals that fall on my terrace. George celebrated his 97th in July (going for 100. How can I keep up?) Hey, all of us 80-yr-olds, we are the best! Happy New Year! We’ll open a bottle of bubbly overlooking the Gulf of Mexico on Siesta Key. We’ll wake up when the fireworks go off.

      Betsy Brawner Bingham: I’ve sort of had a hard time getting my life back together. Nothing was important, not that I haven’t been busy. After mother died at 94, when I was the anchor, my oldest son came down with ALS and having to watch that was hard. I kept asking why. He was so bright, so involved and a real mover; he got 4 M.A.s from Berkeley, and at the same time he was a student instructor in computer science. I closed the travel agency so I had more freedom to go Raleigh. I did continue with the commissioner in Ocean Ridge and have always had the 2 office buildings to run. I’ve also been appointed to the issues forum that takes on problems how to shut down pain clinics, transportation patterns for disadvantaged areas. Somewhere along the line I was appointed to the league of cities board. The most interesting board is the water resources board for Palm Beach County. When the ocean is calm I still snorkel and this summer had the fun of swimming with my grandchildren and a green turtle. My hibiscuses are still earning ribbons at shows.

      Lynne McCullough Gush: I’m busy with a dinner and concert for 25 on the 19th — French music and cuisine. Teaching is picking up following the recession lag. Ballet and dog-walking continue.

      Anne Sinsheimer: I hope to go to Ireland in Sept. I just keep busy with exercise at the gym, dog-walking, volunteering at a mostly Hispanic school — reading with English as a Second Language children, bridge, knitting, etc.

      Susan Taylor Hubbard: My greatest recent accomplishment was making 5 gal of sausage and cabbage soup for a soup kitchen here. Must say it was delicious. I really like to cook.

      Patty Lynas Ford: I’m enjoying the anticipation of our 60th Reunion and assembling the Class Scrapbook. I don’t know how many of you had met Marcy Staley Mark’s husband, John. He was a delightful man, a person of many interests, unquenchable curiosity, willingness to help the underdog, socially and environmentally, in many parts of the world (e.g., Colombia, Madagascar and Burundi), and retired Professor of Psychology at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland. We didn’t hear from him at Christmas and later found out from his son that he had died in 8/10 at 92. In 2/90, we met Ruth Clarkson Costello in San Francisco and flew together to Portland to spend a wk. with John and Marcy who lived in a lovely house in the woods. During our visit we drove around Mt. Hood clockwise, staying in their cabin (plenty of snow) and going to Timberline Lodge on a sparkling clear day with unlimited visibility. And now, I’m focusing on the Class Scrapbook and looking forward to seeing many of you at Sweet Briar in May.


Patricia Layne Winks

312 Arguello Blvd., Apt. 3

San Francisco, CA 94118

[email protected]


As we begin a new decade, time is no longer on our side. We mourn the passing of dear classmates, spouses and friends. In the past mos. we lost Anne Forster Dooley and Pat Ruppert Flanders. Ellen Galey Scher and Donna Reese Godwin have lost their husbands. Trudy Kelly Morron lost her dear daughter after a long struggle against cancer.

Our bodies and minds are less reliable, but we’re fortunate to have the support of loving family and friends. Linda Brackett continues to recover from a disabling stroke, with the help of her sons and caretakers. Anne Garst Strickland, husband Tom and family have moved to Lexington, VA. Anne stays at the Borden Health Center, but visits Tom at their cottage, goes on short trips and still enjoys music. Royce Hanson reports that wife Mary Gesler Hanson “continues an inexorable decline: stoic, silent and increasingly weak, she retains her intrinsic gentleness and sweet temperament.” Janet Graham Scott and husband Ken had sudden health reverses, which required hospitalizations for both, followed by a move from their farm at Mt. Celten to a retirement village in Keperra, Queensland, Australia. It’s a relief to report that Helen Graves Stahmann, also of Queensland, was spared the floods that destroyed most of her hometown, Toowamba.

We keep as active as we can. Benita Phinizy Johnson works 3 days a week at St. Ann’s Retirement Home, volunteers at the Atlanta Speech School, and is an “avid jigsaw puzzle maniac.” Ann Whittingham Smith attends Alliance Francaise. Sue Bassewitz Mentzinger continues to be active in the NY Bar and paints. Jane Ramsey Olmsted is a triple threat: she has sold numerous watercolors, is a catering director at the Sulgrave Club as well as a member of Les Dames d’Escoffier — and she’s studying Italian. Brigitte Guttstadt is a therapist affiliated with the Washington School of Psychiatry.

Some of us remain politically active. References in cards indicate that some of you are very red and others very blue. I’ll let you determine who is colored what, without exploiting my media role...

Nancy Morrow Lovell engages in a wide variety of activities — including participation in “Redheads and More Redheads Day” with 900 other redheads for entry into the Guinness Book of Records. Mary Lois Miller Carroll and husband Hugh divide their time between FL and Lake Keuka in NY. They enjoyed watching the Phillies spring training games. Becky Yerkes Rogers has written a magnificent book on the stained glass panels at the Riverside Presbyterian Church in Jacksonville, FL. Her book is a work of tremendous beauty and scholarship. As the archivist, Becky gathered and collated 100 yrs. of information for the church’s anniv.

Frances Street Smith attended an SBC gathering in Vero Beach, where she saw Anne Hoagland Kelsey and Mary John Ford Gilchrist. Jane Russo Sheehan and Betsy Wilder Cady went to see the new American Wing of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Jane reports that Betsy is “impressive with her great physical shape and her multiple activities and travels.” Jane herself still rides a horse — I find that impressive! Nancy Hamel Clark saw Benita Phinizy Johnson when she visited Greensboro with her son Stuart. Nancy writes that “Benita looks absolutely gorgeous and her son is delightful.” If you’d like to arrange your own reunion online, check out Ginger Dreyfus Karren and Jane Russo Sheehan on Facebook. Also on Facebook you can catch a glimpse of Martha Yost Ridenour dancing the jitterbug at her h. s. reunion.

Martha Legge Katz and Bill hosted all 14 kids and grandkids at their home over Christmas vacation. Happily there are 2 gourmet chefs in the family so Martha was spared kitchen duties. Sue Judd Wilcox’s granddaughter graduated from San Diego State U. and is now a nurse. Another granddaughter started college at Santa Barbara. Mary Gesler Hanson has a granddaughter at the Coll. of Wooster, and Anne Hoagland Kelsey has a granddaughter at Dartmouth and a grandson at the U. of Richmond.

Sue Judd Wilcox’s daughter Martha is much improved since she underwent deep-brain stimulation surgery to relieve symptoms of Parkinson’s. Joanne Holbrook Patton’s son George went through a difficult period in ICU and then rehab after heart valve replacement. His move to a retirement home in CO is now scheduled for spring. Nancy Hamel Clark’s daughter Ann, who is chief academic officer of the Charlotte/Mecklenberg School District, was chosen to participate in the Broad Academy, a leadership training program for superintendents of inner-city schools.

My fill-in-the-blank “When I left Sweet Briar I never dreamed I would…”elicited wonderful replies. Jane Russo Sheehan never thought she’d be alive in 2010. Frances Street Smith never dreamed she’d have such “old” children. Gay Maupin Bielenstein never dreamed “I would meet my husband in a boarding house in Australia...and be happily married for 58 yrs.” Martha Yost Ridenour never thought she would outlive all the members of her immediate family. She lost her father at 8, her mother at 35, her sister at 50, husband at 52, and only child at 65. Of her 29 first cousins, now there is only one. Nancy Morrow Lovell, on the other hand, has gained a family, by “getting so deep into genealogy and meeting so many wonderful cousins...women who have become best friends and the sisters I never had.” Louise Kelly Pumpelly Anderson never dreamed she’d have “3 children, much less a 2nd marriage that added 3 more and now 10 grandchildren — 6 of my own and 4 step-grands.” Louise observes, “It’s fun, but the sports and recitals are endless.”

             We’ve had careers we never expected as well. Florence Fitch Patton has been a teacher, a principal of 2 schools, a school district trustee, and a DAR executive officer. Joanne Holbrook Patton has had 2 careers since “retirement” from the military: developing a company to assist nonprofit organizations, then managing a certified organic farm.

Jane “Tink” Guthe Coffey sums up a life experience many of us have been fortunate enough to share: “a wonderful family, challenging career, caring friends, travels, books, and a host of memories filled with laughter, occasional sadness and plenty of excitement.” Jane adds, “I was always sure 80 would feel old — looks may be deceiving, but the spirit is still strong.”



Florence Pye Apy

67 Rivers Edge Dr.

Little Silver, NJ 07739


[email protected]


It seems that I report sad news in each column. We’ve lost 2 more classmates, Janet Martin Birney, 9/12/10 and Nancy McDonald, 1/17/11. We regret the loss of Janet and Nancy and send our sympathy to their families. I learned that Sallie Gayle Beck’s longtime partner, Doug McLaughlin, died in Nov. after an illness of several mos. We sympathize with Sallie on her loss. Sallie says she’s fine and plans to continue to live in Merida, Mexico. “After 13 yrs. this is home.” Her message came during our Dec. blizzard here on the East Coast. It was also cold in Merida, but an electric blanket from Sallie’s son helped. I trust she’ll not have a power outage.

Anne Elliott Caskie is a full-time caregiver to her husband, Challen, who has Alzheimer’s. We all know someone who has or has had it — a vicious disease. We pray that the medical community will soon find a cure.

I talked to Anne Joyce Wyman by phone. She and Joseph are still seeing the world. Joseph retired in his 50s. Their daughter lives in England, so they “cross the pond” frequently and take in the rest of the world as well. Edie Norman Wombwell and George celebrated their 50th anniv. by booking a Mediterranean cruise from Rome to Barcelona on the Seabourne Legend. The cruise took them to the French Riviera, Corsica, Sardinia, Minorca, Mallorca and Valencia. Upon returning Edie suffered from a serious case of jet lag, a small price to pay for such a trip.

Ginger Timmons Ludwick and David were also cruising. I learned this via a Christmas card with Ginger and David pictured standing on the deck of a ship sailing through the Panama Canal.

News from Sug Cantey Patton and Pat: They expect their 2nd great-grandson in April. As I write this they’re celebrating Auburn’s winning the National Championship. A snowstorm couldn’t keep Pat away.  

   Jeanne Duff, Patti Tighe Walden, and I resumed meeting in Princeton for lunch. We generally meet on the 3rd Thurs. of the mo. If anyone would like to join us, please email me at the above address. We’d love to see you. Many of you have changed your email addresses. I’d appreciate updates.



Bruce Watts Krucke

7352 Toogoodoo Rd.

Yonges Island, SC 29449

[email protected]


Unfortunately, it seems we have more and more sympathies to send to our classmates’ families each time now. Ann Venable Rogers passed away in late Nov. Susan Scott died in Dec. In Jan., we lost Meri Hodges Major. Helen Smith Lewis sent me her obituary telling of the many community services Meri was involved with besides the maintaining of her beautiful plantation home, Belle Air. We also send condolences to Page Anderson Hungerpillar and family whose son John died last yr.

I heard from many Sweetones who were close to Meri. Ann Collins Teachout even emailed me from Thailand where they’re having a wonderful time traveling with Thai friends. Mary Anne Bowns Bell, our Sweetones founder wrote from St, John’s, FL, where they’re enjoying active lives. They attend the visits each Feb. by SBC’s president.

Dilly Johnson Jones is having her other knee replaced in Feb. — the 1st one was done 8 yrs. ago. They had a spectacular time between Christmas and New Year’s at Sea Island. Dilly rented a 7 bedroom house and everyone came, including the 5 grandsons and 1 granddaughter. All the cousins have great fun together.

Jeanne Stoddart Barends had a phone call with Sissy Morris Long about Meri’s death. Fortunately, Meri was at her daughter Louise’s and not alone at Belle Air. Jeanne is caretaker for her wonderful husband, Fred (90), but does have some people to help, as he has congestive heart failure and some dementia. Fred is just as handsome at 90 as when they 1st met. Jeanne mentioned Elly Vorys Matchneer who lives in a senior facility near Jeanne. Elly had a nice vacation in Canada with her family on Vorys Island in summer.

Ann Thomas Donohue recalled visiting Belle Air with the Jamestown Society not long ago and how gracious Meri was. Ann has the doctors baffled with her knee and back problems now unfortunately.

Shirley Poulson Broyles and Norris took a river cruise from Budapest to Prague in Oct. They’ll take another boat trip in Aug. this yr. from Southampton going around England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland. They saw Merrill Underwood Barringer and Paul on New Year’s Eve in Hilton Head and they’re going to visit Kirk Tucker Clarkson ’53 and Jack in FL in Feb. just before the Clarksons go to South America. Shirley’s grandson got married in Oct. and a granddaughter is getting married in Mar. All those grandchildren keep them hopping.

Peggy Jones Steuart and Guy were here in Charleston in May of last yr., and we had lunch at Middleton Place. They were here for the graduation of their grandson from the Coll. of Charleston. We had such a good time with them talking non-stop. They have just welcomed their 14th grandchild, a little girl making it even with seven boys and seven girls. And they all live within a 15 min. drive!

Jerry Driesbach Ludeke is still a whirlwind of activity. She took a 3-wk. OAT trip to Turkey last yr. and was impressed with the Sufi ceremonies she attended. She was in Costa Rica visiting her son and enjoying a family reunion at the beginning of 2010 and was again at the beginning or 2011 for the wedding of her grandson. Also last Jan. she and some of the family met in Washington, D.C., and “did” the city. In Aug. she was with her other son at the family camp in the Sierras near Yosemite. She still directs the Bakersfield Coll. archives.

Hattie Hughes Stone and Dick have 8 grandchildren. The Stones made a pilgrimage with their church to Jordan last spring and a wk. in the Yucatan, a wk. at the Cape. They also went to Yellowstone, Carlsbad and Lafitte National Parks, followed by a visit with their son at his home on Lake Tahoe, but back to NJ in time to vote. Their plans for this yr. include another pilgrimage, this time to Israel and then later to Portugal with family.

A nice note from Bill Rutherford, Cynthia Sinclair’s husband, brings the sad news that her dementia, which began in ’03, is in the last stages. She’s still at home with Bill though.

Sally Gammon Plummer has been on a lot of birding trips with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, now that she’s recovered from back surgery. Besides their monthly local outings they went to McAllen, TX, south FL, and soon to Palm Springs. She’s a volunteer at the museum weekly. A highlight of her yr. besides trips to Sunriver, OR, for a family reunion, to St. Louis for her 60th h. s. reunion, and to Taos for a friend’s 80th birthday, was a trip to Churchill, Manitoba, to see the polar bears. She says the bears were cooperative and came quite close for photographs. Sally heard from Peggy Hobbs Shaw. Peggy has moved from Naples, FL, to Oakland, CA, to be near her daughter. Faith Rahmer Croker was also visiting her daughter in CO, but Sally just missed seeing her because of travel changes.

I seem to be well after a yr. of mishaps. I’ve even been riding my bike again 4 mos. after breaking my ribs the day I got it for my birthday. In Oct., we went to Lafayette, LA, for another reunion of the group from Yokohama American H. S. We have it somewhere different every other yr. Everyone but son Kurt and Clare were here for Christmas and a good time was had by all. Kurt is still in TN, but will return to Camden, SC, to be Huntsman there again — everyone is happy about that. Our granddaughter Lauren is waiting to hear from colleges that she has applied to — so are we! The only trip we’ve got scheduled for 2011 is to Finland, Lapland, and Norway in July. I spend my time on the computer working on photographs and extensive emailing. I am a volunteer at Botany Bay WMA near here and do a lot of birding both for pleasure and for various studies. I still run the website for the gallery, but thank goodness, the town has hired someone professional to do that one finally.

Thanks to everyone who sent me Christmas cards and those who answered my last minute emergency emails looking for news. Without those helps, our class notes will soon be all obits! Please don’t be shy and do tell me anything that’s going on with you and your family — and especially if you meet with or hear from other class members.



Kathryn Beard

1074 Zanzibar Lane

Plymouth, MN 55447

[email protected]


Last Thanksgiving weekend, after 6 yrs. of widowhood, Joan Fankhauser Burrell married her life-long friend, Louis (Pete) Ireton. The honeymoon has been put off until fall as they’ll spend most of the summer at Pete’s cabin on Trout Lake in beautiful northern MN! Joan noted that her older daughter, Linda, turned 50 this yr. — sound familiar? Linda’s daughter, Chelsey, has been an outstanding junior rider for 6 yrs., travelling the eastern and southern circuits. Now in college, she rides for OK State. Her brother, Chandler (16) is an honor student and football player. Joan still owns her stationery boutique, “On Occasions,” which she says is kept afloat by her younger daughter, Samantha. Lots of upbeat news from Cincinnati!

Many thanks to Betty Byrne Gill Ware and Honey Addington Passano for their report following SBC Reunion last spring. We should surely be moved to make more of an effort to attend 2015. In Sept., the Wares went to Turkey with the U.Va. group. She developed a new appreciation for C.C. (at SBC!) when they explored the Roman ruins at Troy and Ephesus. Another beautiful trip this yr. was Didi Stoddard’s Kenya Safari. She’s become an amazing photographer. I wish I could share the animal photos she sent! The great photos that Bexie Faxon Knowles sent of her wk. in Paris with Nella Gray Barkley were also a highlight! They went in July and “acted like regular French women, walking everywhere, making dinner reservations over the phone, going to out of the way places in order to avoid tourists.” What a wonderful time they had, visiting many of the places they’d known during their junior yr. there! Bexie and Bob continue to split their yr. between ME and FL.

Travelling took up most of the yr. for Joan Kells Cook and Duncan. They made 2 trips to MT to be with their son and his family. In June they went to New England and spent a wk. on Cape Cod. They spent Sept. and Oct. in England and France on a Seine River trip — “the best” according to Joan. Also travelling “across the pond” this yr. was Ginger Chamblin Greene. Last summer she spent a week in Oxford, staying in one of the colleges and pretending to be an undergraduate there, something she’s always wanted to do. It was a UVa. sponsored project and the subject matter was English Country Homes, so there were a lot of interesting field trips. Her latest project is driving miniature horses! She works with three of them, one at a time. She says they are really cute, especially after the big Belgian draft horses she first learned to drive!            Kathleen Peebles Ballou reported that she and Dennis attended Jane Feltus Welch’s celebration for her 200-yr.-old home, Jessamine Hill. Kathleen wrote, “We were treated to a grand tour of Louisville, lunch at the Brown Foreman Brewery, a paddock party at her son Jim’s home, and finally an elegant garden dinner party at Jane’s.” Also enjoying the gala were SBC friends: Camille Williams Yow, Pam Compton Ware, Betty Byrne Ware and Hudnall, Woody Goss and L. H. Ginn.           

Patty McClay Boggs and Flip prefer winter in Savannah sun to snow in the north. They do venture north whenever their grandson is in Detroit on leave from the Army. Patty and Marty Hedeman Buckingham meet for lunch and reminisce about SBC periodically. Marty summers on the Cape so she’s close to her children, but now that the grandchildren are either in college or h. s., they don’t hang with the folks so much. The grand-dog, Chester, is still a faithful companion. Charlotte Orr Moores has 8 grandchildren, and, except for the 2 oldest boys away in college, all are nearby. Since she lost her husband a year ago she has been busy handling several family businesses.

The Birmingham girls both wrote this yr. and are doing well. Jeanette Kennedy Hancock feels fortunate to have all 9 of her grandchildren nearby. I love the way she sums up the situation: “We see them often, drive them often, enjoy them often and send them home often.” Her husband, Jimmie, is now a Senior Federal District Judge and still goes to work every day. Frances Bell Shepherd and Jimmy did their travelling separately in 2010. Frances took her 3 granddaughters and their mothers to explore NYC, while Jimmy took their son and grandson on a super successful fishing trip to Canada. All the photos were great! Before the holidays, Frances notified me of the death of Barbara Garforth Jackson on 11/10/10. She had a stroke earlier in the yr. and suffered a lot during her final months.

An interesting idea for ladies of our age as we try to thin out all our “stuff” came from Diane Johnson DeCamp. Before her family descended on her for Thanksgiving, she created a display of jewelry she no longer wears. Her daughter-in-law and granddaughters were invited to choose whatever they like while Diane sat back and watched, enjoying the choices they made and the fun they had doing it! Georgia Knobloch Smith and Phil apologized for not having gone anywhere or done anything! She plays duplicate bridge and together they both enjoy golf, church and family. Susan Hayward Collins is an outside sales travel agent. She loves her trips around the world with a group of ladies with like interests. Daughter Suzanne (’78), will be married in spring. Her younger daughter, Lisa’s boy/girl twins are in college — he at VMI, she at the Tisch School of Drama at NYU.

Ethel Green Banta says Natchez is lovely as always. Shirley Sutliff Cooper and Tom visited last spring. Ethel took them on her tour and showed them everything. Her only disappointment was not being able to convince Shirley to wear a hoop skirt when they dined out in grand style! Dede Crater Pearse had 2 visits with her son and his family in 2010. She’s still running the information desk at the Heard Museum in Phoenix, but her health may force her to give it up. Sue Bernard Odence and Larry celebrated their 56th anniv. in Aug! Mitzi Streit Halla and Roman were looking forward to their 55th anniv. in Jan. ’11. They’re both still working, but not as much as before. She only had one trip abroad in 2010 (Australia). Both sons are near now so they see all 8 grands often. And this year, once again, Gail Davidson Bazzarre reported that absolutely nothing is going on with her and John. They’re just happy to get out of bed every morning. I know the feeling!

In early May, visitors from the East arrived in my prairie home. MN put on her very best colors and the sun shone for 3 days to impress them favorably. I loved having Amanda McThenia Iodice, Fritz Merriman Naylor and Didi Stoddard here for even a short visit. I showed them my favorite places and they acted impressed. We spent a lot of time laughing and talking about the rest of you. Have a great 2011!



Meridith Smythe Grider

1307 Killiney Pl.

Louisville, KY 40207

[email protected]


Martha Anne Clay Nichols

3928 Old Brownsboro Rd.

Louisville, KY 40207

[email protected]



Carol McMurtry Fowler

10 Woodstone Sq.

Austin, TX 78703

[email protected]



Jane Shipman Kuntz

4015 Orchard View Pl., No. 1

Powell, OH 43065

[email protected]


Ladies of the Class of ’58: I apologize because some of this news is belated, but still interesting so I’ll include it.

Suzanne Brown Henry, Iowa City, closed her medical practice in May 2009, and started teaching a child development course as a volunteer several days a week in the pediatric dept. at the university medical school. She also sees a few patients at her home. Suzanne and her sister Barbara (’56) enjoyed the SBC trip to St. Moritz and Lake Como that June. Shortly after her return Suzanne, husband Patrick, youngest daughter Chriscinda and her husband flew to Frankfurt to visit his family, take a Rhine River excursion and then continue on to Moscow to visit the Henrys’ son’s family who had twin babies! Her son works for the Bloomberg wire service as political editor. Patrick, who has Parkinson’s, is still able to garden, drive and volunteer teaching in the medical school and ushering at their church. They both enjoy helping their oldest daughter with her family affairs and caring, from time to time, for their grandchildren.

Life remains full in NYC for Beth Mears Kurtz. She teaches ballet to several private students, ages 11 to 50, and enjoys her time with these “wonderfully dedicated” dancers. She paints daily and shows her work several times a yr. at the Salamagundi Club where she is a member. Two of her paintings were shown at the club’s major exhibition during the yr. of the 400th anniv. in 2009 of the Dutch settlement of Manhattan. The exhibit went on to a museum in Holland; Beth traveled to Amsterdam for the opening reception. Beth added that the Salamagundi Club has supported American artists since 1871 in their beautiful old brownstone building purchased in 1917, near Washington Square. Beth has issued an invitation to any classmate visiting NYC to have dinner with her at the club. She has several websites that she hopes we will access:;; and

Eleanor Humphries Schnabel is happy with her move to Richmond, VA. She has enjoyed spending time with her brother Bob, his wife and son Stuart, a teenager, who she says is a “great kid.” Her daughter Ellie Doyle (SBC ’85) and husband Patrick live in Marblehead, MA, where Ellie has started a business of boat and home interior window treatments and canvas fittings. Daughter Liza left MS in fall of 2008 to move back to Boston, a happy change for her.

Adele Scott Caruthers, in Santa Fe, NM, retired from her profession as a home care hand therapist in 2010, for the 2nd time. She’s a volunteer coach for slow readers. Art is an important part of her life, especially pleinaire painting at various scenic sites including Georgia O’Keefe’s country in Abiqui. Adele is doing lots of reading and writing; she had such a great time at our 50th reunion that she wrote about it for her memoir class! Adele loves photography, attending adult education courses and ushering at chamber music concerts. Adele had a 2nd successful hip replacement in ’10. She’s happy to visit her daughter, son-in-law and their children Caighlin and Brighton who live in Rochester, NY.

Although Marion Thorington Conover didn’t graduate with us she still loves the school and enjoys remembering her experiences there. Marion and husband John celebrated their 50th anniv. in the spring ’09, by taking their 3 children, their spouses and 5 grandchildren on a cruise from New Orleans to the Bahamas. She said it was wonderful to have the family together. The Conovers have lived in Huntsville, AL, since 1967.

When Julie Booth Perry wrote, she and Charlie had just returned to Boothbay, ME, from a mo. in Palm Springs, CA. She’s always considered herself an “east coast person,” but found she adored southern CA. She added that she finally made it to the Krishnamurti’s library in Ojai — a real treat; her interest came from Dean Bodkin’s class in world religions. The Perry’s 3 children, spouses and grandchildren joined them in Palm Springs, coming from Australia, Portugal and Atlanta. The grands are 22, 20, both at UGA, and a 16 year old, a h. s. senior in Brisbane. (Julie asked for our prayers for the Brisbane family because of the devastating floods there.) The Perrys issued an invitation to any of us who might find ourselves in Boothbay; she offers hiking, kayaking, yoga and “lots of quiet — something lacking in our busy world.”

Cornelia Long Matson and Dick are on the move. They had a great 6 mos., at their estate and vineyard in France where they’ve been vintners for 13 yrs. While in Europe, they drove to Italy via Lyon for a week’s trip; Cornelia said she was able to fulfill one item from her “bucket list,” to attend Aida in the Roman Forum in Verona. They made visits to Lake Como and theVille D’Este. They’ll celebrate their 30th anniv. at LeCleret in June, and Patty Williams Twohy and Edward will join them. They’re hoping that Tibby Moore and Bill Gardner will also be there. For Cornelia’s 75th birthday (she refers to it as the “magic” age!) she is taking Dick to Elton John’s Academy Awards party in LA. Dick has arranged for them to go for a week’s home and garden tour on the Sea Cloud on the Devon coast in May and also attend the members’ day at the Chelsea Garden Show. Cornelia said that all their 6 children and 10 grandchildren are fine and will visit the Matsons either in FL or France this yr.

Annie Laurie Lanier Samuels and Harvey find that living in DeSoto Parish in Louisiana has put them in a “boom town;” the Haynesville Shale Field is the largest natural gas field to be discovered in the U.S. The Samuels have lived there for 55 yrs. Son Ben and his family live in Mobile, AL. They have 2 children, Madeleine (15) and Zachary (12). Annie Laurie is hoping that she and Ethel Ogden Burwell will be able to resume their mini-reunions that have been curtailed since Hurricane Katrina. Annie Laurie has a new e-mail address: [email protected].

Betty Gallo Skladal and George live active lives in Anchorage, AK. Betty is president of the Anchorage Woman’s Club and will take on presidency of the state association in the fall of ’12. That means she’ll go to Washington, D.C., for training followed by visits to conventions around the country during her tenure; her local club will host the Western State Region Convention in Aug. 2012. Her group has provided defibrillators in all the police and detective cars in Anchorage. She also persuaded a well-known local architect to grant $50,000 to do some work on the 1915 schoolhouse that houses the club. Last spring Betty was honored to be named Alumna of the Year at the U. of Anchorage. Betty still sings in her church choir and with the Anchorage Concert Chorus; she participates in a Bible study group. Husband George has become a good watercolor artist; he serves on the alumnae board of the U. of AK, is a member of the Regional Citizens Advisory Comm. that monitors ballast water for the ships in Valdez and volunteers in various activities relating to the Bar Assn. in the city. The Skladals have traveled to Germany, Austria and Bavaria in Sept. They visited her grandparents’ homeland in Italy — a 1st for her — and rode a gondola in Venice. They planned a Jan. trip to HI, and Betty states: “It’s truly beautiful here right now with the hoar frost on everything; it’s like living in a set from the Nutcracker where the fairy dances in the beautiful white forest.”

Ina Hamilton Houck and John are still in Chicago where John continues his counseling practice and Ina manages the financial end of the business. They visited Ecuador and the Galapagos in 2/2010. Ina writes that “getting close to the animals on the islands by climbing over rocks and sloshing through mud was a big challenge, but the experience was awesome.” Ina keeps Southwest Airlines busy with trips to Cleveland and Minneapolis to visit her 3 sons and their families and to attend the various Little League games, piano recitals, birthdays and other holidays of her 6 grandchildren, ages 4 to 11. John is proud to be a 1st-time grandfather at the age of 73 for a youngster named after him!

A holiday letter from Judy Graham Lewis and Jim, from Charleston, WV, contains lots of news. The Lewis family gathered in Concord, NH, for the Oct. wedding of their daughter Deborah to Eugene (Durk) Durkee. Debby loves her position as a nurse on the cardio floor in the Concord Hospital. Son Alex is making a success out of a paintball operation and daughter Sarah is ready to end an “outstanding h. s. time, academically and athletically.” She was accepted for early admission to Conn. Wesleyan U. The Lewises’ daughter Elizabeth and husband Mac live in Durham, NC; their daughter Katherine is a junior at UNC-Asheville and has just finished a semester’s study in Japan. Their son Lewis is in his 1st yr. at Ithaca Coll., playing soccer and working toward a degree in journalism. Judy and Jim’s daughter Katherine was at the wedding with her children Jesse and Eva; Katherine’s husband Bill had to stay in Minneapolis where the 2 of them are co-pastors at St. David’s Episcopal Church in Minnetonka. Jim and Judy visited them this summer and are “delighted in the way our grandchildren are growing toward adulthood.” Judy is busy with her volunteer work, feeding the homeless and indigent at Manna Meals; working with the Straight and Gay Alliance (SAGA); serving on the church outreach committee; and singing in the choir and being a bell ringer. The Lewises celebrated their 52nd anniv. in June and Jim observed his 75th birthday in Concord. Judy and Jim have been happy to have son Stephen at home this past yr.; it’s “allowed us to reconnect with him in the most marvelous way.” Jim fills in at Episcopal churches as needed, writes Notes from Under the Fig Tree and is involved in community activities.

Eddie and I have adjusted to condo life and are glad that we moved to Powell. Martha and Don Schenck and family are happy to be back in Ashburn, VA, after 4 yrs. in Pretoria, South Africa. Katie (22) is a senior at U. of Mary Washington, majoring in fine arts with an emphasis on photography. Lauren (20) is in a vocational program in Loudon County, earning an AA in 2 yrs. and is an enthusiastic flutist; Cole (14) is a h. s. freshman, making good grades and playing the saxophone. Don travels world-wide for the State Dept. to advise security programs for new and remodeled embassies. He’s an avid bicyclist. Martha is working toward being a vet tech in a local clinic. She also bikes, and is a work-out maven. We spent Thanksgiving with Lee and Steve Caira in Clarksville, TN. Lee’s son Scott (21) is a junior at TN Tech U., majoring in business. Steve’s children Ashley (18) and Ryan (20) still live at home with them. Steve works long hours as a food distributor; Lee still loves her profession as a victim-witness coordinator in the DA’s office. She teaches a spinning class on the weekends. Anne and her partner Rick Farley have been so good to us, helping us settle into our new life style. Anne is delighted with her job as community coordinator at the Zusman Hospice; she still does some grief workshops, most recently at our new church, St. John’s Episcopal, Worthington, and is a lay reader and chalice bearer. She’s active in local animal rescue and welfare groups. Rick is the successful director of a funeral home in a nearby town, Bellefontaine; he’s also a fine golfer. His daughter Lindsey (18) lives with them and will go to college next fall. Eddie had serious surgery in the spring — had his carotid artery “reamed out.” He’s doing well, but deals daily with emphysema that has slowed him down. I’ve gotten involved at St. John’s too: the book club, the pastoral care comm.; the historic preservation group; and revitalizing the Prayer Shawl Ministry. I’m in my 2nd 3-yr. term with Episcopal Retirement Homes corporate board, serving on both the affordable housing and fund development committees — my most rewarding volunteer commitment. This summer I worked as a Governor’s Gardener at the Residence, both fun and educational, and have just joined a choral group, Capriccio, and am thrilled to be singing again.

Please send me your news throughout the yr. either by e-mail or snail mail. There are only 2 issues a yr. now so I need to hear from all of you yr.-round. As always, I’m filled with awe at you, our classmates, how accomplished and engaged you are! Keep up the good work and the notes.



Ali Wood Thompson

89 Pukolu Way

Wailea, HI 96753

[email protected]


Dear 1959-ers, Mahalo to all of you classmates for sending in the brief news. Please keep me abreast of all address, phone, & email changes. We had sad news to report about our classmate, Caroline Green. She died on 1/22/11. Later, SBC notified me that Joann Derrickson Slights passed away on 8/28/10. 

Sally Beattie Sinkler was in Charlotte with her daughter and her family for Christmas, and then back to Atlanta and on the Sea Island to spend New Year’s with friends. 

Joanne Bossert Thompson: I have enclosed a picture taken of me with my great grand-daughter, Kayla, at a family reunion on New Year’s Day. It’s hard to believe that we have great grands! But she sure is cute, I love being with her. We still enjoy FL, where retirement seems to be anything but! I believe I’m busier than when I was working! Miss you all. 

Alice Cary Farmer Brown: We returned to NY in time for Christmas after our usual 2 mos. of Oct. and Nov. in Vienna. While there, we spent 10 sunny days in Andalucía to visit Seville, Cordoba and Grenada, which we highly recommend. When Elsie Prichard Carter and Bill came to NY before Christmas, our evening planned with them and Jackie Hekma Stone and Lanny sadly had to be postponed when poor Lee was struck down with a dreadful flu. We’ll do it again! As soon as 2 of our 8 grandchildren hear, we’ll have 4 in college, 2 in boarding schools and 2 at home. And, my mother-in-law (for 52 yrs. now) will be 100 in April!           

Penny Fisher Dunklee: We’re still in Las Cruces, NM. John and I are still laughing as he writes satires and I bat around like a dust bunny in the corner. Some fun things lately: being “comma momma” and editing stuff for John and his students, teaching computer stuff to a couple of gals, painting odds and ends.

Susan Hafer Hambrick: I was sad to hear about Caroline Green. She and I transferred to UNC Chapel Hill where we both graduated. Her obituary stated that she was in mental hospitals for many yrs. Caroline & I wrote letters over all those yrs.; it has always saddened me that a friend who was once so talented & lovely spent most of her adult life in an institution. There will always be mysteries in life!

Gay Hart Gaines: In 2010 I worked hard for Marco Rubio for Senate, Allen West for Congress in my district, and John Kasich for Gov. of OH — all won! I work nearly full time for Mount Vernon and am excited that we’ll be breaking ground for the new library for our 1st and greatest president on April 14th! We have to still raise $30 million and I’ll be getting in touch with every person I know because it’s such an important and long overdue library. We have lots of house guests in the winter and the FL weather has been fabulous! Stanley and I and all children and grandchildren are well.

Susan Hight Rountree: We have had a busy yr. divided between being here in Williamsburg, or in NH overseeing some work being done to our place up there, and grandchildren sitting in Richmond and Annapolis, and recently teaching my annual class in making miniature furniture from the Colonial Williamsburg Museums. Four of us teach every Jan. Joe’s retired and loving it and also doing some work on a couple of books being done here. Last summer it was wonderful to have Dede Mayer visit us in NH briefly, hope we can do it again this coming summer.

Trudie Jackson Smither: Last summer I enjoyed officiating at the wedding of my son John Smither to Lauren Waddell at Cape Cod on 7/15/10. Grandson Cole is in the picture too.

Janie Jamison Messer: Had a great summer at Torch Lake, MI — accomplished an Eeyore party for 6 granddaughters — rode across the lake on back of seado to announce my arrival — health good. Just got back from NYC where I did a one night cruise to nowhere with my daughter from CT and her family, great fun! 

Elizabeth Johnson: Lloyd and I enjoy life at Westminster Canterbury, Lynchburg, and the freedom it gives us to visit with our children and grandchildren. We enjoyed having the whole family together at Thanksgiving, the 1st time since Sophia (2) was born. I visit SB whenever I can. The new athletic facility is fabulous! 

Sally Martin Kohrs: I’m not even sure I get the SBC magazine as I live in Sedona, AZ, half the yr. I do get it in Indianapolis where I live the other half. Soon we hope to move full time to Sedona. It’s beautiful here and great for hiking and golfing. If anyone lives out this way, give me a shout.  

Virginia Mackethan Kitchin:  I’m relaxing at the villa Corky and I rented in St. Martens with a couple we knew when we lived in Rye, NY, from ’79 to ’84. It was great to escape the cold that the east coast was getting then, and we had fun exploring the island. Now back to the difficult real estate grind. On a happier note, we await the birth of our 6th grandchild any moment. 

Sally Mayfield Schreiner: Son Bill, with whom I live in Dunedin, FL, persuaded me to change email addresses. I’ll keep my Illinois address until the house sells. I never thought I’d become a snow bird, but Bill’s daughter drowned on Christmas Eve and my maternal TLC has helped him cope. There are lots of contemporaries here who may value and benefit from my pastoral care. I enjoy my volunteer ministries, but I work best as a paid staff person. I’m hoping to find or found a church soon. Ginny Marchant Noyes lives nearby and we try to keep each other posted, but the SBC news is a better source. Ginny’s husband Tom died this past yr. and so she and I’ll try to be merry widows together.

Lizora Miller Yonce: Alive & well despite being a poor communicator! We’re in Boca Grande for winter & just had Sam’s 80th birthday party. All the kids & grandkids made it, which was amazing due to the snow storms in Greenwich & Boston. 4 grandchildren. Sam III (15) is applying to boarding schools. Twins Caroline & Isabelle are 10 & Miller is 4. At my mother’s memorial service Mary Blair collected my close friends for “the Funeral choir.” She, Tabb & Mary Ballou usually come to Boca Grande for bridge & R&R so sad they won’t be here this yr.

Jane “Puss” Moore Banks: I continue to marvel at the changing world and seeing the grandchildren growing and learning to adapt to the changes. Were we ever that flexible?

Fleming Parker Rutledge: Our big news at the moment is that our daughter Heyward and her family have left Seattle after almost 8 yrs. and moved to Virginia Beach! Heyward is the new CEO of a health care company in Norfolk. Our daughter Elizabeth continues in Atlanta. We’re so happy to have both of them on the East Coast.

Rew Price Carne: Last weekend my daughter and I went to the Christmas boat parade. It was 80 during the day and a beautiful balmy evening. Now we’re back to 50-60, cold and rainy. At least it’s not snow! (Secretary’s note: sent to me in Dec.)

Virginia Ramsey Crawford: I have a married grandson. He’s a graduate of Cornell as is his bride. Have done a lot of travelling with my friend Peter. (He was in my husband’s class at Princeton.) My daughters, who live in Westford, VT, and Beacon, NY, fill me with pride as do my 6 grandchildren. I still paint. I spent 5 wks. at my summer home in Chautauqua, NY. 

Debbie Von Reischbach Swan: I’m getting married in ME in early July. Exciting. We’ve been doing a lot of traveling together in ’10 and are going to South Africa for the mo. of Feb.  

Judy Sorley Simpson: My 4 babies turned 2 at Thanksgiving. My Atlanta triplets, who bring me more joy than I can describe, and my darling Finn (2) near me, in addition to my “other” American grandchildren (ages 10, 13 and 16) also in Atlanta. I’m going to the UK for a few wks. to see my 13 English grandchildren (ages 7 to 23) one of whom, Florence, will be married in Oxford in July. We’ll have a lovely blended family reunion at that time.

Polly Space Dunn: Haven’t had any spectacular falls in a yr. and am just beginning the end process of tooth replacement! My daughter in Rumson has just opened a bakery shop and is doing wonderfully. I guess everyone with the economy woes needs a little sweet fix! Still painting, playing golf and skiing (once a yr). Just had a party for the applicants for the Jefferson Scholarship at UVA. What an impressive bunch of young kids! I miss everybody.

Susan Taylor Montague: Went on a great SBC trip to Italy for most of Oct. We nearly covered the whole country, starting on the Almalfi coast and ending up in Venice. Later, another email: I fell into a glass door in Todi and received a knot on my forehead and a black eye that lasted the duration of the trip.

Nina Thornton Asgeirsson: Last summer I moved down the street & around the corner. In the process, I had to change my email address; phone remained the same.

Tabb Thornton Farinholt: Everyone in our family is relatively healthy (3rd grandson got “head-butted” in a wrestling match and got a concussion this weekend, but seems to be recovering. Blair and I carry on! At some point I want to get a picture of our Book Group to send you — 9 of us from our class, 8 who live in Richmond, plus me 1hr. and 20 min. east. We’ve been meeting now for 8 yrs! We’ve developed into a “support group” for one another in life’s vicissitudes, which was never the intent but just evolved naturally.

Kathy Tyler Sheldon: Just returned from visiting our daughter in Vancouver where we took her and her family to a resort in Manning Park on the Canada-U.S. Border and I had what may be Granny’s last ski. I do appreciate Tabb keeping me up to date on books they read for our local book club.  

Judy Welton Sargent: Christmas — I’m in Austin still waiting for my house in Wilmington to sell. I try not to think or worry about it! Surely the economy will improve in 2011!

Anne Wimbish Kasanin: Last week I was in La Jolla for the meeting of the Colonial Dames of Northern CA, and while there I had lunch with Bambi Price. She really hasn’t changed and was instantly recognizable. Sorry this is written like this, but because of my shattered left shoulder this is the best I can do.

Mary Jane Winford Craddick: In Nov., John and I took a trip to down under. We spent one wk. driving around Tasmania — wonderful except for one happening. The 3rd day, we had stopped by the wayside and had just brought our food over to a picnic table and sat down for a bite to eat. Apparently, I had forgotten to shut the door to the car and shortly there after, we heard this terrible animal noise and thrashing. A curious kangaroo had hopped into the car and gotten his leg caught in the steering wheel! We flagged down a car, with a nurse driving, and a pick-up truck with 2 landscape gardeners. They ran to my car to help. The Kangaroo smashed the car window. Glass everywhere! The nurse brought out a blanket which one fellow put over the kangaroo’s head and the other man prodded him with the end of a rake. Eventually, the kangaroo got his leg loose and got out of the car and hopped away. It was a rental car. Can you imagine how embarrassing it was to return the car and tell them our story. Guess What?! They didn’t believe it. So much for down under and Tasmania. The rest of the trip was uneventful. 

Ali Wood Thompson: Travis and I had a wonderful trip to Turkey last spring and my favorite part was 4 days on a Turkish gullet (boat) and sailing in and around little islands along the Turquoise Coast.



Carol Barnard Ottenberg

1420 41st Ave. E

Seattle, WA 98112

[email protected]



Elizabeth Hutchins Sharland

1724 Aberdeen Cir.

Crofton, MD 21114

[email protected]


Louise Cobb Boggs says: Ladies! Mark your calendars for our 50th Reunion, May 20 - 22. Call your roommates and friends and make every effort to get them to join us for a wonderful time of celebrating and catching up. It just won’t be as much fun without a big turnout. If you’re coming, please send an e-mail to her, [email protected], or a note to P. O. Box 29709, Richmond, VA 23242-0709, or to Bette at [email protected]. Also, remember to get your pledges in before May 20, so we can meet and, hopefully, exceed our Reunion Gift goal. We also have a participation goal — noting how many classmates make a donation. ‘Twould be Great if we could have the highest numbers of donors per class Ever! Please help us reach these goals. Every gift counts!

Louise and John, children and grandchildren began and ended 2010 at the Chesapeake Bay. The boys (6, 8, 11) “are so much fun” with sports and school plays for Louise to attend. Last Aug., Louise, John and Alice took them to an Atlanta Braves game, the aquarium, and the World of Coca Cola. They enjoyed a Dec. weekend at the Greenbriar in WV with ice-skating and a sleigh ride. We can all hope that son Jay will find another age-in-appropriate activity for Louise, and that she’ll do it. See You at ReUnion!

Up in ME, Mary Gellerson Adams still chairs a center-right group modeled on Grover Nordquist’s Americans for Tax Reform. That group was happy when ME went Republican last Nov. Mary was interviewed at length by Maine Ahead (business intelligence magazine), where she described her advocacy and support for ME’s “citizen initiative” policy. Sara Finnegan Lycett enjoyed catching up with classmates and was delighted that all her contacts were happy to make gifts toward our class’ goal of $250,000 for SB. This mo., Sara and Ike will marry off grandson Brett in Savannah, and next, niece Rebecca out in Denver. “Great reasons to get our family together.” Julie O’Neil Arnheim has retired after 49 yrs. as a chemistry librarian at Princeton U. She’s rejoined Bill in their Charleston home, a “fixed up” former church building, now comfortable. Last Oct., she attended another meeting of the advisory board of an international bibliographic data base, this time in Istanbul. Suzie Philion Babcock, her 2 daughters and a granddaughter, and roommates Nancy Hall and Nancy Coppedge Lynn are looking forward to being at Reunion.

Barbara Stanford Mason, out in AR, works with Keith’s writing and also types vital records and puts them on the Internet for others interested in genealogy. Since Keith isn’t well, she’ll miss Reunion. Mary Gellerson Adams will too, as will Bobbie Cohen Neuman. Deeda Hill Bradford sends us best wishes for a wonderful time renewing friendships.

Here is the list, back on 1 Feb., of those planning to attend the Best Fiftieth ReUnion Ever on the 20-22 of this lovely May. In no particular order, President Louise Cobb Boggs, Bee Newman Thayer, Celia Williams Dunn, Winifred Storey Davis and Tread, Sara Finnegan Lycett, Fran Brackenridge Newman, Mary Denny Scott Wray and Emily Fitzhugh, Louise Chapman Hoffman, driving up from Charlotte with Mary Hunter Kennedy Daly, Chloe Landsdale Pitard, Julie O’Neil Arnheim, who’ll leave Bill home with 4 dogs, Suzie Philion Babcock, Nancy Hall, Nancy Coppedge Lynn and Bette Hutchins Sharland and Jean. Susie Prichard Pace and Judy Harris Cutting hope to make it from Richmond. More will be there. If you haven’t planned to attend, start now. It will be the Best Fiftieth ReUnion Ever!



Parry Ellice Adam

33 Pleasant Run Rd.

Flemington, NJ 08822


[email protected]


Marjorie Schramm Holbrook and Ray are settled in the Bluegrass — his home and her adopted home. She retired from advertising manager of their local newspaper. They live an hour away from their daughter and 3 grads. “The perfect spot to end our gypsy ways,” she says. She still keeps in close touch with Elise Hooker Sirman.

            Mary Steketee MacDonald is still in upstate NY enjoying the seasonal sports of hiking, biking, canoeing, kayaking, skiing and snowshoeing. Travel is a priority. Last summer she went to several national parks and the Canadian Rockies.

            Adele Vogel Harrell and Parker are still kicking in spite of Parker’s stroke and Adele’s bypass. Highlights of 2010 were Parker’s Princeton 50th reunion and Adele’s 70th birthday on the Queen Mary, followed by a tour of Derbyshire. They spend a lot of time with their 3 grands (4 to 17) and enjoying the farm in VA.

            The day I sent out the reminders was ironically the SBC Day celebration for my area at a lovely gathering in Short Hills. Meeting current and prospective students was inspiring as was hearing about the successes on campus. It’s a great place — spread the word!



Jane Goodridge

31-C Archdale St.

Charleston, SC 29401

[email protected]



Virginia “Ginny” deBuys

H16 Shirley Lane

Lawrenceville, NJ 08648

[email protected]


What do we hear from all of you? You’re traveling, you’re working, and the grandchildren are multiplying like rabbits — and keeping you young and smiling. Amy Freund Green is ready for her 50th reunion at SBC! “I’d love to see everyone again.” Amy has lived in the same house in Palm Beach, FL, for the last 41 yrs. Husband Bob still works as an orthopedic surgeon although he doesn’t operate anymore. They have 3 sons, one doctor and 2 lawyers, and 8 grandchildren in West Palm Beach, Atlanta, and Chapel Hill. By next time I hope to tell you the 50th reunion dates; there will be no excuses, weddings, babies, graduations included! Lynne Smith Crowe, Margaret Street Wilson, and JoAnn Soderquist Kramer couldn’t say enough nice things about their Oct. SBC trip to Italy. Mollie Johnson Nelson and VM Del Greco Galgano will join JoAnn and Lynne on the SBC Eastern Europe trip in June. Lynne Smith Crowe says she’s still working, primarily to feed her traveling habit. In addition to the SBC trip, “in May ’10, I went with Lindblad/National Geographic to Bergen, Norway, Orkney, Shetland, and Faroe Islands and ended up in Iceland just after the volcano stopped erupting. My children (David, 40, Sandy[Alexander], 39, and Margaret,36) came home for Christmas. No one is married yet. I keep hoping.” Tina Patterson Murray is off skiing again in Sun Valley with her friend Mac and her granddaughters. “I’m doing bumps and making the best of my mobility! I had a research article published in the Association of Literacy Educators and Researchers Yearbook on college students’ learning strategies, especially as they relate to their reading skills.” She’s now working on some new research related to “students’ theories of social justice as revealed through the morals of their original fables.” Joan Moore Biddle writes, “We regularly see our two grandchildren, Emmet (5) and Ellie (2), Barbara and Peter’s children. We see Ginny frequently in LA.” In spring ’10 they enjoyed a cruise of the Adriatic and Mediterranean from Venice to Barcelona. In Temecula, CA (1.5 hours south of LA) “we’re in a valley surrounded by mountains, vineyards and horses, surprisingly similar to Charlottesville, where we lived for 10 yrs.”

Leezee Scott Porter is now well, but “since I saw all of you I got a new knee; all went well except for the staph infection I got from the hospital. Jeez.” She was to be in D.C. until late March and then back to Salt Spring Island. Barbara Burns Roper, Wendy Wilkins and Kate Roy Massie Christian say all is well. Ashton Barfield enjoys her “same wonderful community and retired life. I’ve scaled down my volunteer activities (Roosevelt Island politics) to have time to redo my apt., but am still the copy editor-plus of our biweekly newspaper. Life is good.” Nancy Hall Green wrote from St. Barth’s, where she has been going for 30 yrs. that they have another project: a new house in Provence that needs much renovation. “We were saddened by the death of longtime friend Rev. Bill Baxter, husband of Susan Dwelle Baxter. Bill married our 2 sons, and Susan was in our wedding 44 yrs. ago. We’ll miss him very much.” In addition to hearing from Susan herself, I heard from Harriet Houston Shaffer, Margaret Street Wilson, and Lee Huston Carroll, all of whom wrote about what a wonderful man and priest Bill had been and how very much he’d be missed. Harriet says that “Susan Bronson Croft and I actually introduced Susan to Bill many yrs. ago.” Susan was comforted by her SBC buddies who came to the service. Prior to Bill’s retirement and their move to Ponte Vedro, FL, Bill was at St. Thomas’ Church in Owings Mills, MD, for 28 yrs., a lovely church that I (Ginny) know well. Susie Glasgow Brown has 2 children, Allen and Barbara Keith, and 5 grandchildren in Nashville. Barbara Keith had a breast cancer scare over a yr. ago, but is doing well now. Her daughter Happy just married and lives in Crested Butte, CO. Husband Allen’s left arm and shoulder will never completely recover from an automobile accident in ’08, but he’s right handed and so quite independent now. Gail Rothrock Trozzo retired 9/1/10, and enjoys more time for tennis, reading, seeing friends and working on overdue house projects. Her last big project at work was the “approval of the 2010 Prince George’s County Historic Sites and Districts Plan, which won the award of ‘Outstanding Regional Plan’ from the National Capital Area Chapter of the American Planning Association.” Congratulations, Gail! Susie Jahn Mancini’s husband Albert, a professor of Italian at OH State, retired in the early 2000s. Susie, who taught Italian at OH Wesleyan U., retired in May ’10. She celebrated retirement by getting a Havanese puppy, “who is very energetic and mischievous, but so cute as to be forgiven easily.” She spends her time cooking, reading, working out, doing needlepoint and enjoying her 3 granddaughters (8, 4 ½, 2 ½). The older 2, her daughter’s, live in Ann Arbor, but the youngest, her son’s, is right there in Columbus. Adrienne Ash finished building her house on the mountain last July and is settled in. She’s “in the foothills of the Berkshires on 7 acres with the house I always thought I deserved” outside tiny East Chatham, NY. “We have deer and foxes and a large bear somewhere on the premises.” She calls her house “The Seedling.” It’s small, she says, but the pictures Grace Mary saw attest to its beauty and the wonder of its setting. Adrienne’s daughter Summer, an astrophysicist, is teaching at Columbia; she did some work for Rachel Maddow on MSNBC and another project on NPR. Carrie Peyton Walker and Rick spent a wk. in St. Augustine, FL, and stayed in Old Town on cobblestoned Aviles St., the oldest street in town. From there they went to Key West, and said: “Duval Street is its own world, a lot like the Castro in San Francisco.” Carrie continues to work with both Gilead and Visa, teaching writing and speaking skills and American business culture as it differs from other countries (Japan, China, India, etc.) Mollie Johnson Nelson had great news of both her children: Cynthia married Luke in Oct. ’09; they’re living in Baltimore. Alan and wife Kathryn (in Austin, where Alan is in grad. school at St. Edward’s U.) expect a baby girl in April. Mollie says that if she can talk her into going to SBC, she’ll graduate exactly 100 yrs. after Mollie’s mother. In July, Mollie will be in Italy staying in a villa on a private estate in the Lago Trasimeno area west of Perugia and making day trips to smaller towns and villages. 

Vera LeCraw Carvaillo was “hoping to tell you that we were retiring, but nothing is resolved as of now. The best news is the arrival 7/9/10 of Arthur, our son Jean-Philippe’s 2nd, brother of Julie (3). The sad news is that Jean-Philippe found the job he’d been looking for in Geneva (Banque BNP) and they’ve moved from Paris there. They’ll be living 15-20 min. from our daughter Patricia. We’d always thought we might retire near Lake Geneva.” They keep their sailboat in Thonon on the French side and spend most of their holidays there. The prospect is more tempting now, but 1st they need to close their 2 companies. Lee Huston Carroll, still in Lexington, KY, is volunteering, tutoring, and enjoying grandchildren; John is writing a book. Grace Mary Garry Oates and Wally visited England last June; the highlights were a visit with “dear St. Andrews friend Judith Holland and husband Mike in Sussex and several literary pilgrimages, especially the settings for the 1st 2 of Eliot’s Four Quartets, Burnt Norton in the Cotswolds and East Coker in Somerset. We entertained 2 Italian teenagers in Sept. and in Oct. returned to Rome, where I got to play tour guide to my niece. We got home in time to go to my 50th reunion at Taylor H. S., then on to New Orleans for Thanksgiving with Nora, Fred, Emma (12) and Andrew (9). Christmas took us back to TX, where we were all together in the house my brothers and I grew up in. It was glorious!” Tuck Mattern Harvey and Ralph have a time share in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where they went last Feb. with son Chandler (a physician in Wichita Falls), his wife and children (5 and 3), who also joined them in March for skiing at Beaver Creek, CO. Later in the spring they spent a wk. on a private beach in Costa Rica with daughter Kristyn, her husband, Tucker (14), and Mattern (13), who live in Alexandria. In May, Tuck and Ralph head to their lake cabin in VA for a peaceful summer with lots of visits from children and grandchildren. Mary Duer Colen has built a substantial addition to their farmhouse on the Eastern Shore of MD that makes it easier to accommodate her family. In Jan. ’10 Ambler and Jamie provided a precious baby sister for their 2 sons. Jennifer and Hugh expect their 3rd in April. Dusty and Mazie Colen have 2. Rosamond Sample Brown has enjoyed her 2nd yr. of married life to David Banks, though she’s kept her professional name of Rosamond Brown because it’s “just too hard to change everything after 40 yrs.” It was a sad yr. since both of their brothers died from cancer. Rosamond is “thrilled to report that I have still retained my own health and look forward to seeing any of my classmates at any time.” Linda Overly Levengood and husband still live in Lancaster, PA, but spend time in Charleston and on Spitfire Lake in the Adirondacks. Daughter Lara gave them their 1st grandchild, Colby Richard Horst, 9/6/10. Peggy Aurand lost a number of good friends, and we almost lost Peggy. A drunk driver accident totaled her Prius and sent Peggy flying. Fortunately, she had a 2nd of warning and maneuvered out of oncoming traffic so that “with damage to my bionic knees and my inner ear canals, I survive.” This didn’t slow her down: “I was named one of the top employees at work in Nov. ’09. There was a raffle for a $4k trip. I won and traded Cancun for the Holy Land and knocked Israel off my bucket list.” Barbara Little Chuko likes to be challenged as a competitive race walker and a new business owner. “I started my own business, private practice counseling, and am having fun delving into all the details as well as seeing a variety of people as clients.” She traveled to Russia in Aug. with the People-to-People Ambassador Program. She met with Russian Social workers in a treatment/daycare center, a hospice for children and a social services center. She met with the directors of all social services in Moscow and learned about their challenges. Sheila Carroll Cooprider in CO is enjoying grandchildren and travel, but really doesn’t “get” retirement. She’s retired from active priestly ministry, but has now completed all requirements to be licensed to serve in the Diocese of CO. This past yr. took Nancy Lynah Hood  to Egypt, Syria, Hong Kong, Brittany, China (including Yunnan and Gullin), to name a few. She enjoys her grandchildren and is a volunteer guide at the Bodleian Library at Oxford. Marsh Metcalf Seymour and Jack are leaving Washington, D.C., and moving west to CA in June. She’ll live the family vineyards and farm land. For the past 12 yrs. Sarah Strother King and Robin have spent 6 mos. each yr. on their farm in Portugal even though their official residence is still in Luxembourg. They’ve loved their very rural life in Portugal, “learning how to harvest olives, adapting to a completely different way/speed of life and becoming ‘family’ of our neighbors.” In addition to enjoying their 5 grandchildren in Amsterdam, the Kings are involved with several charities, including an historic Peninsular War site in Elvas (Sarah manages the website:; in Luxembourg they take tours through their village museum. She hopes to get to the U.S. one of these days, though she says she needs an 18-mo. yr. to do all she wants to. Last summer Nancy Gillies spent time at the family place in ME and made several visits to Pittsburgh. She’s involved in alumnae activities not only at SBC, but also at Carlow, where she received her nursing degree. In addition to her many volunteer activities in Charlottesville (such as working at a homeless shelter and doing her famous annual Christmas stint as elfin bell ringer for the Salvation Army), she’s the coordinator of 11 Sun. morning nurseries for 106 children under age 3 at a local church. Tappy Lynn reports that Vince was in fine shape for his 90th birthday in Aug., when all 4 of his children, most of his grandchildren, and a lot of old friends came to New Haven to join in the celebration. Tappy says it’s odd to be in Coral Gables when neither she nor Vince is doing the usual teaching at the U. of Miami, just down the road. Last yr., Tappy and a colleague at U.M. published a book about Miami’s 1st woman architect, Marion Manley. Tappy misses being in the classroom, but a new “rowdy and very funny” Husky puppy, taken on after the death of their beloved old Husky in Nov., keeps them cheered up. Dona Van Arsdale Jones “had the best time ever at my h. s. reunion in Sept. seeing people I hadn’t seen in 50 yrs! It was good to be ‘home’ again and to relive some happy childhood memories from the 40s and 50s. Loved seeing Gail Rothrock Trozzo recently who is just as fun, sweet and busy as ever.” Anne Litle Poulet writes that when she steps down as Director of The Frick Collection in Sept. ’11, “I’ll have served 8 yrs. at this wonderful institution. It’s been a marvelous experience. Francois and I plan to return to Boston, but will also spend a significant part of the yr. in France.” Ginny deBuys is going to file these notes and then get on the autotrain and go to Sarasota, FL, for 2 mos. Enough snow! I went back to work for a few mos. and will now re-retire. Thank you very much to Grace Mary and Dona for helping with these notes.



Sally Hubbard

52 Sherwood Trail

Sewanee, TN 37375-2166

[email protected]                                    


Please, please send your new contact information to Bonnie Seitz ([email protected]) and Sally.

Abby Stark Baird is enjoying retirement, travelling and reading!

In Oct., Vicky Thoma Barrette had a wonderful trip to Cairo and the pyramids with boat trips on the Nile and Lake Nassar, including a dramatic water approach to Abu Simbel.

            Judy Howe Behn and Bob are still in Watertown, MA. He teaches at Harvard’s Kennedy School and she retired from the tax preparation business when they left NC and returned to New England. Despite the snow, they really enjoy it, with son Mark, daughter-in-law Liz, and grandson Alex (4 ½) nearby. Mark and Liz are scientists at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. Mark’s big adventure this past spring was a research cruise near the Galapagos Islands where he went down in the Alvin Submersible 6 times to a depth of 2 to 3 mi. Grandson Alex loves baseball and golf and is learning to ice skate. Judy’s mother died in June ’10 at 95. This is a sea change for Judy, as she had spent most days visiting with her at her mother’s retirement village, and spending summers taking care of her at their summer home in RI.

Peter and Eugenia Dickey Caldwell, and Dollie the parrot, are fine. In Jan. Dollie turned 30 and Peter retired. Eugenia wants to keep working for 2 to 3 yrs., since she likes her work with databases at IBM. Peter and Eugenia had a wonderful birding trip to the Manu region of Peru in Aug. and saw 300 beautiful species and spent a memorable hour watching the Andean Cock of the Rock males displaying on their lek ( Next yr. they hope to go to southeast Brazil.

Next summer Melinda Musgrove Chapman plans to visit her son’s family in Frankfurt, Germany. Grandchildren Davis (17), Katie (15), Ashley (13) and Harrison (10) attend Frankfurt International School. They went to Egypt in the fall and skied in Switzerland the wk. after Christmas.

Alice Virginia Dodd is enjoying a study of the Book of Isaiah.

Alice Mighell Foster Ficken says choosing SBC influenced her life in countless ways — meeting her husband George at Douglas Noell’s wedding in Richmond, living with wonderful roommates and making lifelong friends. Her gifted professors helped shape her thinking and life. She enjoyed our 45th reunion, catching up with the classmates who attended, and encourages everyone to start planning for the 50th in ’15!

Gabrielle Fraser Hall, Babette, is busy planning festivities celebrating the 90th birthday of her husband, Leon Hale, in May. Leon is a longtime newspaper columnist in Houston ( They divide their time between Houston and a country place near Winedale, TX. Babette still runs a small oil and gas company and continues to write fiction, loves Facebook. Her son and daughter-in-law live and work in Manhattan. Last fall she and Leon spent 2 mos. visiting friends in London and touring World War II related sites in France for a book project. Babette’s good memories of SBC include study with Dr. Gerhard Masur (intellectual history) and SB’s rural beauty; her bad memories include class politics.

Beth Hunt’s son Hunt Allcott (30) wrote from Boston that he had received a 6 figure MacArthur Foundation Grant. He and his collaborator were awarded 3 million dollars for the purpose of further developing research on the negative effects of the automobile and its by-products on the east, its atmosphere, its ground water, etc.

Beth’s daughter Elizabeth (27) returned to Eugene, OR, after Cornell to work at King Estate Winery. Neither of Beth’s children is married. Her physician spouse continues practicing medicine, and Beth continues her psychology practice. She offers her guestroom to classmates traveling to Eugene. Mimi Vogt Macht is in Hood River, OR, a 3 hrs away.

Brooke Patterson Koehler and Sally Rasco Thomas “reune” fairly often for movies and meals. When asked who or what course at SBC influenced the direction of her life, Brooke credits the overall knowledge gained from her interdepartmental major of Modern Languages (Span/Fr/Ital) as the most valuable set of tools she carries with her. The vocabulary does return and supplement her enjoyment of travel. Brooke and her husband have enjoyed spectacular trips over the yrs., but this yr. they’re staying home with their goldendoodle Max (a built-in Canine Home Entertainment Center) and recovering from an extravagant remodel of their condo.

Elizabeth Hanger Luther says she falls asleep on the sofa while husband Steve watches CSI or Bones, but hopes to use her evenings to more advantage this yr. If Elvira McMillan Tate can practice hymns on the piano in the evenings, maybe Libba can retire to the kitchen table to read at night, although memories surface of her sleeping on top of her books in the stacks at SBC!

Mimi Vogt Macht continues to teach French and German in OR, and also SAT prep; she has helped a number of adults with tests like the GRE and the LSAT. Her 2 sons (37 and 34) are doctors in Denver, married, with 1 child each. The biggest surprise of Mimi’s life is falling in love with grandchildren. She spends 1 wk. per mo. with them in Denver.

Vicky Thoma Barrette and Nancy MacMeekin went to AK in fall. After a few days in Denali Park, they boarded a 75-passenger ship to cruise from Juneau to Seattle. During the trip, they took an excursion flight north beyond the Arctic Circle and visited both a subsistence village and Coldfoot, a truck stop for TV’s Ice Road Truckers. They were among the lucky 30% who get to see Mt. McKinley not shrouded in clouds. They traveled to Indian villages, 1898 gold rush areas, and saw great scenery, glaciers, and wildlife, but not Sarah Palin. The cruise company went out of business when they got home, but Nancy is pretty sure it wasn’t their fault.

Susan Strong McDonald has been studying botanical illustrating in Sarasota, FL, with master artist Olivia Braida at the Marie Selby Botanical Garden. Elizabeth Sprague was a major influence at SBC and encouraged her interest in botany and biology. Susan is retired from teaching and can return to painting insects and plants.

Aline Rex McEvoy and Peter had a medical merry-go-round in ’10 (sounds even worse than the Hubbards) and were glad to begin the new yr. Aline broke her shoulder in a swan dive onto the concrete basement floor. In spite of ER visits, hospital stays, and doctor visits, Peter, Aline, and her mother (90), have improved and remained active at church, with family and grandchildren, and in study groups.

Laura Haskell Phinizy cites History of Art with Miss Barton as her most significant course and professor at SBC. She expected to be a math major, easy for her; but Miss Barton made her think and analyze information. Laura’s grandtwins are a delight — Spencer chasing bears and foxes and wolves in his coonskin cap, and Sarah Frances singing the Davy Crockett song to support him. Laura and Stewart both hold real estate open houses on sunny days between snow and ice.

Milbrey Sebring Raney and her husband are starting rehearsals for Bach’s St. John Passion, to be sung during Lent. They’re in the winter session of non-credit courses at the U. of TX and enjoy them tremendously — retired volunteers present 6 wks. of lectures on fascinating subjects.

Carol Reifsnyder Rhoads is enjoying retirement in Shreveport, LA; they play a lot of bridge. They travel to CO and to their house in Nederland. They have 5 grandsons — 3 in Clemmons, NC, and 2 in Tucson — and one unmarried son in AR. So far, they’re healthy, sing in the choir, and ring their tower bells.

Magda Salvesen is doing the final proofing of her guide book, Exploring Gardens and Green Spaces from Connecticut to the Delaware Valley. She teaches Garden History at NYU and looks after the Jon Schueler Estate. Schueler paintings have been added this yr. to the collections of the National Gallery of Australia, the Arkansas Arts Center, the Dundee City Art Gallery in Scotland, and Yellowstone Art Museum in MT.

Meredith Leslie Welch plans a bucket list trip to Egypt and Jordan, remembering Miss Barton who exhorted her Art 101 class to contribute to the raising of the temples at Abu Simbel. She drove from Lexington to SBC last summer (couldn’t believe the curves or the kudzu) to show husband Bill Costa the campus, and plucked seeds from a tree near the boathouse to plant in her Savannah garden. Their family continues to grow — they’ve 8 grandchildren spread between Boston, NYC, and Atlanta, and a daughter getting married in March.

Mercy, are we an interesting lot! What a pleasure it is to compile these comments now twice a yr. As for the Hubbards, Sally McCrady Hubbard’s husband Charles had 5 hospital stays in ’10, for top-to-toe problems that all seem relatively under control and appeased for now. So she read about 30 wonderful books, mostly historical fiction. Soccer and the violin fill her grandson Duncan’s free time (is there any?) and he’s just joined the Fort Worth Junior String Orchestra, which fills her head with sugarplum visions of his coming to Sewanee in future summers to study in the Sewanee Summer Music Festival… oh, wouldn’t it be loverly.



Randi Miles Long

19 Hidden Valley Rd.

Lafayette, CA 94549

[email protected]


Makanah Morriss

1317 Rocky Mountain Rd.

Forest, VA 24551

[email protected]



Diane Dalton

1014 N Astor St., Apt. 43

Milwaukee, WI 53202

[email protected]



Lynne Gardner Detmer

125 Wareham’s Point

Williamsburg, VA 23185

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With great sadness that I report the death of Alicia Glass from lung cancer.

I don’t have many news snippets this time. I sent out a blanket e-mail to all the addresses I have dating from last year. About 50 were undeliverable because of new addresses. When you read this, please, please send an email to me so that I can be sure I have your current address, even if you think I already have it. And send some news too!

Also, do you know where your envelope is? Have you put this year’s reunion money in it (assuming you can find it)? Which reminds me that our 45th (ouch!) Reunion is only 2 yrs. away. Remember how old we thought the 50th Reunion antiques were? Please contact your friends and start getting organized. Let’s all try to go this time. It can be our version of Antiques Road Show! Then maybe we’ll recognize each other! Besides, Reunion is so much fun!

Barbara Baur Dunlap reports, “Our 4 married kids, their spouses and our grandkids are well. We expect our 7th grandchild in Feb. Holly is doing amazing things to help Africans who are very needy. Grandkids sure are a delight. Charlie and I are having a ball with them.” Most of Barbara’s travel is between visiting her mother in St. Louis and grandchildren in Austin and CO.

Katey Buster is “still living in Aspen, CO. After 32 yrs. here…still a part time hiking/snowshoeing guide at my advanced age, as well as doing property management. I’m not financially ready to retire yet. I try to get to the AZ and UT deserts often to hike and commune with nature. “

Courtney Cash Mustin says all is well in Richmond.

Libby Harvey Fitzgerald says, “I’ve ‘restructured’ my time from gainful employment to volunteer work with Rotary, schools and economic development at county and city level (CA needs plenty of help). John and I travel to spend time with family and friends, while still bicycling, hiking, kayaking and playing tennis.”

Lynne Gardner Detmer (yours truly) is happy, healthy, and still singing, gardening, making jewelry and doing needlework. I take several opera trips to NYC each winter. Jim and I intend to do more international travel. We had a big family reunion over Christmas, up to 19 at dinners! A blast! Busy-ness suits us.

Suzanne Little is “still happily working, taking tango classes and doing yoga.”

Susan Somerville Menson now spends winters in FL. She says, “I needed the sunshine and activity since all my friends are golfing snowbirds.”

Amy Thompson McCandless is “still Dean of the Graduate School at the College of Charleston — one of the best jobs in the world.” She and her 2 sons took a fantastic trip to Costa Rica. Also, Amy was selected as part of a Historical Studies Delegation to South Africa. The group visited universities, museums and monuments in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Amy’s “favorite excursion was a trip around the Cape Peninsula to Boulders Beach where we saw hundreds of African penguins. It was exciting to be in a place that is so intent on learning and teaching its history.”

I saw some paintings by Emmy Savage. She is doing beautiful work. I have some old news from Toni Wikswo Best, who reported last yr. that she was involved “in a big conference in Arri in Visalia — ‘Baskets and Gourd — Containers of Our Culture’ with 21 teachers coming from several states.



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A fundraiser for the libraries at Harvard U. for a decade, Peggy Davis Molander (Boxborough, MA) is still working, but “dreaming of warmer climes.” She & husband Erik spent time with Liz Medaglia (Arlington, VA) & husband Joe Sinnott in Oct. Liz continues to enjoy her work at the Labor Dept. in D.C. Peggy then visited Jan Sheets Jones (Hartford, CT) at the Jones’s “home away from college” (Trinity C., where Jan is special consultant in the Advancement Dept. & her husband is Pres.) in Narragansett, RI. Peggy’s next big event is to be daughter Margot’s spring wedding in Seattle, the challenging long-distance planning to be rewarded by a big family gathering.

In addition to her trips to Gaza (as an observer & a humanitarian worker), Ridgely Fuller (Waltham, MA) continues to devote much time here to raising citizens’ & politicians’ awareness of the plight of civilians in Palestine. She says that her time in Ain’ts & Asses has given her invaluable skills to use in political demonstrations!

Martha Brewer (NoLa) & spouse Susan Landry were in Aspen in Feb., taking a break from Susan’s chemo & radiation and Martha’s interviews with prospective ob-gyn residents.

Martha was considering joining the Grays on Trays (snowboarding for Boomers) while there.  After all, it’s only taken a yr. to recover from her hand’s biking fracture, and a truly great surgeon only needs 1 hand!

David and Annie Green Gilbert (Seattle) continue to doctor & dance, respectively. Annie teaches at workshops and at the Creative Dance Center (she’s founder & director) Her Kaleidoscope Dance Co. turns 30 this spring. For R&R, they’ve been visiting children & g’children: elder son Huw (Dubai) whose PR work keeps Pepsi #1 in Africa, Asia, & the Middle East, wife Tindley who does consulting online, g’children Emerson & Pryor; Bronwen, a photographer, husband Eli, the tech guru at Seattle’s Pan Pacific Hotel, & new baby Kaija; & younger son Griff , researching w/ stem cells at Mt. Desert Island Labs, Bar Harbor, ME (where wife Kris helps administrate), & g’daughter Finn.

             Cathy Hall Stopher (Louisville) is grandmother to Lucy Virginia Stopher, born 1/3/11 to son Charles & Stephanie Stopher.

Ann Tremain Lee (Newport News) appreciated Sue Scanlan’s & Nanner’s accounts of their last visit with Win Waterman Gildehaus and of her funeral: “It made me laugh & cry, and think about Win with deep fondness. She was truly one of a kind.” Ann went to SBC Day in Jan. and was impressed with all the activities on campus & the personnel who spoke about the college. She also likes what she’s read & seen of Pres. Parker & looks forward to meeting her. Ann & Saint are enjoying a more relaxed pace, “study(ing) how we can find ourselves at home more often.” Inspired by Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, she seeks to buy local products & eat what is in season AMAP. She’s even considering backyard chickens for their eggs! Daughter, Maria in CA, w/ husband Marshall & daughters Sterling (9) & Kendall (7), & daughter Allie & husband Zack (Norfolk, VA) visited for Christmas. “Snow fell & stuck — all were thrilled!” Ann & Saint planned to visit daughter Cameron (CO) in Feb.

Your class secretary sits in thigh-high snow, waiting to hear from those of you who used to write in when we used postcards. How about email, y’all? The only news here is that I adopted a second rescue dog, a Skye terrier named Robby, who’s kinda dumb, but as Kathleen Turner said in Body Heat, “I like that in a man.” (Peter excluded.)



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Well it’s me Stuart Davenport Simrill, 1970 secretary, a lifelong ambition as you may know, my mother was class of ’38 and my great aunt was one of the 1st 5 girls to attend. Our daughter would have nothing to do with a girl’s coll. and went off to San Francisco State. She’s finishing a graduate program in Tibetan Medicine at UMN and is hoping to be in San Francisco in fall to study at the CA Center for Integral Studies. Son Spenser has a Ph.D. in English and Creative Writing and has been teaching at the U. of GA for the past 10 yrs. He spends a quarter in either Costa Rica or Italy in their study abroad program. Our late in life child, Stephen is a senior at U. of WI and hoping to be Teaching for America next yr. We’ll finish 32 yrs. of tuition this May. Hard to believe that’s all done. I joined Teacher Corps straight from SBC a program reincarnated as Teach for America. I still teach children on the edge as an elem. media specialist, love it. The kids call me Mrs. CinnamonRoll — ’fraid I look like one too! I married Spenser Simrill in ’72. We’ve lived lots of places, but now live in Minneapolis. It’s been fun finding you after all this time; I’m letting you tell your own stories, slightly edited for length.

Frances Dornette Schafer: After SB, I went to Cornell Law School. Then I found a job with the IRS in Cleveland as the 1st woman attorney they had ever hired in the district. 4 yrs. later I transferred to the Washington National Office and worked in Chief Counsel’s office for the next 26 yrs. in a variety of areas from tax shelters to corporate tax. The last 15 yrs. I concentrated on estate, gift, and generation, and ended up as a counsel to an associate chief counsel. I retired as soon as I became eligible so I could work in the Washington National Tax Office of KPMG. After 5 yrs. there I moved to a similar position at Grant Thornton, another national accounting firm. My husband, Tom Schafer, was an attorney for the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development. He died of pancreatic cancer in ’98. Son William (23) is studying architecture. He accompanied me to Reunion in May. We had a great time at Reunion — so fun to see everyone and to marvel at the additions to the campus over the last 40 yrs.

Mary Jo Petree Murphy: 3 ½ yrs. ago, Frank and I left our hometown of Winston-Salem, NC, to move to Kiawah Island, SC, and Carbondale, CO. We spend winters in Kiawah and summers in CO. Frank golfs, I walk a lot, volunteer at the Habitat Restore while in SC. In CO we have 2 grandchildren whom we see often, Frank golfs and I hike a lot. Last summer we went to Yosemite Park with 3 other couples from our CO neighborhood to hike 4 days/3 nights in the High Sierra backcountry. We recently went to FL for a few days and saw Katy Warren Towers and husband for one night on our way down.

Mary Janet “Bean” Blencowe Murray: I live in Little Rock, AR. I’m retired from a 28 yr. career in the AR Dept. of Human Services where I was an advocate for elderly Arkansans and had the wonderful opportunity to help develop programs resulting from our country finally realizing that a heck of a lot of people were getting old and staying that way for a very long time. I “aged in place” working long enough to be eligible for my own services, although I’ve been fortunate enough not to need them. I’m now an Episcopal deacon assigned to St. Michael’s Church in Little Rock. I’m now championing social justice issues as a member of the AR ACLU board and president of the AR Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty. I coordinate the Episcopal Mental Illness Network, and I work as the only employee of Murray Consulting, Inc. doing grant writing and organizing research projects and conferences. Husband Paul is an administrator at a non-profit. Daughter Cara (35) works in the music industry in Nashville, TN, and step-daughter Danielle is an MSW who works as a technical writer. 2 poodles and a butterscotch tabby cat round out the family. My husband and I are both 8-yr. cancer survivors. Taking the “in sickness and in health” thing much too far, we had our illnesses at the same time — way too much sharing each other’s pain. We are healthy now and grateful for every day.

Nia Eldridge: I’ve been working for IBM managing business partners. I’ve been trying to add some “bucket list” adventures to my travels. I visited Biltmore in Asheville when I was in Charlotte for a meeting. Stormy, my boxer pup (2 ½) keeps things lively. My condo in Bethany Beach, DE, is my stress buster — the ocean never disappoints. Another guilty pleasure, the Philadelphia Flower Show, is coming in early March. Class of ’70: it was a special time.

Ann Gateley: I’m partially retired: stepped down from directing the training of 80 Internal Medicine residents. Now just do a bit of teaching and assist in the care of the 17 U. of NM athletic teams. Also travel a bunch. Have Argentinean sweetheart who enjoys the same. We were in Italy in Nov. and will head to South America in March. I still run a lot and have almost completely abandoned my car for cycling. (Although it’s difficult to carry kitty litter and wine on a bike!) For obvious reasons am studying Spanish. I’m horrible!                       

Joan Hennessy Wright: Wish I could’ve made our 40th Reunion! We’re still happily ensconced in New Canaan, CT. Art and I are sneaking up on 35 yrs. of wedded bliss and continue to have loads of fun together! Gardening, decorating, and playing tennis and golf are my other loves. I’m still a huge sports fan!

Margaret “Missie” Ball Gates: I fled from SB at the end of the winter semester in ’69 and (being a FL girl) found refuge at the U. of FL in Gainesville to finish a BA. The 2 ½ yrs. I spent at SBC were an excellent education, but it was time for me to move on to the big world. I went on to get an M.A. in public admin. at GW and had a professional career in county government and 2 nonprofits in the D.C. area. I met my husband, Dennis there. We’ve been married 25 yrs. and moved to the beach here in ’97. I have a step-daughter who lives in MD. We’re both enjoying retirement now with time for occasional exotic travel (safari to East Africa). I volunteer on a regular basis at 2 community nonprofits.

Kay Parham Picha: I’ve kept up through the yrs. with Karen Hartnett, Susan Lykes Mueller, Pam Piffath Still, Molly Woltz Carrison, and Frances Gravely and they attended my daughter Amanda’s wedding in Durham, NC, 11/27/10. I value my SBC friends. We gather at the beach and have relaxed gabfests wherever we are. In Oct. ’10, David and I travelled to Italy with Karen Hartnett and George Gayle. David and I still live in Randleman, NC, and continue to work at Classic Dyestuffs, Inc. We aren’t retired, we’re just getting tired! We may never completely quit working, but we do plan fun things to do. We have several trips planned for ’11. Son Tom was married to Lauren at Myrtle Beach, SC, in ’09; and daughter Amanda was married to Michael at Duke U. in ’10.

Marcia Pollock Ragsdale: I’m busy with clubs, serving on a hospital trustee board, and helping my boys, Will and Craig, with our 5 grandchildren under 5 — 2 sets of twins (identical boys, Smith Jackson and Duke, boy and girl Pearce and Elle, and 18 mo. old Sterling.) This can keep things pretty hectic. Bill is still running his commercial printing business. We celebrated our 40th anniv. in Dec., which we’re planning to recelebrate next wk. with a trip to St. Maarten with friends. Hope to see Salli Shropshire Lagrone at the end of Feb.

Betty Rau Santandrea: After marrying Bob Santandrea in ’92, I’ve had the adventure of my life. For employment reasons, we’ve lived in Lynchburg, VA; Charleston, SC; Concord, NH; Saratoga County, NY; Santa Fe, NM; and now Corning, NY. Bob got a law degree and masters of intellectual property in NH, so then he was writing patents for GE, Los Alamos Nat’l Lab, and now Corning, Inc. I worked as a paid volunteer administrator/ program coordinator with Meals on Wheels for a rural senior center in NH while Bob was in law school and then at a suburban Albany, NY, senior center. Bob taught me how to be a better cook, doing prep like the scientist that he is (Ph.D. in high temp chemistry from RPI). Now I’m a homemaker again, love it. I volunteer as a docent at the Corning Museum of Glass, fabulous place. Call me for a private tour. We’re half way to Niagara Falls from NYC so many tours stop here.

Fran Griffith Laserson: On 5/15/10 daughter Tenley married fellow lawyer and New Yorker, Geoff Chepiga. Classmates Pat Swinney Kaufman and Mary Jane Hipp Brock were in attendance. Younger daughter Galen, an investment banker, was the MOH and my significant other, Doug Chalmers (who has shared my life for the past 7 yrs.) accompanied me down the aisle. Part of my job as president of The Moody’s Foundation is to represent Moody’s in the community, and as such I serve on the exec. committee of NY Downtown Hospital and on the boards of Prep for Prep, Autism360 and The Center for Work Life Policy, which focuses on gender and diversity in the workplace. On my own time, I serve as president of the board of trustees of my church and on the Kent Place School board. All of these assignments are deeply satisfying and it is wonderful to be at a stage where life experience allows us all to make a meaningful contribution to our communities. Community service is both part of my profession and my pastime of choice, but I relish also the offerings that come with living in a great city and enjoy weekends in Quogue on Long Island playing golf, gardening or puttering around the house. I’m proud to report that I have 2 wonderful Sweet Briar connected godchildren: Lisbeth Kaufman, daughter of Pat Swinney Kaufman, and Maisie Cunningham, daughter of Carter Burns ’71 — both smart, talented and capable young women.

Susan McGrath Slate: I was married to Morgan Moses in the fall of ’70, had a wonderful daughter in ’72, divorced in ’79, worked myself silly to support my child with no help from her father (all of which was a learning experience that I truly enjoyed), was engaged while living in Charlottesville (no wedding), and in ’83 moved to Virginia Beach, where I grew up and still live. I married my current husband, a retired Marine officer (also retired a 2nd time from United Technologies), in ’04. We live happily near the ocean with our cocker spaniel, Charlie. My daughter, her husband, and my grandson Andrew (16) live nearby. Andrew is studying hard; he wants to go to VA Tech for architecture. I’m currently recovering from 2 major back surgeries. I’m healing slowly but surely. I’m lucky enough to have a wonderful husband who does most of the housework and shopping. He hates it, but he does it!

             Loring Harris Amass: I moved to CO in ’72, married Bill and his 3 kids in ’76, raised them and our 2 boys in Denver. Now that they’re all gone and Bill is retired, we spend most of our time in Vail, skiing and biking. We still have our house in Denver; I’m there a part of each wk., getting the mail, watering plants, etc. I took up sculpting when our youngest went off to coll. and have made 10 bronzes. That youngest is a lawyer in NYC and the older one is in his 1st yr. of medical residency in Providence. The 3 big kids all live in CO and are in various stages of marriage, divorce, and remarriage, all with adorable grandchildren. Life is wonderful and beautiful in CO.

Susan Holbrook Daly: I’m still holding at 5 grandsons (produced by 2 daughters (and husbands!), still married to the 1st husband (41 yrs. on 7/18/11), still doing residential real estate (almost 30 yrs.), still writing real estate classes and teaching several classes a  mo., still living in Alexandria, VA, very thankful for good health and a happy life.

             Anne Adare: Last 40 yrs. — good lord, that would require a dissertation. A couple of M.A. degrees and a law degree, 1 daughter and careers as a lawyer, lobbyist and real estate broker. After living in D.C., FL and Manhattan, I’m now single and working as a real estate broker in Aspen, CO. It’s the good life with lots of athletics/recreation, culture and social life in a beautiful setting. If anyone comes out this way, I’d love to catch up.

Kathy L. Robbins: I haven’t seen another SBC person in about 20 yrs. But then, I left the school after 2 yrs. and only slipped back in once while on a trip to FL. Spent my very satisfying and lucrative career as a Technical Writer in the DE/PA area. I’m now retired in southern DE with my partner of 32 yrs., spending time reading, tending to pets and enjoying the resort life.

Deborah Jones: Reunion was great fun — it’s amazing how the yrs. melt away, and we pick up where we left off. Dorm living, however, leaves a lot to be desired. News: none, really. John’s 2 daughters have 8 children between them, ages 1 to 16, so it’s sometimes hard to keep up. We love living on the coast of ME, and I can’t wait to retire in a few yrs. We’re well and grateful for that.

Jonna Creaser Clarkson: I’m the counselor at Tye River Elem. School in Nelson Co., 15 min. north of SBC. I’m privileged to be connected thru our TRES/SBC Big Sister program. I speak to education classes and recruit these wonderful, caring mentors. It’s been a successful match for over 15 yrs.. My husband and I live on a farm in the mountains and enjoy our animals. I just went out this morning to feed the horses and “skated” on the ice to get to the barn. 6 yrs. ago, we “adopted” a 20-yr.-old son from El Salvador. Visiting his remote, rural primitive region, we were moved by the impoverished plight of his people and the hopelessness of any future change for the children. Our mission focuses on the welfare of the children. Each year, they receive Christmas presents, and we sponsor children for education. There’s no school in their community. The elem. school children were walking an hour through the jungle to a poor 2-room school; middle and h. s. children walked almost 2 hrs. Girls rarely went beyond elem. because it was dangerous for them to walk that road. Now, the community truck serves as a school bus, and more children can attend school safely. We hope to build a school in their community so all children can receive a strong educational foundation. Our next projects include: building a medical clinic for access to medical care, a kindergarten to begin the new school, outdoor bathrooms where there are none, help families establish micro-businesses so the community can be self sustaining and of course, continue to build more clean water systems.

Karen Hartnett: For the past few yrs., professionally, I’ve been consulting to banks on exec. compensation, succession planning and strategic use of human capital. If that sound like a marketing statement, it is! It’s an odd time in the banking business, and I’m happy to be out of the main stream, giving advice instead of taking body blows. In my last corporate assignment, as chief human resources officer, I helped take our company public and got to ring the bell at the NY Stock Exchange, and that was cool. On the personal side, George and I moved 7 yrs. ago to our horse and cattle ranch about 35 mi. west of Houston — called The GK Ranch. And, yes — I really live here, and we really have livestock, and yes — I’m still only 37 min. from the Galleria. I find the seclusion enticing, and decided after about 2 yrs. that I like my 4-legged neighbors better than most 2-legged ones. Is this a sign of maturity or malaise? Not sure I care anymore! Last March, we welcomed Sue Lykes Mueller and John Mueller, and Kay Parham Picha and David Picha to the Ranch for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo — and the Wine Auction Dinner where we saw $125,000 bottles of wine sold. This year, Kay and David return with their daughter and son-in-law, and we may buy one of those bottles this time! Kay and David, George and I also took a glorious cruise to Italy in Oct. If you haven’t sailed on Silversea, you don’t know what it’s like to be royalty — and we decided we like it so much, we should do it every yr!

Put Mundy Ebinger: After a yr. in NYC, I went to grad. school at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, where I earned an M.A. and Ph.D. in international affairs and met my husband, Charley Ebinger. We moved to D.C., where for 20 yrs. I was an academic dean at the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown U. and Charley pursued a career in international energy security and development. I’m now retired and he is Director of Brookings Institutes Energy and Security Program. I’m now President of the Board of the International Student House of D.C. Our biggest hobby is world travel. We became the guardians of our godchild Cheryl (15). She’s now a doctor of infectious disease, is married to a doctor, Mark, and they’re living in ME, after 2 yrs. fighting HIV in Uganda. Their children, Will (5) and Graham (2) are the light of our lives.

Heather Tully Click: Our biggest event of ’10 was the Sept. wedding of son Lt. Ben Click, USN, to the soon-to-be Dr. Vivian Click, DDS who graduates from OH State U. Coll. of Dentistry in June ’11. We also enjoyed our 40th reunions at SBC and the US Naval Academy as well as our 40th wedding anniv! We’re celebrating with a Rhine River cruise in April. We still live in Peachtree City, GA, where both our children grew up. Ben is now in Washington, D.C. and Amanda is in Egypt on the library faculty at The American U. in Cairo.

Elizabeth Holloway Playforth: I attended SBC for 2 yrs. and Denise Mullen’s was a one of my best friends. I haven’t heard from her in 40 yrs. so I decided to drop a line. Leaving friends was the hardest part of not returning to SBC; watching YouTube brought back memories. I believe there were 245 of us our freshman year so if your email list is all the alumni office has, then our class has scattered to the wind. But ’66 to ’70 was a strange time. I remember hearing that several in our class marched in Washington against the Vietnam War and missed their finals. I became an intensive care nurse and also worked in surgery. Happily married for 30 yrs.; we have one son, enjoy our farm, are avid riders and fox hunt. After my husband retired, we started a small tree nursery and that has been most entertaining. We were joyfully busy in ‘10 preparing our farm for our son’s wedding last May. John is an attorney in Washington, D.C. and his beautiful wife is a pediatric resident at Georgetown U. All my best to the class of ’70.

Marty Paul: I’m still back in IA — and I married a great guy I knew in h. s. about 5 yrs. ago. Marriage after 50 is good. Greg is wonderful. Daughter Kate is living in Ft. Worth and teaching English at a middle school, while son Hans is a chef for Todd English at his Public Urban Bistro (PUB) in Las Vegas. Greg’s girls are in Scottsdale so between the 4 children, we have warm places to visit during the harsh IA winter. I spend most of my time during the school yr. as a special education consultant for a state agency and do some adjunct instruction and program co-ordination for Morningside Coll. During the summer I enjoy living on the MS river with 2 boxers. I garden, bike and take lots of walks. Someday I will retire, but right now I’m enjoying all parts of my life.

Debbie Ohler Bowman: My 40 has been amazing with friends, family, work, travel and play. I’m exceedingly grateful to have gotten to this point having learned much, but still have more to learn and I hope, to give. (Of course there are the difficult times and they teach me a lot, too.) I’m retired and am doing volunteering, some work (there was a buyout, which involves some service for 5 yrs.), play and trying to connect with others. As a religion major who became a psychologist, special education teacher and reading specialist, I want to put that training/experience to more use, before I forget it all! I wish blessings to you and all of my other SBC classmates. 

Kristin Herzog: My stay at VCCA in Nov. was wonderful! I met great people and learned so much, I just didn’t want to leave. Also, completed or worked on about 40 paintings. One just got into the Southern Watercolor show, and I’m waiting now to hear about a few more shows. I even painted the VCCA fences, they were so interesting and eclectic. This past yr., I’ve done a lot more abstract pieces, but still enjoy doing flowers and cats. I also started a website And I’m still painting glasses and ornaments for the SBC bookshop.

Bonnie Palmer McCloskey: My news: I’m happy, love Tom (married 40 yrs. this fall. Yow! Seems a made up number), and my 4 children with whom we spend much of our time. Daughter Lauren and son David both work with Tom. I’m active on 2 boards right now, Aspen Institute board, and The Nature Conservancy of HI board. I was briefly on the Sweet Briar Board, but it became unwieldy for me to maintain the travel east. I’ve seen Lorie Harris Amass and Mary Jane Hipp, whose brother is on the Aspen Institute board with me, and Fran Griffith Lasserson some. Connie Haskell and I have spoken many times over the yrs., and she visited me once. Terrible that I have lost track with Molly Woltz Carrison, as we roomed together after coll. at Wharton, and Tom and I visited her and Henry several times. Molly? Mostly, I’ve been out of touch, which my fault. If anyone gets to SF I’d love to know, and connect, as we’re in San Francisco about a 3rd of our time now, and mostly in Aspen in the summer.

Phyllis Blythin Ward: John and I still live in Louisville where he continues to work in the life insurance business. We spend time with son Peter, his wife and their 3 children, (5, 3 ½, 6 mos.) who live nearby. Daughter Elizabeth is a sophomore at W&L, so we get back to VA as often as we can. We love to travel and spent 2 wks. in Russia last yr., and will go to Istanbul and Athens in the fall ’11. We always head to our cabin in Canada when summer heats up in the OH Valley.           

Stuart Camblos: Most exciting news was the arrival of my 1st grandchild last July, son of my middle daughter Margaret. They’re in Irvine CA so I’m earning lots of Delta miles in a hurry! Also training for the Nashville Country Music Rock ‘n Roll Marathon in April. I hope to walk the ½ while my other 2 daughters, Jennifer and Caroline, run. Lost my precious mother (SBC ’42) a yr. ago, which has been hard. I’m selling Real Estate here in Asheville.

Kate Schlecht: I’ve seen Ann Tedards a few times this last yr. (in add’n to at reyune) because her mother lives nearby, so it’s been fun to get reconnected. Am still in harness at DOJ with no retirement plans yet. Just back yesterday from a very nice 2 ½ wks. in Peru — 1st half was cultural and the last 8 days were a jungle expedition along the Amazon. Hard to believe that at my age I even did a zipline above the canopy to see the wee birdies. I hate heights and so kept my eyes closed much of the time I was zipping along. Hugs to all the 70ers. Kate (aka La Jefe in Spoanish or ir you prefer Mwenya kiti [Swahili for Chairman, bestowed on me by the Tanzania crew in 2009])

Lawson Calhoun Kelly: I’m working as a marriage and family therapist. Going back to school at our tender age has put me close to the “all work and no play” category, but I’m loving my work. We have now joined the most fabulous club the grandparent society and are having a blast trick-or-treating, sledding, building legos and whatever else they want us to do. Our son’s son Jackson Kelly is 6 yrs. old, and our daughter’s daughter Lawson Monroe is 2 ½ yrs. Life couldn’t be better for Frank is no longer operating, so he’s around to enjoy these precious little people.

Jane Gott: I was juried into the Potomac Valley Watercolor Society in Nov., a 15-yr. goal for me. PVW gives me more opportunities to exhibit my own paintings and to network with some of the best watercolor painters in VA, MD and D.C., as well as take workshops from nationally known watercolor painters. I learned to quilt with 3 of my crafting friends and enjoy piecing colorful quilts. I’m also knitting crazy, hand-dyed socks for Ron and me. We have 2 big trips planned. We’re spending 3 wks. in HI, where we plan to snorkel and take reference pictures for my paintings. We also have a Mediterranean Cruise planned, followed by 2 wks. in Paris, where I spent my junior yr. Ron and I are enjoying retirement and are grateful to have good health and pensions in this economy. I missed those of our class who didn’t make it to our 40th Reunion, especially my roommate Barbara Offutt Mathieson, who got too ill at the last min. to make the trip. The highlight of Reunion for me was listening to the Sweet Tones sing. Ann Tedards, Laura Baksa, and Kate Schlech started singing and were joined by another class, and then we all went out to the quad where Sweet Tones from many different classes came over to sing. I time traveled back to our coll. yrs., using the medium of music, so to speak.


1971 facebook

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2218 Rt 87 Hwy

Montoursville, PA 17754

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I’ve added news from the handful of 40th Reunion scrapbook questionnaires classmates have sent in as of 2/1/11 to these notes. That way those of you who can’t make it back to the Patch will have some idea of what the rest of us are up to.

Liz Glassman can’t make Reunion, but sends warmest greetings. When she wrote in Jan., she was vacationing with some architect friends for 2 wks. of climbing all over the magnificent Greek and Roman ruins of Libya. “In my work for the Terra Foundation for American Art,” Liz writes, “I do travel rather constantly which keeps me in total jet lag, but also keeps the work rather lively and always changing.”

Kathleen Horan sent pictures of herself and her beloved cocker spaniels on the beach at Cape Cod.

Cami Crocker Wodehouse reports the birth of 1st grandchild Trent Wodehouse in Richmond, VA, in May. At a shower for her daughter-in-law Amanda in April, she got to see Corbin Kendig Rankin ’70, Nan Glaser LaGow and Barbara Tessin Derry ’72. In June, Cami and Chuck flew to Austin, TX, to surprise Trish Neale Van Clief ’72, for her big birthday. They pretended to be the pizza delivery guy and Trish opened the door at her daughter’s house to find them there! Other trips included St. Barth’s, a cruise in Norway that went as close to the polar ice cap as possible. They sky was perpetually light, and she even photographed a rainbow after midnight. They visited friends in San Diego, Martha’s Vineyard, VT, and cruised the Caribbean with daughter Carey and husband Rob in Dec. Cami is working on her 5th Habitat house and finds roofing to be the most fun, loves Zumba, and is trying to get better at bridge. She and a few other 60-something friends decided they didn’t want to be left out at the nursing home!

Carolyn Jones Walthall retired July ’10 from her youth leadership development work. She still serves on several local boards, but is happy to be on her own schedule.

2010 was a great yr. for Carol Remington Foglesong: a 10-day art, wine, and walking-filled trip to Florence, Italy; a mo.-long series of surprise 60th b-day parties with folks participating via cards from across the country and all phases of her life; the Nov. arrival of a granddaughter to the son and wife who already have a 2 boys (4 and 2); and meeting a grandson (11) whom she hadn’t seen since he was 18 mos. old. Carol wants us all to connect on Facebook!

Brooke Thomas Dold still works as a paralegal at a small law firm that specializes in municipal bonds and public finance. She has worked with the same attorney since ’98. Husband Wylie is retired and Brooke, sending in this news on his 65th birthday, announced that he is officially on Medicare! Last yr. he and Brooke planned a great wedding for oldest daughter Lindsay in Sept. Amanda and Goody joined them in Houston. They then saw Amanda and Goody in CT in Oct. ‘10. Brooke’s son Thomas has been married for 4 yrs. and her daughter Whitney is attending Houston Community Coll. for a fashion design degree. “I’m trying to clear the decks to attend the SBC Reunion,” Brooke writes.

Alix Sommer Smith enjoys retirement after 32 yrs. in public education. She still does a little work with governor’s schools in VA, but now is mostly involved with 2 book groups (best book of ’10 was The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks), swimming, yoga, and family history projects. She’s planning on coming to Reunion, too.

Barbie Gracey Backer is working on her bucket list, now that she and Ron have an empty nest. She has joined a community garden and is enjoying growing organic vegetables and sharing them with the needy. Barbie chaired a fundraiser in March for a women’s recovery center in her town (Delray Beach, FL) and was helping with another that celebrates those who have contributed to wellness. She plans to run a half-marathon in March. All their kids are doing well: “John, our oldest son, is a CPA with PricewaterhouseCoopers in Birmingham. David is pursuing a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at U. FL. Katie is at Auburn studying education.” Barbie should also be at Reunion!

Lendon Gray is still teaching Dressage riding mostly in NY, CT, FL, and MI although she travels the entire country. Her students are doing well with several trying out for this yr.’s Pan American Games teams.

Now on to news from the Reunion questionnaires: Carol Johnson Haigh writes from Cambridge, MA that what she values most today about her SBC education is us (“the exceptional group of classmates”).

Frances Woltz Fennebresque has 4 children, all married and in Charlotte, NC, except for youngest son Billy, and between them they’ve given her 6 grandchildren, including a set of twins born last Sept. What she remembers from the turbulent yrs. ’67 to ’71 is that UNC-Chapel Hill, where she finished up, closed before final exams and they all went home before graduation. From the vantage point of +/- 60 yrs., she answered the question” What is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?” (from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) by pointing to having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. She prays that “our country will survive as a place of God-fearing and God-loving people.” She feeds her spirit by reading the Bible, fiction, history and non-fiction, and by walking, water-skiing, and spending time with her grandchildren (3 wks. to 10).

As for me, Lynne Manov Sprinsky, having gotten through 2+ yrs. of widowhood, I’m hitting my stride. I’m enjoying not having to share the remote, although I miss having someone to help shovel all this snow we’ve been having on the East Coast. I have a wonderful trip planned with my BFF of 50 yrs., this time to the Loire Valley and the Dordogne. Expect me to bore you with photos at Reunion. I’m continuing to do clinics around the country with horses and riders using a specialized approach [formerly known as BALIMO™] to unblock “stuck” areas so riders can let the horse’s motion flow through them, thereby enhancing equine performance. I love teaching and seeing the looks on riders’ faces when a blockage has been removed and their horses immediately show the difference. I’m also at the age (and aren’t we all!) where I recognize that sometimes, there’s no one in the world who understands you better, loves you more (warts and all), and can make 5 yrs. seem like yesterday than your SBC classmates. See you at Reunion, girlfriends!


1972 facebook

Jill Johnson

2012 Wolftrap Oaks Ct.

Vienna, VA 22182

[email protected]



Evelyn Carter Cowles

PO Box 278

Free Union, VA 22940

[email protected]


Ann Major Gibb writes “Ernie and I joined the ranks of grandparents in ’10. Daughter Emily and husband Glenn had twin boys in May. We made frequent trips to Philadelphia to see them. We also enjoyed a wk. in Denver in Sept.”Ann does marketing and grant writing for a small town in MD.

Renee Sterling enjoyed a fabulous 2-day painting class led by Jill Steenhuis ’80. “Lots of SBC stories — led me to reconnect with Ann Stuart Kling nee McKie!”

Lisa Fowler Winslow “I had a wonderful mini reunion in Sept. with Jane McFaddin, Betsie Meric Gambel and Jane Lowry Tierney. We spent a wk. in a house at the beach on Pawley’s island, SC. I also saw Bestie Gambel again in NYC for a fun weekend in Oct. Saw a play and got to meet Tony Bennett in a Cabaret! My son is a lawyer in San Diego and my daughter finishes law school at Hastings in May and has an offer at a law firm in Los Angeles. Turning the big 6-0 this yr. (as we all are) and on the countdown to retirement. How can ’73 be so long ago?

Kathy Pretzfelder Steele “Husband Dave and I bought lakefront land in Mount Dora, FL, and we’ll build our retirement home and move there in ’12. Although we may not retire just yet, we’ve had enough of the cold weather in NJ and one of our daughters and her husband live in the Orlando area. Jennifer Wherry Putney and I took the train into NYC and met up with Betsie Meric Gambel and Lisa Fowler Winslow and spent a fun day chatting, eating and seeing the sights.”

Trish Gilhooly O’Neill “We are still living between the Cotwalds and HI. We took the boys to Istanbul where we had a lovely wk. at Christmas. Our 22-yr.-old is finishing up college in FL and our older son lives in London. He’s taking courses at LSE while waiting to hear about business school, which he hopes to start in fall. I still come and go to Phnom Penh once or twice a yr., where I’m involved with an orphanage. We are in NYC frequently and have been seeing Jan Storey Honick for lunch at times. 

Joan May Harden has a new grandson, Matthew James Raniella, born 1/9/11. He joins brothers Jack (4) and Luke (2).  Her son Richard, who graduated from W&L in ’07, is engaged and will be married 10/22/11 with the wedding at their farm in Lexington. Joan spends most of her time in Lexington, having retired from the NJEA (teacher’s union).

Linda Moscato Wagner: “After several yrs., Sandie Schwartz Tropper and I met up in Chicago last Feb. We had lots of fun. I still work at the IL Commerce Commission, but changed jobs last March to become the Senior Legal and Policy Advisor to one of the 5 Commissioners — a fascinating job in which I participate in all major issues concerning the public utility industry. I got married last May to Pete Wagner.  We bought a house on Lake Springfield and enjoy being “lake people.”  I’m extending an open invitation to anyone who has an inclination to visit Springfield, IL, to come visit us where you’re likely to find us boating, swimming, kayaking or grilling at the lakefront with our Pug, Lucie!”

Susan Kirby Peacock “Well, it hasn’t been the easiest of time in my life. My husband’s land development is in foreclosure, and it only helps a little that we’re not alone. My mother has Alzheimer’s and lives near me, and that is good because life in a nursing home is much better if one has an advocate, but it is sad. My daughter, Marley, is graduating from the Georgetown U. School of Foreign Service and has crafted her own major from the Spanish language, South and Central American social and political studies, and documentary film-making depts. Except for her time spent working between Juarez and El Paso, I’m happy about her passions. My degree in pharmacy is supporting us; I’m still painting and my studio is still a sanctuary, and this downturn has helped me find clarity and become more grounded in my life. Cheers!”

Mary Buxton is still in Los Gatos, CA. “I was lucky enough to reconnect with Jane McFadden, my SBC room mate, this past yr. My son (16) is doing well. I’m a psychotherapist and enjoy my work. My husband is a techie who also loves what he does.

Pat Hite Barton is looking forward to Emily’s graduation this May. She just opened a new business in town. “Who says we can’t do something new?” Pat also sings for enjoyment, and this past year sang a 4-part, close harmony arrangement of the Star Spangled Banner at a baseball game.

Abigail Allen Rennekamp is now the proud mom of 4 graduates. “I’ve done my part and now I’m done! So now my task is to figure out what I want to do.”

Susan Dern Plank:  “I continue to volunteer at the environmental education center as we do snowshoeing lessons this time of yr. We’ll be having a family celebration here for my mother’s 90th birthday this coming weekend. All 4 children (from Austin to Denver to Seattle) and 7 of her 8 grandchildren will be there.  (The 8th is studying on a Fulbright in Oslo.) Fortunately, my mother is in good health and remains active.

Kathleen Cochran Schutz “Our big news is that our daughter, Emily (M) will be graduating from SBC this spring! It’s been an enjoyable 4 yrs. for Steve

and I as we’ve taken every opportunity to be involved in the school. The staff is just as helpful as when we were students and the campus is, if anything, more beautiful!  One of the nice changes is that they have “Boathouse” parties every Thurs. night, each one of which is themed and planned by students and attended by area colleges — a nice way to let off steam and meet new people. M is graduating with the fairly new business major and is hoping to find a job in HR. Youngest son Walker is finishing his sophomore yr. at Hampden-Sydney. Oldest son Taylor is training to manage a successful McDonald’s and has lots of respect for the corporation. I continue my home embroidery business and am now becoming more involved in home décor, customizing designs for chairs, bed headboards, etc., and recently purchased a professional multi-needle embroidery machine. I’ve donated items to the Pilanthropy auction at SBC and plan to continue participating in the Bum Chum Christmas Bazaar. Steve is continuing his business as a consultant to the banking industry in operations. I now even have a Kindle! I love reading about all of our classmates and have enjoyed seeing Diane Reilling, Sue Dern Plank and Joan Harden at Homecoming! Everyone should try to come next yr. when my daughter and I will both attend as alumnae!

Pascale Boulard Dutilleul’s son Damien was married 8/28/10 in France. “It was on a beautiful day in an old castle in the Loire valley. Kathy Upchurch Takvorian ’72 and Ronald, Ginger Upchurch Collier ’72 and Tom, Susanne Garrison Hoder and John, Jane Potts and Roselyne de Boysson (French house in ’72) were there: all had welcomed home Damien and Claire while they were in Washington, D.C. They made friends with almost all our 200 guests who just loved them!

Weezie Blakeslee Gilpin: “This yr., both of our sons and their wives have been living in Australia. Alexa is living in northern VA and works as an academic advisor and manager at an online university.  Blake is doing a post-doc at the U. of Sydney and working on a book of William Styron’s letters. His 1st book, a look at the various way John Brown has been depicted through the yrs. is being published by the UNC Press this summer. Prior to Blake’s appointment, Christopher and Allison, a dual US/Australian citizen, had decided to quit their teaching jobs in NYC and spend 6 mos. in Sydney. Allison has since taken a teaching job for the yr. and just started her school yr. in Jan. Bob and I are going to spend my March break in New Zealand and Australia. Odd to think we’ll see the majority of our family down under. I love La Jolla, especially considering the winter that Boston is having. Bishop’s is a fantastic school and one of this yr.’s seniors is headed to SBC in fall! Bob’s college counseling continues to be east coast heavy, but the southern CA client list is growing.  Life is good and I treasure each day.”

Susanne Garrison Hoder and John enjoyed seeing several SBC friends at the wedding of Pascalle Boulard Dutilleul and Pierre’s son Damien in France in July.  Jane Potts and Cathy Upchurch Takvorian ’72 and Ginger Upchurch Collier ’72, and Roselyne de Boysson were there with spouses and friends. Susanne and John also visited their son Frank, who is in the Peace Corps in Peru, and their son Ross, who lives in Atlanta. In Feb., Susanne led a United Methodist study trip to Palestine and Israel.  The Hoders live in Tiverton, RI, and Punta Gorda, FL.

Roberta Culbertson “After 20 plus yrs. at the VA Foundation for the Humanities, and nearly an equal number of yrs. in State government in Richmond, I’m retiring 1/1/2011. My career, much to my surprise, became about the long term effects of violence, in particular, mass violence. I’ve focused on the spiritual dimensions of violent experience and written on the subject in a variety of publications. I’ve just finished a book on the subject. I hope now to change my focus to health care and to use my many yrs. of training as a Buddhist to become a chaplain in hospital or nursing settings. My 2 daughters are launched: one is a dancer and dance critic; the other is a lawyer specializing in international war crimes law. I live in Greene County, VA, on a farm we manage communally. I’m on the chicken committee.

Sorry to report the passing of 2 of our class mates, Angela Lee Miller and Hazel Wright. I (Evelyn Carter Cowles) still live on our farm in Free Union, VA, and enjoy painting and riding. I just returned from a fantastic photographic workshop in Yellowstone National Forest. We were lucky with the Jan. weather and the wildlife viewing. We’re planning a trip in March to England for the Cheltenham Races and to visit friends. Thank you all for your contributions!


Rosalind Ray Spell

2710 Orchard Knob SE

Atlanta, GA 30339

[email protected]


Meredith Thompson Sullivan

PO Box 1283

Livingston, MT 59047

[email protected]


Ceil Linebaugh Dove is the owner of Scottish Deerhound, Hickory, winner of the Westminster Kennel Club Show this winter.

Andria Francis: I’m still working, and this yr. is my 25th year working at CTB/McGraw Hill developing educational assessments. My daughter, Ashleigh, is working on her doctorate in archaeology at Exeter U. in England. She was in Kazakhstan this past summer on an archaeological dig with Dr. Claudia Chang (current SBC professor of anthropology) on Dr. Chang’s international field research project. Ashleigh and I spent 2 glorious weeks in Kapalua, Maui last spring celebrating her 25th birthday. I’m off next week to Rio de Janeiro for a cruise in South America with my sister visiting various South American cities, the Falklands and cruising Cape Horn. Last July, I went to FL for my nephew’s wedding and had lunch with Dr. Van Dyne (my old SBC psychology professor). I haven’t seen him since we graduated 37 yrs. ago! He’s retired & living in FL, and although he is 80+ yrs. old, he’s as sharp as ever. In my spare time, I volunteer at Animal Services (playing with the cats and helping customers with adoptions), garden and fix up my 40-yr.-old house. Hoping this news finds all of our 1974 SBC friends happy and healthy!

             Daun Thomas Frankland: Wally still works for American Battle Monuments Commission in Paris, which has recently been made the worldwide headquarters for Amer Military Cemeteries. Daughter Leslie (16), who attends International School of Paris, is a passionate tennis player. She ranked in the French Tournament System and attends VanderMeer tennis Camp@SBC. This summer, she’ll also attend camp at WestPoint. I organize custom tours of Paris/Antiques and Art scene/Paris at my Feet and am on the board of DAR Rochambeau Chapter(France).

Elizabeth Andrews Watts: All is well with the Watts family. My daughter, Betsy, and I took a trip to Japan before Christmas to see my son, Rob, and his family who are living in a beach town called Hayama while Rob is serving on the USS Fitzgerald. We had a wonderful time seeing their Japanese life, touring the area, and spending time with our grandson, Chip (18 mos.) Rob and Alden’s 2nd son is due in March. Betsy and David love life in Atlanta. Bobby and I are in our 19th yr. of working at Episcopal H. S.

             Bianca Brophy: Meghan lives and works in NYC for J. Mendel as PR Coordinator/ Stylist. Christopher Dixon, got his MBA from Darden (UVa) in May ’10 and lives and works in Pittsburgh for Heinz as asst. brand mgr. for ketchup! I’m still running a Bible study for 40

people in my parish. We still visit both Nantucket and St. Barth’s.  Last July, I went to Oberammergau, Germany, to see The Passion play! I’m still in touch with roomies Donna Crouch Campbell ’73 and Helen Travis

Blane E. Converse: I’m still working for Royall & Co. and will be celebrating my 7th anniv. with the company in Aug. We’re a marketing company that helps recruit students for colleges and universities across the country. Occasionally I miss L.A. and working in the film industry, but don’t miss the stress (or the earthquakes, floods and fires). For about 6 mos. of the yr., I do volunteer work for FIRST (For Information and Recognition of Science & Technology) as the Volunteer Coordinator for the Virginia Regional’s FIRST Robotics Competition at VCU.  62 high school teams from all over the region compete, and I recruit and oversee the 120 to 150 volunteers required to run the 3-day event. This will be my 9th yr. doing this; I love it. If anyone is in the Richmond area on April 7 to 9, please stop by the Siegel Center at VCU and say hi. For the past few yrs., Sweet Briar’s engineering dept. has had a booth set up in the lobby. If you want to learn more about FIRST, here’s the link to their website:



Sarah P. Clement

5028 Domain Pl.

Alexandria, VA 22311

[email protected]


Johna Pierce Stephens

1703 Beard’s Creek Ct.

Davidsonville, MD 21035

[email protected]


Sharon Mendelson reports that she’s added teaching as an adjunct at nearby community college to her tower of hats — Gallery Communications & Marketing, Just Far Enough Getaway, Almost Heavenly Trees & Greenery, plus Concerts Chair/Director/Treasurer for Hampshire County Arts Council and Director/VP/Treasurer for Hampshire County Convention & Visitors Bureau!  Both sons are Lieutenants in the Navy, one in San Diego, one in Las Vegas (toughest job in the Navy); twin daughters, one graduated last May from WVU in psychology and is home, working. Second is a senior at Shepherd U. in graphic design after a semester off to be treated for ovarian cancer (yes, it does strike young women, too.) Fortunately that 1% of ovarian cancer is highly responsive to chemo and she is considered cured.



Ann Kiley Crenshaw

1216 Cedar Point Dr.

Virginia Beach, VA 23451

[email protected]


1977 facebook                                                                                   

Sally Bonham Mohle

5039 Lewisetta Dr.

Glen Allen, VA 23060

[email protected]


If you didn’t get an email from me requesting your news, then I don’t have your email address. Please send it to my email address above. Also, if you’re on Facebook, we have a group! Some of your news below may have been edited.

Cora Snyder: I contacted a furniture restorer on Craigslist and asked him for some references. Imagine my surprise when he listed Libby Whitley Fulton ’75 who was my classmate freshman and sophomore yrs.! I contacted her and we both squealed (via email). She then gave a glowing review of the carpenter. So, there is a Sweet Briar mini reunion through Craigslist of all places.

Anne Rubel Waddell: I saw Toni Bredin Massie in Jan. in HI and again in Oct. on Nanucket Island. We remain good friends. I have a new website featuring my art portfolio: 

Helen Milner Gordon: I have 3 boys. One (John) is in LA trying to be an actor; he’s now in a HARDY’S commercial. My 2nd child is making biodiesel fuel and selling it. He collects oil from restaurants all day in Atlanta. My 3rd son is working for my husband helping to find good salesmen to sell copiers.

Laurie Burrell Garden: I’m living in the foothills of Denver at 8,500 ft. I have my own business painting on glass: My SBC art professor made me change majors because he didn’t think I was a good enough artist. I followed my dreams, and now I love what I do and can support my family with my art. Who’d have thunk! I’m planning a trip to Italy this June to attend Betsy Moore Conti ’78 daughter’s wedding.

Ellen Sellers McDowell: I had a wonderful time last Oct. when Jill Steenhuis ’80 came to town and held a painting workshop at my house. A couple of alumnae, Silkie Hart and Renee Sterling, came as well as Ann Stuart Kling’s (’74) husband Bill. We had a mini reunion at Kama Koudelka’s (’85) house at Jill’s Dallas show with the above mentioned as well as Brianna Brown ’82, Melanie Steglich ’78, Beth Locke ’76, Cissy Humphries ’76, Ann Stuart Kling ’74 and Myth Bayoud ’80. My oldest 2 daughters conspired with Jill and surprised me with one of her paintings for Christmas. My youngest daughter is a freshman at Samford in Birmingham and has been welcomed to AL by Lochrane Coleman Smith ’76. Some sad news is that my roommate, Glenn King Springer lost her mother before the holidays. My 3rd daughter, Mary Susan, a junior at TCU, will make her debut in Montgomery, AL, along with Vivian Hamlett McEntire’s (’79) daughter Anne McKenzie in Feb.

Libby White Drbal: Doug and I celebrated our 25th anniv. by visiting son Drew in Dublin, Ireland, as he attended the School of Business for the fall. I got lots of advice from Maggie Shriver since she’s been there several times to visit relatives. My father passed away somewhat unexpectedly in Nov. — the 1st loss of a parent for us. We’re on the edge of our seats awaiting college acceptance(s) for Tyler in anticipation of “The Empty Nest” the end of Aug.

Gay Owens Gates: Bob has been named GM of Andersen in Fall Rivers, MA. I’ll be staying in DE until Lily graduates in ’12 then joining him. He’ll be travelling back and forth on weekends, then breaks and summer vacations in MA.

Debbie Koss McCarthy: I still love directing the Augustine Literacy Project; David is consulting with Duke energy in Charlotte; son Alex is working in Manhattan but considering coming back south to get an MBA; daughter Courtney and husband John and baby Anna Grace (1) are in Atlanta.

Sarah Bruce Kelly: My husband Frank and I still enjoy life on the SC coast. I teach Latin and Fine Arts at St. Michael Catholic School in Garden City Beach, as well as courses in Music History and Italian at Coastal Carolina U. I published my 2nd historical novel, JAZZ GIRL, and I’m busy working on a 3rd. Frank stays busy with his field agent work with the Knights of Columbus, and our son Frankie relocated to San Diego to pursue his golf career. Our daughter, Mary Catherine, became engaged to Josh Copes, a VMI grad, last fall, and they’re planning an Oct. wedding. So far, 2011 is looking to be a great yr.!

Peggy Haley Sheehan: I just managed to contact my freshman yr. roommate, Michelle Sweeney Lyne, thanks to the alumnae office. Since she lives in the Richmond area and I have 2 daughters at U. of R., I’ll call her on my next trip to VA. Other news: With 2 in coll. and 2 at my old school in Denver, we’re still very busy. We toured England and visited my in-laws in for the 4th yr. in a row for Thanksgiving. My oldest, Mary Helen will graduate in May with a degree in International Business and French and my freshman there is settling in. Here at home we have lots of sports to enjoy with 2 in basketball followed by lacrosse and soccer. Husband Chris is keeping his investment firm in energy going, albeit tough economic times. I keep involved at school and with my French clubs and various church activities. I still keep in touch with several French families from my own junior abroad. It helps to have given the children French god-parents.

Angela Scully is currently serving as Exec Dir of the Darlington Arts Ctr — a community arts center teaching music, art, theatre and dance. She still paints and exhibits locally. She visited Hong Kong with sister Eileen ’78. Eileen was presenting at a conference at Hong Kong U. on Hong Kong and the Global World. It was interesting being her entourage!

Deborah Epperson Stringer: I’m still the General Manager/VP of WBRF 98.1 FM (a 100,000 watt FM Country Music Station) and WWWJ 1360 AM Radio Station. You can listen to us on line at I’m married to John Stringer, a retired banker. I have 3 children, 2 grandchildren, a daughter-in-law, a son-in-law, 2 stepdaughters, 2 step sons-in-law, a step-granddaughter, and a cat (Fuzzy). Oldest son Brian is married to Annette. They have 1 child, Michael (3). They live in Viera, FL, where Brian is a State Atty (Prosecutor). Brian is a Marine and served in Iraq in ’07-’08. Son Steven lives in N. Hollywood, CA, where he’s an intern for the Conan O’Brien Show, working in production. I got to watch him on TV in a skit on the show last Thurs. night. Daughter Virginia is married to Lee. They have a daughter, Micah Grace (3 mo.). They live in Arlington, TX. I was there for my granddaughter’s birth in Oct. All of my children came home for the holidays, but have all gone now. The house is much too quiet!

Gregg Smythe: I split my time between our house in the Boston area and my husband in Washington, D.C. Hoping to live in one city by the summer. The dog, cat and canary have become best passenger pals, and I’m looking for a tennis friend in D.C.

Barb Bernick Peyronnet: Maggie (21) is a junior at William and Mary and Annie (16) is a soph. and enjoys theater. Doug and I are both doing well. I’m almost 7 yrs. cancer free! Doug is retired and still playing 60s rock ’n roll for fun.

Molly Reeb Nissman: My daughter Nancy Clark (29) got engaged to Steven Cours and will be married in Virginia Beach in June. Son Andrew (18) will be going to Dickinson Coll. in fall and son Matt (14) is a freshman at Norfolk Academy. I’m still at UBS in Norfolk as a financial advisor and still playing tennis.

Becky Mayer Gutierrez: My husband and I are traveling to visit our son stationed in Heidelberg, Germany, in Feb., and we’re expecting a new grandchild in March.

Beth Wade: I’m into my 30th yr. at IBM Federal Sales; my customer is Dept. of Homeland Security. John is building a new consulting company in D.C. called theClearing and is working long hours. We bought a place for my Mom and Dad ½ mi. from us in Rockville and moved them in last yr. Ellie (13) is into horses. Noelly is a great sportsman and plays anything that involves a ball.

Kathy Roantree Renken: We moved to the Fort Worth area. Doug (24) is engaged and living in Atlanta; Emily (21) graduated from Evangel U. and looking for a job; Tim (18) graduates from homeschool h. s. and goes to SD School of Mines next yr. Jeff and I are getting ready to be empty-nesters, and I have to figure out “what I want to do when I grow up!”

And I, Sally Bonham Mohle, am enjoying being near our niece and family and am enjoying our new kitten, Cinnabun, who joins our other new cat, Charlotte.


1978 facebook                                                                                   

Suzanne Stryker Ullrich

820 Waverly Rd.

Kennett Square, PA  19348

[email protected]


             Are we really turning 55? Have we really been married 25 yrs., or more? Are our children graduating, getting married and having our grandchildren? It can’t be! But it’s true. As always, I am astounded by the diversity of our great Class of ’78!

After living in Richmond for 2 yrs. Lenore Cox has bought a 96-yr.-old pink house in the Museum District, with a May move expected. She and Lisa Spruill Darby, who she sees often, took a trip to Va. Beach last summer. Lenore is still working for Genworth Financial; would love to hear from alumnae.

Paula Brown Kelley had a busy yr., getting used to JP taking off for his 1st yr. at Loyola in Baltimore after a family trip to Ireland. After honeymooning there, Jack and Paula were happy to note that the food was much improved. All enjoyed their favorite castles and countryside in Wicklow, Connemara and the Dingle Penninsula. A fall trip to Middleburg included a day with Liz Williams for a hunt. Jan. included going to the SBC luncheon in D.C. with daughter Jenny, who is a sophomore in h. s. Paula is taking classes toward a CCIM designation, a concentration in commercial investment real estate, while continuing in the relatively strong D.C. market.

Liz Willams reports that foxhunting with Marybeth Lipinski Perez-Soto is “very different from the Right Coast, but fascinating.” Liz flew out to Albuquerque for a visit. Last summer Liz and husband Chuck went sailing in the grenadines and Grenada, complete with a skipper with Dengue fever, only to return having been bitten by the ‘sailing bug,’ purchasing a 34-ft. sloop! “Any sailors out there just give me a holler”! Liz and Carey Johnson Fleming met in West Palm Beach for brunch with Carey’s mom. Liz remarked on Paula having played hookey to come out to her Opening Hunt!

Among empty nesters in our class is Muffy Hamilton Parsons and husband Don. Their youngest, Spencer, is at Roanoke Coll. playing lacrosse. Oldest James will be finishing up his undergrad within the next yr. Muffy and Don have been exploring Facebook and LinkedIn. “Is there a SBC Facebook page or Class of ’78 page?”

Katherine Powell Heller is looking forward to a quieter yr. after Laura Flynn graduated from UVA; and Hannah from h. s., starting her college career at UGA. Laura is teaching Pre K-3 as part of the Teach for America program at a charter school in D.C. Husband John was the president of his medical specialty’s national organization, which meant a little travel to meetings in Greece and Australia! The trip to Greece included a family vacation, as well as a sunset cruise in Santorini, complete with a renewal of their vows after 25 yrs.: “a complete surprise to me!” The new phase of life with dear husband and 2 faithful dogs suits her just fine. Katherine saw Carey Johnson Fleming after visiting her parents in VA.

Cathy Mellow Golterman still teaches preschool, yet has turned entrepreneur with some friends. Her new mother’s helper business is going gangbusters! The twins, Catherine and Christen, are sophomores at Westminster Coll. in Fulton, MO, very active in their sorority. During Christmas, the girls were presented at the Veiled Prophet Ball, with their nephews as their dates. Son Woody will graduate from h. s. and then off to the U. of MS. The yrs. of tennis ‘served’ him well — he’ll be playing for Ole Miss while checking out the fraternity life. Husband Chris still manufactures shoelaces.

Jane Lauderdale Armstrong has 2 (David, senior, and Kate, freshman) at W&L and she looks forward to reminiscing when she travels to Lexington for David’s graduation this spring, 4 days after her godchild’s (Charlie Griffith, son of Claire Dennison Griffith ’80) graduation in Asheville. Claire’s husband Luther and Jane’s husband Mike “are bracing for a wk. of spring in the Blue Ridge Mountains with 2 ready-to-celebrate SBC women!” 

The class poet, Donna J.G. Lee-Mihalik, continues to be well published, internationally. A couple of her poems appeared in the Australian journal LiNQ (Island Issue). Titles such as “First Winter Winds” and “Coves in Another Country” certainly sound good this time of yr., especially after all of the snow and ice experienced on the East Coast and Southern US! “What is Missing” appeared in the Special International section of the ’10 issue of Alligator Juniper. Other poems by both her and husband Dennis are also in subTerrain magazine in Canada.

Jumping to the West Coast, Katie Renaud Baldwin has adjusted to life in OR, subbing, and hoping for a full-time teaching position that she had when living in AK. Daughter Amanda is applying to nursing schools while youngest, Emily, will be spending her next yr. in Spain. Katie traveled home to MI last summer where she caught up with old h. s. friends and family, as well as with Martha Miller Boudreau and daughter (attending SBC).

Holly McGloughlin wrote in from the West Coast that she and her partner of 7 yrs. got engaged on Christmas Day. “We haven’t set a date, most likely next yr., so I have plenty of time for planning. It will probably be on the West Coast, but will have parties on both coasts so no one will be left out!”

Lee Corollo Boyes’s son was married last June. She took a trip to frozen Madison, WI, to visit the newlyweds. She did some cross country skiing (“not the norm for me!”) and added that Feb. marked her 3rd cancer-free yr. She’s still teaching.

Barbara Behrens Peck found a great part-time freelance job with a company that promotes economic development in Greensboro. She’s been hired as their Public Art Consultant, a collaborative effort to commission artists, to have works installed along a 4-mi. urban greenway loop around the center of the city. She and Jeff celebrated their 25th anniv. cruising Bahamas. They’ll visit daughter Sarah (20) at Thanksgiving in London where she’s attending for her jr. yr. Haley (16) keeps them hopping from sporting and school events to college hunting. Jeff is still with International Textile Group, so he and the 2 dogs keep the rest of her time full!

Carrie Ruda Clark is restoring a 1937 Cleveland Park coop. “This place is sort of a time capsule…the building elevator doesn’t level because it’s more important that it be the original Otis unit with a brass gate.” With a long list of what some would consider ‘deterents’ (endless leaky faucets, window air conditioners, cloth awnings) she also states “is charming the right word?” I’d say so! While she misses working with Janet Rakoczy after 4 ½ yrs., she’s moved to Brand Marketing for the American Bankers Association and says that it couldn’t be a more perfect fit. Reflecting on son Andrew, “it’s hard to believe that it’s been 23 yrs. since he slept in a dresser drawer in Dew at our reunion!” He’s now a communications major/history minor at High Point, NC. Older son, John (27) lives in Arlington consulting for Deloitte. Memories of times with the Sweet Tones (she and Becky Dane Evans being traumatized after having to shower in the coed bathrooms at Yale during the 70s, undressing and dressing while cocooned in their sleeping bags while at Duke) came flooding back when Carrie listened to the Yale Wiffenpoofs this past Jan. Many other memories were shared with Becky and Laura Tucker ’79, when the 3 of them “closed down a sushi restaurant in Bethesda” catching up on times in Grammar and who’s on Facebook.

In her “News from the Lou” (St. Louis) Ann Key Lucas writes that of her “4 boys, 3 sons, 2 in coll., 1 in h. s…0 have reached responsible adulthood.” She and Jim have a thriving butcher shop. Sons John and Willam attend U. of Dayton.” In her spare time she keeps up with the St. Louis gals.     

Lu Litton Griffin still lives in Valdese, NC. She and Alan have been married 21 yrs. Daughter Sarah is a soph. at NC State in Raleigh, getting ready to apply to pharmacy school. Son Ivey is an h. s. junior at a magnet school (NC School of Science and Math) in Durham. He’s a competitive swimmer. Alan continues to work through the slow economy with his family business (commercial and residential building). There was quite a fun time had by Lu, Jean Beard Barden, Sue Griste Russell, Ann Maricle Stefano, Jane Smalley Todd, Julia Sutherland and Becky Dane Evans in NYC at a mini-reunion, with all intentions of having repeat performances in the future! Watch out, Broadway!

Another mini-reunion took place at Squam Lake, NH, last fall where Cannie Crysler Shaffer, Mary Page Stewart, Maria Rixey Gamper and Kathy Jackson Howe met to take in a little ‘leaf-peeping’, going to a local fair (“you should have seen Mary and Cannie zipping around in the small helicopter!”), great food, tweeting birds, cold beer and really cold weather. “Thanks to Win and Dickie for the wonderful experience.” Kathy reports that Suzanne Collins is getting married in spring ’11. Kathy’s son, Trey, is in his 3rd yr. of med. school at East Carolina. Khaki is a ski instructor at Deer Valley in Park City, UT. She also works at a ski shop and is always willing to give alumnae and children deals on rentals, etc. Her youngest, Janie, graduated from Ole Miss in May, and moved to NYC to work for JCrew as a personal shopper. Husband, Root, is “still doing lots of lungs and hearts, as a cardiovascular surgeon, and dreaming of hanging up his scrubs” someday.

Catherine Taylor Moore had 20 snow days in Jan.! Son, Lee, is stationed in Korea with the Army, but expected to return stateside in June. Aynsley is in 8th grade keeping busy with volleyball, dance and snow skiing. Catherine was able to have a glass of wine with Lucy Eubank Peak ’77 and her daughter when she was in Richmond last summer.

Ellen Quinn Jones is still an elem. school counselor, teaching Jazzercise a couple of times a wk. for fun. Her oldest is living in Chicago with (drum roll) a baby! Her middle child is still at VA Tech working on a master’s in Aerospace Engineering, while the youngest is graduating from Radford U. this spring. Ellen and hubby were already planning this summer’s trip to Eastern Canada after trekking to OR and back last summer, on motorcycles!

Julia Sutherland has been busy since getting married 3 yrs. ago. After bidding farewell to the townhouse in Alexandria, VA, that she bought from Paula Brown Kelley and Jack 16 yrs. ago, she bought and renovated a new house and got a Scottish Terrier. She was part of the crew that met in NYC and had an excellent time. She sees Debbie Shrader and Tom, as they all share season tickets to the UVA football games. “Fortunately, the great friendship and tail-gating makes up for some tough seasons for the Hoos.”

Also in VA, Nancyellen Keane reports that son West III is a soph. at Randolph-Macon Coll. living in the fraternity house of KA. Daughter Austin is in 8th grade at St. Catherine’s School, playing hockey, basketball and soccer. Husband West is commuting to D.C., working for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Nancyellen continues to work part-time for the Richmond law firm of Troutman Sanders. She saw Lynn Spillman while Christmas shopping, as well as Robin Jones Eddy who was in Richmond for a visit. Admitting that she joined Facebook because her daughter is on it, Nancyellen has chatted with a few people in the classes of both ’78 and ’79, plus “some guys we used to see on our rolling trips.”

A voice from the past — Mary Moore Garrison writes in after being in L.A. for 31 yrs. She and husband Michael renewed their wedding vows for their 25th in Maui, recently reconnected with Lucy Rogers Smith, stays in touch with Jeannette Mehl Rodriguez, and had lunch with Melanie Bowen Steglich in Dallas a while ago. She got a Christmas card from Claire Cartwright Vaughan as well. Her daughter is studying overseas in Ireland, and she’s working on a musical. She went to an SBC luncheon in Santa Monica where she met president Jo Ellen Parker. After a long time away, she’d love to reconnect with “anyone I knew way back when.”

Melanie Bowen Steglich, on the other hand, has been busy being the good daughter since last Nov. taking care of her mother who’d been in the hospital for a mo. in Macon, GA. After a long recuperation, she was finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, getting ready to head back to Dallas for a Valentine’s surprise in Albuquerque, NM, with husband Lee. Last fall, Jill Steinhuis ’80 was in Dallas for one of her art exhibits. “It was so much fun to see area alumnae come out to support her.” Melanie introduced Mary Pat Jones Rodriguez ’08 to TX. Mary Pat is her roomie’s (Ann Thrash Jones) daughter. “Watch out Ann — I’m getting all the latest scoop on you!”

Dudie Himenez is working part-time close to home while husband, Tony, works for the city’s (St. Louis?) electric company in the tax dept. Both children, Dan (26) and Laura (24), are in St. Louis with Dan applying to grad. school and Laura getting her master’s in social work and counseling abused children. “We love having them in St. Louis with us for now.” Dudie gets to see Ann Key Lucas a few times a yr.

Jeanette Mehl was able to meet up with Jane Hemenway Sullivan, who she had not seen since Reunion in the ’90s, in NYC. Jeanette gets to NYC often as her daughter, who is studying at the Berklee Coll. of Music in Boston, is also taking dance lessons in NY. Tamara has been seen in 2 reality shows, sings in English and Spanish and is a beautiful dancer! Jeanette has tagged along on the way, as Tamara was a minor at the time. Jeanette stays in touch with Mary Garrison Moore since Tamara and Mary’s daughter, Jenn, are good friends. ( Worth checking out!

Ike Osinga Scully has been spending the last 2 yrs. restoring an 1849 home on Waugh’s Ferry Road in Amherst. The house is on land her father owned that was built by one her childhood best friend’s great great grandfather. She’s had fun saving the best of the old while integrating green energy features. “If it’s unrented at Reunion time, perhaps we can hold a reunion ‘event’ at it.” We’ll keep our fingers crossed, for our sakes! But while living in Simsbury, CT, she has become more involved with the local historical society and other volunteer activities, as well as running the 5-acre farm complete with ducks, chickens, a mini-horse and a pony. Brendan (20) is a sophomore at Middlebury Coll. in VT, William (18) is a freshman at Trinity Coll. in Hartford, CT, on the crew team, and freshman in h. s. Kirk (14) is a big freestyle skier. Husband Mark found his replacement at his job of 9 yrs. with Allianz Ins. in Munich, and is now with Chartis Ins. in NYC. He is still commuting, “but at least there’s no jetlag!”

Toni Christian Brown and Robin Jones Eddy work together at J.F. Brown Real Estate in Lexington. Toni and Jim are excited to becoming grandparents in April. Daughter Claibourne lives in Lexington also, and who knows…maybe a member of the SBC class of 2025? Daughter Finley is now in Alpharetta, GA, just outside ‘Hotlanta’. Their empty nest has produced time for trips to Costa Rica and Turks and Caicos!

Robin’s trips have taken her to Santa Barbara, a hunting plantation in MS, and to New Orleans where her new ‘petit ami’ lives! Stets is finally finishing up at UNC Asheville. Robin also reminisced about the snowstorm in Baltimore with other ’78ers in ’10.

Mavis Ray Griffith caught up with Katie Renaud Baldwin and Sally-Ann Polson Slocum. “We don’t like the fact that we’re losing parents and friends at an alarming rate (I want my Mommy back!)” and “people now refer to us at the older and wiser family members that should have good advice!”  Mavis’s son, Heath, is now a biology teacher in Big Springs, TX, and Guy, her youngest in a Jr. in h. s. playing golf! Daughter Katherine is engaged. She graduated from Ole Miss and lives in Dallas. 

Carol Baugh Webster had a busy 2010 after husband Tim had some major injuries while officiating a football game. Youngest, Blake, got married (and honeymooned) in Oct. to Erin in St Lucia. Carol still has her marketing consulting business and 2010 provided a few new clients. She’s also in touch with Sally-Ann, comparing notes after Sally-Ann’s also badly broken leg; and Drusie Hall Bishop who she got to see last Dec. at the Nashville Christmas Village.

Jean Beard Barden wrote that she’ll be thinking about a career change in June, as the German bank, DG HYP in NYC will be closing. Son Scott is working in NYC for an IT head hunting firm and Lelia is at Hobart William Smith as a freshman. Jean was part of the crew that spent the weekend in NYC last Christmas.

Julie Pfautz Bodenstab’s oldest son, Phillip is getting married in Mattapoisett, MA, in June to his longtime girlfriend, Sarah Richardson. They met while attending Gettysburg Coll. and live in Norwalk Ct. Peter, their youngest, is working and living in RI, loves being so close to the water. Mark and Julie enjoy traveling, golfing and working on restoring the landscape and huge barn.

As for me? Things just keep rolling along. Alex (coming up on 30) and his wife, Kellie, are close enough to see, but not often enough; while Andrew (27) is in Philadelphia with his girl. Ned (22) is still at Penn State, looking forward to being a ‘super senior’ after switching to Materials Science midstream. I keep up with Julie and bumped into Mimi Borst Quillman and Meg Richarson Wiederseim at the Devon Horse Show for an all too brief chat! I also spoke with Lauren McManus Huyett ’79 who has an interior design business in Concord, MA, and Nancy White who is the new owner of a florist shop with a twist in Larchmont, NY. Kudos to you both! The occasional business trip with Rick breaks up the yr., most recently to our old haunts in Houston, and many volunteer activities and events fill in the voids.

A number of you remarked on how little classmates have changed, which means we all still qualify as ‘the girls’! As always, hope you all stay well, and Reunion is closer than we think — May 2013!


1979 facebook

Mary “Robbie” McBride Bingham

7624 Coors Blvd. SW

Albuquerque, NM 87121

[email protected]


Connor Kelly: Patrick has left New Zealand for CO to attend CO State U. in Fort Collins. He’s studying aerospace engineering on a partial academic scholarship. Teague (14) received top in Latin for yr. 9 students and his junior diploma with excellence. Teague also competed in 3 judo tournaments and won 3 medals. His final medal was at the NZ Judo Nationals where he won a bronze in the 55 and under senior boys category. I’m getting ready for a contemporary dance performance in Feb. with my 2 other dance partners, we’re calling ourselves Three: Contemporary Dance Collective presenting Beneath the Surface. Summer is fabulous in New Zealand this yr.; we’ve enjoyed the sea and having Patrick home for the holidays.

Deborah P. Gibbs: I still practice law in Baton Rouge, La. Vance and I travelled a bit with our dog, Victor, this yr., since children are now mostly gone. My oldest daughter Elisa still teaches school in Houston. She started as a Teach for America teacher and stayed on, at least for this yr. Son Parker will likely return to school this summer; youngest daughter Martha is sophomore at Sewanee. She’s a friend of Glen King’s son, although I haven’t yet caught up with Glen at any Sewanee functions. I’ve seen a bit of Carol Williamson Jenkins in Mary Esther, FL — always mentally invigorating.

             Marianne Hutton Felch: I’ve enjoyed seeing Nancy White, Lauren Young ’78, Jean Barden ’78, Mary Sharpe, Janet Deans ’77, Toni Massey ’77 and other alumnae this yr. Bob and I keep busy with our Iceland travel business, traveling to warmer destinations and we love spending time with the 3 grandkids!

             Betsy Burn Utterback: We’re still in Tampa. I see Laura Evans in PB a lot. Looking forward to seeing Graham more too. Our oldest, James, is getting married on the Cape in June! Our youngest, Jenny, is working in the alumni office at W&L. We visited SBC this summer with her boyfriend who is a 1st yr. law student at W&L (hence her move from NYC to little ol’ Lexington!) Chris still loves life and work in Phila.

Susan Cruess: Our house renovations, which were beginning to rival the construction timeline of the Sagrada Familia cathedral, wrapped up in ’10.  One highlight of the yr. was the Aug. surprise party in Montreal for Leigh’s parents at which they learned they’ve been honored with an endowed chair at McGill U. (where they still teach and research at the age of 80), the Richard and Sylvia Cruess Chair in Medical Education. Enbridge was in the news in 2010 and Leigh was busy with his dual roles in international and energy marketing. Leigh passed his 3-yr. anniversary post-prostate cancer with a clean bill of health. I completed my term as president of the Junior League of Calgary (JLC) at the end of May. In March, Leigh and I enjoyed a warm weather vacation in Maui. Our oldest son, Jim, is in his 2nd yr. of law at the U. of British Columbia. Andrew worked at Enbridge during the summer, enjoyed it.

Lauren Huyett: Bill and I are still in Concord, MA. Our 5 kids are growing up way too fast! Kate is in NYC at a start-up, Phil is at Tufts in Boston in his 3rd yr. of med school, Peter is in marketing in Boston, Chip is at Gettysburg Coll. and Susan is a junior in h. s., driving and looking at colleges! Bill is still with McKinsey and I have my own decorating company. I do residential interior work. I went to a Boston SBC gathering with my mom, Gene Patton Odell ’44, and her friend Paulett Taggart ’44, a lot of fun!

Margaret Hixon Griffith: We’re still living in Houston although, we’re spending more time at our ranch where I have 2 trail riding horses. Otherwise I’m in my painting studio trying to get ready for a little show I’ll have in Telluride this summer. Mary Frances (23) is a ski instructor in Aspen and also has a job working for the city in one of their “green” offices. Elizabeth (21) will graduate from the U. of Redlands this June. She’s in the Johnston Program with an emphasis in art therapy.

Nancy White: My husband and I are buying a flower shop! I did a work/study program at the NY Botanical Garden and graduated with a certificate in floral design last spring. In Feb., I started interning at our local flower shop and now we’re buying it! It’s called: The Flower Bar — your resource for anything flowers. I plan to make the shop a complete educational experience about flowers. There will be information about every flower — how it got its name, famous people who love that particular flower, meaning of flower or color, etc. Check out I’m still selling advertising for the Sierra Club, though probably not for much longer

Janet Baldwin McColloch: I’ve been busy with my kids: Anne Lindsey is a geologist in Dallas, Catherine is a junior at W&L, and youngest Michael is a senior in h. s. looking at colleges. I’ve been playing tennis and bridge, and Mike and I are trying to start golf in the tiny bit of spare time we have!

Robbie McBride Bingham: I’m getting my master’s in special education at the U. of NM. I’m teaching gifted kids at 2 different elem. schools. Patrick is no longer working for the NM Horsemen Association (politics), so he’s been doing arbitrations, hearing officer for the city of Albuquerque and doing private cases. Our oldest, Sam, is into soccer. He’s a freshman in h. s. and taking AP classes; he wants to go to Stanford. William is in middle school and into soccer and computers and computer games. We still have one racehorse at the track, Running Hollywood. I have to do a commercial for Range Rovers made by Land Rover. I have a 1989 Range Rover that has over 200,000 mi. on it! Sam and I got in a car accident; we’re fine and there was hardly any damage. I have to say it’s my favorite car.


1980 facebook

Phyllis Watt Wilson

3939 Livingston St NW

Washington, DC 20015

[email protected]


Fran McClung Ferguson

1917 Maylin Dr.

Salem, VA 24153

[email protected]


Still basking in the memories of our terrific Reunion last May, 1980 is finding plenty of ways to connect. Beyond Facebook, there are mini-reunions, one-on-one visits and, of course, art shows for our own Jill Steenhuis Ruffato. Many of our classmate are facing “empty nests,” while others of us still have middle schoolers (I”ve got two, including a 13-yr.-old girl determined to live up to every stereotype of the age).

Jeannine Davis Harris still lives in New Vernon, NJ, busy with volunteer organizations, travel and being a mom. She’s still adjusting to daughter Leigh being away at Coll. Leigh is a sophomore at Furman in SC. Reid is a junior in h. s. Brad is still in middle school. She missed Reunion, but enjoyed the pictures and emails. She had a fun Reunion with the girls at Georgia Schley Ritchie’s house in the Highlands last fall.

Silky Hart enjoyed taking a 2-day painting workshop last Oct. in Dallas from Jill Steenhuis Ruffato. She plans to take Jill’s 1-wk. painting workshop in France next Sept.! Also she loved catching up with SBC friends at Jill’s reception. Last Jan., she had a visit with Kate McElhinney Montgomery ’77 when she visited the Bay Area. This yr., she’s looking forward to creating new projects for her business, Expressive Hart. In Oct., she celebrated her 2nd anniv. (She was a bride for the 1st time at age 50!)

Janel Hughes Wiles and family spent the Christmas holiday skiing at Vail, where they just finished building a new condo. Her oldest is in 2nd yr. law school; her 2nd son is graduating from the U. of GA this spring; 3rd son is graduating from prep school in PA (WY Sem, which Janel attended) and will start at Auburn. Her daughter is completing her 1st yr. Sem and played on the state champion field hockey team. Her 5th child (daughter) is a happy cheerleader in 7th grade! She got to see Sally Gray Lovejoy when she visited Atlanta to speak at a conference, and Janel talks to Kim Wood Fuller often; they ski in CO together. She caught up with Myth Monnich Bayoud and gets to see Claire Dennison Griffith whenever Jill Steenhuis Ruffato is in town! She’s still playing tennis and practicing law in Marietta, GA, and would love to see classmates visiting Atlanta.

Tish Longest Tyler traveled to Paris in 11/10 and is looking forward to a 9/11 trip to southwest France. She’s still working at VA’s Office of the Attorney General and still has a husband and 2 dogs! She sees and talks to Carolyn Birbick Thomason.

Catherine Mills Houlahant is always on the go — either at work or in the car, driving children around before and after school, sometimes late at night — on weekends and often in pajamas! Connor (17) is a junior, permitted but not licensed to drive, Internet gamer, cross-country runner, tennis player, drummer. Shelby (14) swims on the school team and plays volleyball. Rose (9) is taking over her elem. school. 

Tinsley Place Lockhart, who came all the way across the pond for the reunion, started a new job as Manager, Regulatory Risk, Investments with Lloyds Banking Group on Valentine’s Day. Try as she might, she couldn’t come up with a pun on love, hearts and flowers — banking just isn’t like that. Her son, Beauregard, is still working for BT Global at their European head office in Madrid, and her daughter, Esmeralda, is travelling around Australia until July. Tinsley will be in NV in May to visit her mother.                       

Lind Robinson Bussey has probably the best excuse for missing reunion. Due to the bride’s and groom’s work schedule, her daughter Jenny Lind married 5/22/10. Lind missed seeing everyone. Son John lives and works in Jackson Hole, WY, and son Anderson is a junior at Ole Miss. She and husband John stay busy with work, travel and golf. She hosted an art show in Oct. for Jill Steenhuis Rufafato and hopes to see lots more SBC friends in 2011, especially if they’re anywhere near Jackson, MS.

Georgia Schley Ritchie hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru, a 4-day journey culminating in one of the wonders of the world last July. They camped at over 14,000 ft. one night. They hiked through tropical rainforests where hummingbirds and orchids are plentiful. A Grand Adventure. Her next trip: Morocco in April. Georgia’s children are all growing up! Addison (18) is a senior at McCallie; India (15) is a 9th grader at the Atlanta Girl’s School; and Tallulah (11) is a 5th grader. Husband, Diff Ritchie, is enjoying his work at Wilmington Trust. If any of you high net worth individuals have any investment needs, just call him!

Lillian Sinks Sweeney is approaching an empty nest. Taylor will be a freshman at Kenyon Coll. in Gambier, OH, next fall. She continues to work for the largest nonprofit hospice in western PA. Husband John is pushing new technology for the printing industry. The best part of the yr. is gathering with SBC gals and laughing hiking, doing yoga with Fanny Zollicoffer Mallonee and enjoying old friends.

Jennifer “Piffin” Stark Portz missed Reunion due to the “wrong kind of ash” keeping her from making the flight from England. Her boys are happy and healthy. Alexander (20) is in his 2nd yr. at Oxford, reading chemistry; and Christian (18) in his 1st yr. at Cardiff reading biology. Both boys play lots of rackets and cricket. Christian plays for the Hampshire County 2nd team and is playing for Cardiff U. and Alexander playing at Oxford as well, for Somerville Coll. She and husband Paul are well, shooting and fox hunting when weather permits.

Shannon Thompson Eadon’s son Logan (20) is a junior at MD Institute Coll. of Art (MICA) in Baltimore and is studying to be a graphic designer and photographer. Tucker (18) is a freshman at Endicott Coll. in Beverly, MA., and is studying sports marketing. In Jan., Shannon started a new job as dir. of sponsorships for the Count Basie Theatre Foundation. The Count Basie Theatre is a restored 1,500-seat theatre in Red Bank, NJ, and attracts a wide variety of talent from Bruce Springsteen to Lilly Tomlin. She’s selling entertainment, and having fun doing it. Husband Gordie is an investment banker with Scotia Capital and is traveling 3 to 4 days a wk., loving every min.

Pam Willett Hauck made it to Reunion, loved seeing everyone. A few mos. later, she and husband Greg celebrated their 25th anniv. with a long awaited trip to HI. Her 3 daughters are all well. 2 are in Coll. and one a recent JMU grad. Pam still works at the same company in Stafford, VA, loves her job. Pam saw Lisa Faulkner O’Hara and family last summer on Nantucket and had fun reminiscing!



Claire McDonnell Purnell

Four Thompson St.

Annapolis, MD 21401

[email protected]


Facebook page: Sweet Briar Coll. Class of 1981 30th Reunion

Lori Faust Williams lost her father last April. He battled lung cancer for 2 yrs. Lori’s 1st Quarter Horse passed away last Feb. The family Border Collie passed away last Aug. They began 2011 with a Pomeranian puppy named MoJo so the yr. was off to a good start. Lori writes “Our business here at Idylwood, of retirement boarding is going well. Rusty & I are writing a book, ‘Safe Horses are Cheaper’. I’m still training and showing reining horses and have my Natural Horse Treats, which are sugar free, low carbohydrate cookies for horses who are Insulin Resistant (&/or have Cushings) — the equivalent of type 2 diabetes in people.” Daughter Ashli works part-time at PetSmart and NY & Co. Clothing Store. Shelby is a personal assistant to a woman with MS. After receiving Associates degrees from Lord Fairfax Community Coll. in spring, both girls will attend George Mason U. in fall. Son Ted attends Lord Fairfax Community Coll. and works at Golden Living Nursing Home.                       

Mary Kate Ferguson writes that “working with Brendy Hantzes, Claire Purnell and our committee on this 30th reunion has been a blast! I’ve connected with many of our classmates (Jane Terry Fealey, Nan Dabbs Loftin, Eve Devine, Kearsley Rand Walsh, Julia Brooke Davis, Hope Keating, Amy Marshall Lewis) and have received amazing responses. This is going to be a wonderful event.”

Nancy Webb Corkery is working part-time at a jewelry store, Isabel Harvey, in Wellesley, MA, and for The Great American Rain Barrel Company. Nancy’s son Kevin will graduate from St. Lawrence U. in Canton, NY, and hopes to work at an independent school in fall, teaching, coaching and dorm duty. Kyle is a junior at The Coll. of Charleston, in SC and hopes to intern this summer at a bank in New Orleans. Both sons are doing well, playing club hockey and lax. Since Kevin’s graduation is 5/22 Nancy won’t attend Reunion; she’s hoping to have a mini-reunion at Pawley’s Island in April. 

Nancy writes “David and I bought a J 30 sailboat last yr. and had a blast racing and cruising in Buzzard’s Bay out of Marion, MA. Looking forward to more racing and cruising this summer. Golf game is improving and I’m back to tennis after a yr. off for rehab.” Nancy is “in touch with Molly Rogers Cramer, neighbor and host of Pawley’s Island party, Virginia Donald LathamCaroline Hawk Sparrow, Carla Cabot ’84 (she gave me a killer 50th party in Antigua at The Mill Reef Club) and Laura Evans ’79, who I hope to see this Oct. in Italy if not before.”

Susan Clay Russell and Fred live in Richmond, VA. Daughter Pricey (20) is a sophomore at Rollins Coll. in Winter Park, FL. Libby (18) is a freshman at the USC. While visiting USC, Susan spent a day with Cammie Bethea Mills and met her son Luke. Susan’s son William (16) is in the 10th grade. She writes “I’m chairing the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Gala in March. William was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 3 yrs. ago so JDRF is our new cause. I’m on the board of our local chapter of JDRF. I see members of our class, Barrie Jeffrey McDowell and Terrell Luck Harrigan.” Susan went to Italy with Libby last summer as a graduation present and says that it “was a great mother/daughter time together before she went to Coll.”

Susan Campbell is living in Philadelphia and working for PNC as COO for Real Estate Banking. She’s “still running and riding (have a new 10-yr.old paint quarter horse, Benjamin Moore) and have introduced yoga, the gentle kind that emphasizes stretching and breathing, 2 things at 51 I still need to learn.” Daughter Sarah (24) is living in Manhattan and studying at The New School. In 2010 Susan went with Sarah to Prague and Berlin and then to CA to ride on the beach and in the Redwood Forest. She has 2 trips to FL planned for 2011; one to watch the winter show circuit in Wellington and one to sit on the beach doing nothing. Susan bumps into Sigy Carlen Veasey every once in a while and “we promise to get together — this yr. we need to do it!”

Hedley Sipe is working as a Nurse Practitioner with Hospice of VA in Richmond. She writes “I had a wonderful visit with Wendi and Bobin last summer, and see Holly often. My lovely daughter, Edie, is 16.”

Erin Lynch and daughter Chase (14) live in Cary, NC. Erin is a Development Test Manager in the Education Practice Division for SAS (Statistical Analysis System) Institute. Erin writes “I’m (always have been) a solo parent and have never been married! Think I’ll hold out now for the widowers in the yrs. to come! Chase enjoys horseback riding and sailing, and she’s a talented singer.

Kearsley Rand Walsh is living in Arlington, VA. Angus (20) is a sophomore at Marshall U. He’s VP of his fraternity, KA. Kearsley writes “If I see him do one more keg stand on Facebook...” Her baby, Duncan (18) is a senior at Wakefield H. S. He was captain of the football team last fall. He is deciding on colleges, and then Kearsley will be an empty-nester. As for her work, she writes “I gave up on finding a normal job after being laid off and am now a matchmaker/relationship advisor for a gay and lesbian dating service — I’m not kidding.”

Molly Davis Garone writes: “We visited our daughter, Madeleine, who is a junior at St. Lawrence U. and is spending her junior yr. in Rouen, France, during Thanksgiving wk. Our son Tom is a sophomore in h. s. and is getting ready for lacrosse season. John and I both look forward to our 30-yr. coll. reunions. He’s class of ’81 too (Colgate). I’m busy with drawing and painting classes, paddle tennis and running. Look forward to seeing everyone at reunion this May!

Mary Kate Ferguson and Brendy Reiter Hantzes and I continue to work on the class reunion, which is May 20-22, 2011. We’re hoping that many classmates will come. John, Mary (17), Lizzie (14) and I are in Annapolis. We’re just beginning the coll. search, another “been there, done that” for many of you. Lizzie is playing a lot of field hockey outside and indoors. Our door is always open to SBC classmates who find themselves in Annapolis. I’ve had a wonderful time as your class secretary. It’s been fun to connect and reconnect with people. See you in May.



Consuelo Michelle Martínez

7007 N. Tripp Ave.

Lincolnwood, IL 60712

[email protected]


Not a complacent group of women, our fellow classmates have been active this past yr. with academic pursuits, travel, grass roots causes, writing, the theater, home renovation, in addition

to caring for families and having careers.

Congratulations to Anne Bain who celebrated her mother overcoming pancreatic cancer with a trip to Rome. The trip was also for Anne’s 50th birthday, but more importantly, she wanted to treat her mom who fought fiercely against cancer. Anne continues her work at American Century Investments, where she received their Guiding Principle award. Anne says she “has embraced finance and enjoys helping people directly.” When not traveling or working, Anne is a devotee to her Ashtanga yoga practice, which she has done for 2.5 yrs. 

Liz Hoskinson had a memorable winter of cold, more cold, cancelled travel plans, snow storms that are frequent but not as bad as the reporters would like to us to believe. Liz was busy in 2010 writing (trees and equestrian topics), teaching and riding. Liz maintains her involvement with local environmental initiatives, especially “no idling,” which has been success.

Gracie Tredwell Schild writes from Germany where there’s “nothing much to report except that I’ve become a nun.” Rather she is playing a nun in the chorus of “The Sound of Music” at son Christoph’s school. She and Christoph visited with Patricia Whelan Schenk in Albuquerque, NM in Sept. Although they hadn’t seen each other for 20  yrs., Grace states Patricia hasn’t changed. She looks forward to seeing more of her next winter as she plans to be in Santa Fe in time for Christoph to start at her old school for the fall semester.

A great yr. was had by Monika Kaiser and family. Daughter Alexa worked at the Miami Renaissance Festival; she portrayed a German princess named Annemie von Neuhausen and even signed on for an additional 6-wk. engagement with the same company. In addition to playing a German princess, she was also cast as one of the witches in Musical Macbeth, a comical take on Shakespeare’s play. The family enjoyed seeing her perform in a developmental musical based on Studio 54 directed by Tommy Tune. When not acting, Alexa excels in her studies and is on the dean’s list. Son Julius a sophomore in h. s. and manages to get A’s effortlessly, which sometimes puzzles his mother because he doesn’t seem to do much work. He’s on the executive board of the PTSO (Parent Student Teacher Organization), SAC (School Advisory Council), Drama Club and like his big sister, a proud thespian volunteering at the local theatre camp last summer. He’s interested in studying medicine and hopes to volunteer next yr. at an animal hospital and the yr. after at their local hospital. Husband Richard continues his travels in the Caribbean and Guatemala at his new position at Pepsi. When not traveling, he’s an avid runner and treasurer for a charitable organization called 4H’s (HelpingHeartsHeads&Hands). Monica is active with the drama club and PTSO. She enjoyed accompanying the drama club to the Thespian Festival in Tampa for the 5th yr. where they had workshops and shows. The family also traveled to Europe to visit her and Richard’s families, a 3-day tour through the Loire Valley, including a stay at a castle all to themselves where for one night she writes “they were truly king and queen of a castle.”

In April, Leslie Hertz Firestone’s husband Bob was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. They began treatments in San Antonio, TX, where they lived at the time. In May she enjoyed the mini-reunion in honor of Jane Dure’s graduation from law school at St. Mary’s, in San Antonio. In June, they sold their house and in July they, along with Trudy, their giant Schnauzer, moved to Cleveland, for their superior medical facilities and the support of friends and family. In July-Aug., Leslie looked at 48 houses in 10 days, found one that suited their needs in Shaker Heights. There was also a mo.-long visit from Bob’s son and his family who live in Vienna, Austria. Leslie and Bob celebrated their anniv. on 10/14/10 and on 10/19/10, Bob lost his battle with the disease. Since his passing, Leslie has worked on the house and plans to return to work in the fall as a substitute teacher. Leslie is grateful for the support from classmates. She cannot believe so many yrs. have passed since SBC and yet the friendships live on!

Rosemary Hardy writes from Overland Park, KS where she keeps in touch with Rebecca Coggin Hubert ’83. Rosemary continues her career as a behavior specialist providing direct service to individual students and consulting with teachers. Rosemary states the number of significantly disturbed children, especially in primary grades, has risen substantially in the last few yrs. She sometimes thinks of applying for a grant to determine why. She’s also considering a vacation in Thailand where her sister-in-law is originally from; otherwise, Rosemary simply makes the most of each new day, never finding enough time to do all that she enjoys!

Congratulations to Martha Tisdale Cordell and husband David who celebrated their 25th anniv. in Barcelona and Mallorca, Spain. The family went to Kauai, HI in Dec., and their 1st beach Christmas! They enjoyed spending time with son Ryan (freshman at Tulane) and daughter Mary Louise (h. s. junior) for 1 full wk.! Martha enjoys her position as Dean of Students at The U. of Tulsa Coll. of Law. She saw Althea Hurt Randolph ’80 in NY last summer and is happy to connect with classmates, willing to travel out of Indian Country as she calls it to see them.

Busy as ever, Rhoda Harris writes of chauffeuring her 3 sons Carrick (14), Jarrod (12) and Quinton (10), to all their athletic events in Short Hills, NJ. Husband, Jim Irwin, travels around the world with his job at an emerging markets hedge fund based in NYC. Sadly, her mother and father passed on; she is regrouping and taking time off of all her community, volunteer activities and boards for private downtime. She looks forward to seeing everyone at the next SBC reunion to reminisce. She graciously asks to please send prayers not necessarily for her parents, but rather for her household which is soon to harbor 3 teenage boys.

Lee Watson Lombardy is busy in Orlando with school, work, and daughter Georgia’s Irish dance competitions. Georgia (14) will dance on several teams at the World Irish Dancing Championships in Dublin this April. Lee and husband Warren look forward to a few days vacation in Ireland before the competition begins.

Lucille Flournoy writes she enjoyed spending a nice weekend with Lee Watson Lombardy while she and her sister Frances Redmond Malone ’75 attended a craft market in Orlando. They stayed with Lee, Warren and Irish dancer extraordinaire Georgia and had a wonderful time as Warren made them dinner, indeed a treat. Lucille and Frances have "Two Sisters Gallery" in Columbus, GA, offer custom framing, have an art gallery and sell handcrafted gifts such as pottery and jewelry. They also have a website and face book page. Contact Lucille at [email protected] She writes that daughter Lucy returned from the Duke/Davidson program in Berlin, is back at Davidson and will graduate in May. Younger daughter, Betsy, is a sophomore at U. of Co.-Boulder. Columbus, GA, now boasts a new mayor, the 1st woman and alumna of SBC, Teresa Tomlinson ’87. 

Catherine Miller and family moved to a new house and did quite a bit of renovation. They enjoy living on the water and having a pool. Daughter Madeline is enjoying her senior yr. in h. s. and deciding on which college to attend. Daughter Ali, a junior is just beginning the college search. Ali and husband David enjoy playing tennis. Catherine was given additional responsibilities at work, overseeing the I.S. Dept. She still rides her horse, Clark, and hopes to compete in shows this summer.  

Marie Engel-Earnhart writes that daughter Mary Whitney loves her 1st yr. at SBC. One of her good friends is Lele Frenzel Casalini’s daughter Sophie. They plan to go to FL for spring break together.


1983 facebook

Cary Cathcart Fagan

329 Kelford Lane

Charlotte, NC 28270

[email protected]


I can’t believe it’s 2011! This is the yr. that most of us will be turning the big 5-0. This means it’s the yr. for big decisions and many questions: Hair, short or long? Grey or dyed brown? Am I too old to wear a halter top? Throw out anything tie-dyed (because it’s definitely not coming back in style). Come to terms with the fact that I won’t be married to Davy Jones. On a secretarial note, if you’re reading this and haven’t received my emails and want to, please email me at the address above and I’ll get you on my list. Now for all of us born in ’61, we’re in great company look who or what else is turning 50 this yr.…Mr. Ed, Michael J. Fox, Bye Bye Birdie, Meg Ryan, the first rotating restaurant La Ronde in Hawaii, Scott Baio, Barbie’s boyfriend Ken, and Dennis Rodman. (Okay maybe we can do without Rodman.) Mad Magazine called 1961 the upside down yr. because it looks the same when rotated. This is the first since 1881 and the last until 6009. Upside down or not we’re still here, we’re 50 and loving it!

Barb Paulson Goodbarn has a few SBC connections in CO. Melissa Pruyn Vaughn’s daughter plays on the same h. s. field hockey and lacrosse teams as Barb’s daughter. One of Barb’s daughter’s friends is being recruited by SBC to play field hockey. Another SBC connection is Barb’s oldest daughter, Biz (Elizabeth), attends Wittenberg U. in Springfield, OH. One of her cross country teammate’s mothers attended SBC. Former SBC math professor, Brian Shellburne, is now a math professor at Wittenberg. Barb is a personal trainer helping clients to lose weight; combat chronic health conditions; or train for specific sports.

Bridget O’Reilly Holmes and husband John met Barb Paulson Goodbarn in NYC in Nov ’10. Barb’s husband, Steve, was running the NYC Marathon.

Cate McNider in NYC is still dancing, painting and writing along with doing bodywork and various movement modalities. Her poetry book, Separation and Return was published by Vantage Press, NY, and released in Nov ’10. It’s a collection from ’86 to ’08. Cate writes that the book is available online, at bookstores or at

Deirdre Platt wrote that the rainy season had started in Ecuador and it seemed to be a properly torrential one! Due to the difficulties of accessing the Cerro Jaboncillo mountainside for their fieldwork, as well as the hazards of bus travel, Deirdre and husband Richard opted to work locally until June. Deirdre had begun a chemical-awareness project, with funds from the British Embassy’s Environmental Education grant. She’s been training a local assistant to help hold workshops for the people of Puerto Lopez and some villages. Mainly these are to inform consumers about what toxic synthetic chemicals can do to us and how to avoid them. Substances like BPA, phthalates, fragrances full of nasties (perfumed poisons she calls them). These are in loads of household items: detergents, deodorants, diapers, disposable dishes, drinking water, new clothes even a lot of food and medicine. Unfortunately the local people don’t always welcome advice from outsiders and are minimally educated. Deidre’s daughter, Tanya (SBC ’10), was joined them from CalArts for Xmas and New Yrs. Deirdre says if anyone is planning a trip to Ecuador to please get in touch with her at [email protected].

Diana Duffy Waterman’s son Kevin got married in Aug ’10 to a woman from NJ (Reina). Diana and Barry will be grandparents in May! In Dec. ’10, daughter Caty finished her degree in economics and Spanish (with minors in dance and government) at SBC (a semester early)! Caty is in Spain as the student assistant with the JYS program. Caty has applied to graduate schools in the UK, bitten by the European bug after a semester in Spain and a semester in Scotland. In Dec ’10 Diana was elected 1st Vice Chair of the MD Republican Party. Most of her time is spent in pursuit of trying to bring 2 party rule back to a very BLUE MD! She’s also the 1st VP of the MD Federation of Republican Women and chair of her county’s Republican Central Committee. Barry and Diana celebrated their 25th anniv. in ’10 and in April ’11 Diana turned 50.

Gigi Harsh Mossburg went to an amazing party in Jan. for the SBC Alumnae Club, current and prospective students. The party was held at Martha Boudreau ’79 and Maddi Boudreau’s house in Annapolis, MD. Gigi saw old friends and made new ones. Her oldest son is a freshman in h. s. and in Nov. ’10 became taller than her. Gigi’s youngest son is in 7th grade and is up to her shoulder. Gigi soon will be living in the land of the giants because her husband is 6’2”! They adopted a Pomeranian/sheltie mix in July ’10. She’s still having fun as a design consultant for Best Tile, so anywhere someone wants tile she gets to design it! Gigi wrote to me after surviving “snowmeggedon” in Feb. She hopes to see her friends soon.

Libby Glenn Fisher and husband Charlie took a step closer towards empty nest-hood when they took son Wil to Pepperdine U. last fall. He loves southern CA; they joined him there for Thanksgiving break. Mary Kathryn is a junior in h. s. and beginning her college search. Libby and family adopted 2 Australian shepherds for Christmas, a wonderful addition! She still works part time at a nonprofit and volunteers on her off time. Libby is spending as much time as she can with the family, dogs and horses. She sends her very best to all the Class of ’83!

Mandy Beauchemin as of 1/12/11 is happily divorced! She bought herself a new house with a pool and had a housewarming with staff and friends. When she wrote me she was once again enjoying the beautiful FL winter. Son Zachary (17) is applying to military service academies with the ultimate hope of acceptance at the US Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT. If that happens, Mandy may become a “snowbird” and spend part of the yr. in New England and the rest in FL. Ironically this puts her back in CT, which was her home and where she spent the majority of her life. Mandy writes life is good and full of surprises! One of her friends in FL has a daughter living in Lynchburg. She’s a consultant and knows SBC well. She has a “mansionette” and has invited Mandy to spend time in VA.

Martha Riggs Lowry and husband Ron will celebrate the 10-yr. anniversary of his kidney/liver transplant in Sept. He’s doing well. Martha still has her interior design business, Design of the Times, Inc. In addition, for the last 3 yrs. she’s been the director of an after school tutoring program for Latino middle and h. s. students. Martha feels like the mother of 15 teenagers; challenging at times but rewarding also. She’s a member of the Board of Trustees at Salem Academy and Coll (her h. s.). Martha is also an Elder at First Presbyterian Church in Winston-Salem. It keeps her out of the mall and away from the pool halls!

Mary Ware Gibson and husband Brian are still in Charlotte and looking forward to a relatively empty house this yr. Their youngest, Claire, will begin her freshman yr. at NC State’s Textile School this fall. Andrew (20) is a sophomore at Appalachian U. in Boone, NC. Their oldest Taylor (23) is finishing school and is an EMT with Mecklenburg Medic. Brian continues to work hard in his ENT practice and Mary is still teaching 3rd grade at the Charlotte Latin School, loving it!

Pam Weekes had a visit with Virginia Carabelli ’82 who was in NYC last winter for an art show and stayed with Pam for a few wks. They had so much fun even though Virginia thinks Pam works too much! They saw live jazz in a classic Harlem club and Virginia cooked some delicious meals for Pam when she worked too late. She’s excited about her 3rd Levain Bakery location, which opened in Harlem in Feb. Pam wrote that it’s fabulous, a big and a beautiful space. They moved their offices and mail order business base there. In Feb. Pam’s bakery had a segment on the Food Network show “Unwrapped.” They filmed a segment in March for a brand new show on the Cooking Channel. All of us need to look for re-runs if we didn’t see the segments the 1st time around!

Stephanie Frantz Snyder moved into a new position for Covenant Christian School, Director of Academic Services; she still teaches 2 math classes. She never aspired to administration, but is enjoying the challenges and is looking to pick up some graduate courses to bolster her skill set! She and husband Ken are empty-nesters with Russell a junior at Lehigh U. (International Relations and studying Russian), and Chicory a freshman at Millersville U. (undecided major with a music minor). After spending the past 3 summers in Ukraine assisting Hope International’s Tomorrow Clubs English Day Camps, this yr. Stephanie plans on heading south towards Mammoth Cave and enjoying some relaxing vacation time stateside.

Wendy Chapin Albert wrote that it’s been a busy and fun yr. Annie (19) is a freshman at Susquehanna U. in Selinsgrove, PA. Annie loves her classes, friends, playing on the women’s varsity golf team and riding with the equestrian club. Eleanor (15) is a freshman in h. s. Wendy writes that being a teen in ’11 is so different than what we knew with texting, skyping, cell phones and more! Eleanor loves to ride and cook. Husband Tolly has been a stockbroker with Chapin Davis for 23 yrs. He became CEO of the firm in ’10. He continues to play golf and is training several race horses. Wendy still sells residential real estate in MD and loves gardening, riding and projects at their home. She has enjoyed connecting with SBC women on Facebook! Wendy writes take care to everyone, enjoy being 50, and if you’re ever in the Baltimore area give her a call, they love visitors!


1984 facebook

Debbie Jones

4416 Bromley Lane

Richmond, VA 23221

[email protected]


Ann Alleva Taylor has finally moved to Vero Beach, FL. It’s been a fabulous transition and she has connected with some alumnae through church. After losing one of their beloved dogs, they adopted a Welshie. Ann says “I’m a bit nuts, but then so is the dog. The girls love him.” Ann enjoys Facebook.

Gigi Collins is busy with Paige (16) and her drivers permit and Michael Jr. (13) and his lacrosse practices. Gigi re-launched her business as a Financial Coach for Kids and Teens and has a blog ( She’s in a writers critique group to help her write her dream novel. To practice her writing skills, Paige and Gigi have a humor column in a local magazine where they comment on issues from the mother-daughter perspective; good for a chuckle! She sees Cindy Pike Gaylord for yoga as she lives only 2 towns away!

Erika Dorr Marshall attended an SBC event in Charleston with the SBC president and lots of alumnae.

Juliet Jacobsen Kastorff says that running a kayaking/whitewater rafting business at various times and places (NC, Costa Rica, Ecuador) isn’t a bad routine, especially with the past 2 chilly winters at home. This yr. they expanded their commitment in Ecuador with the construction of an eco-lodge on the Quijos River in the Oriente of Ecuador. It’s amazing when Ecuadorians arrive and are shocked at what a paradiso it is in their own backyard. Juliet says she was never a bird watcher, but photographing the birds that show up regularly on the property has made her appreciate pretty birds! 

            Roxane Lie has been in Wilsonville, OR, for 12 yrs. She has stayed busy with several interesting jobs. Finances are tight, and she hasn’t been riding horses. She lost her Vizslas, Rafer and Connor Quinn, but she has Salus and D’artagnan. She’s been trying to get back into stage management w/the opera and theatre companies, but most of the companies have scaled back due to the economy.

Camille Mitchell Wingate’s daughter Caroline is a freshman at UGA in journalism. She pledged KKG in fall, loves everything! Meredith is in 10th grade and preparing to drive! Frank is with The Palmetto Bank in Greenville. Camille is in sales with Southern Tide —

Holly Pflug Allport says hello from Winter Park, FL. This spring marks the 13th season of Miss Holly’s Swim School. She still loves it! Peter and Holly will celebrate their 20th anniv. on 2/2/11 with a trip to La Jolla, CA — alone. Pete is 16, Sarah is 14, Kate is 13 and Julia is 9! Peter’s bank, Florida Capital Bank, continues to grow. Holly is still driving her 12 passenger van, only now there is a baby seat in it...again. She’s taking care of her friend’s baby 5 days a wk. She’s a true blessing and considered part of the family. Holly wishes when she takes her to the grocery store, the clerks would stop assuming she is her grandma!

Ginger Reynolds Davis writes that Jeffery is a junior and Carter is a freshman in their respective schools. Jeff and Ginger love having the house to ourselves! Ginger is busy celebrating friends’ 50th birthdays.

Peg Twhoy DeVan says all is well out west! She and daughter Carolyn spent 2 ½ mos. in VA showing last summer and will be back again this summer. Carolyn is in 9th grade, and they’re headed to CA for showing on the weekends for the next 2 mos. Their pre-green horse was reserve champion at Harrisburg last Oct. Carolyn will start showing him, Crown Royal, this summer in 14 and under children’s division. Peg still works for the Apsen Ski Company in winter, and Bob is busy with their propane business.

Shannon Young Ray is well in Fort Worth. Their eldest son, Breck, graduated from SLU last May and is living and working in St. Louis. Their middle son, Peter, is a freshman at Texas A&M and loves being an Aggie. The triplets, Megan, Taylor, and Carson are in 10th grade and are newly licensed drivers. Shannon is only an occasional carpool mom now and amazed at the extra time she has each day for work and volunteer projects! Breck continues to stay busy with his executive search firm, and Shannon is still working at their family oil and gas business.

As for me, Debbie Jones, I enjoy hearing from everyone as class secretary. If you have been overlooked in our notes, please be sure to email me and I’ll update your contact information. I’m looking forward to attending the 2nd annual CEILA conference at SBC in March. This is a newly formed entrepreneurial conference hosted by the business majors, and I’m flattered to be asked back to speak this yr. again about my investment in my sister’s company Square One Organic Spirits with the topic this yr. on sustainability. I continue to focus on my day job at RBS Citizens Bank. I spent my spare time upgrading my kitchen and trying to ride more often. I enjoyed a trip to Quebec City with my parents at Christmas and a trip to Ireland last fall.



Ellen Reed Carver

1315 Bolling Ave.

Norfolk, VA 23508


[email protected]


1986 facebook                       

Mary Jo Biscardi Brown

29 Willowgreene Drive

Churchville, PA 18966

[email protected]


Pamela Edwards Mahan says that after working in LA for 11 yrs., her career has brought her back to VA. She is an executive producer at the Martin Agency in Richmond. Pam looks forward to Reunion and to seeing some classmates that she has lost touch with over the yrs. Pam and her husband have been married for 5 yrs. He continues to work as an executive creative director at McCann Erickson in LA and NYC; thus they still have a home in LA and are both traveling now in a triangle!

After 27 yrs. in Atlanta, Corinne Cunningham Brown, husband Michael and son Harris (5) have moved to Savannah, GA (her hometown). After 14 yrs. at Time Warner working for Coastal Living and Southern Accents it was time for a change. Corinne and Michael now have a company called MD Tech Pro ( that provides IT and EMR solutions for medical practices — a big and exciting departure from publishing! “It’s amazing to be back home with my family and living in beautiful historic Savannah. Come visit!”

Vicki Wolf Rosenfield always thinks of SBC fondly in the springtime when it was at its most beautiful. She lives in Baltimore with husband Stuart and kids Emily (16) and WIll (15). She’s president of the parents association at the Gilman school, which Will attends, as well as serves on its board. She’s also on the Board of KIPP Baltimore. KIPP Baltimore runs 2 inner city charter schools and, as such she’s become involved in education reform in the city. It’s been rewarding and interesting. She sees Lee Carroll Roebuck ’87 and husband Charles since their sons are in school together. If you’re in Baltimore, give her a call!

From Lisa Leigh Bennett: “I’m grateful to all of my SBC friends for their outpouring of love, support, and prayers during my battle with breast cancer. I can’t wait to give y’all a big hug at Reunion. I’ll be bringing my daughter, Sydney (15). Feel free to put some pressure on her to attend SBC!” Lisa shares that by the time these notes are published, she hopes to be well on the road to recovery, busy on the farm with Bob, and growing her PR business.

Jennifer Green Mitchell says that after a 16-mo. hiatus from the professional world, she has returned! She’s now a manager at Blackbaud, a large international nonprofit technology firm. She’s loving it and gets to enjoy some travel as well. She still helps Jeffery with The Frenchman’s Cellar, their wine, beer and gourmet cheese shop in Culpeper, but not working for her husband has some added benefits! She looks forward to seeing everyone at Reunion. “My daughter, Elise, is planning on coming with me, as she has fallen in love with the campus, just like I did so many yrs. ago!”

Sandy Bernard Wyllie is keeping busy with work and family. She’s looking forward to seeing everyone in May!

Holly McGovern Barber and family are still living in Tampa, FL. Two h. s. drivers (Chas 17, Caroline 15) are keeping her busy with activities. Will (5) is the family’s constant entertainment. Holly has been catering this yr., running a few road races, and doing some fun trips. She got together with Meme Boulware Hobbs and family last summer, and had a fun New Orleans trip last yr. to see Ashley Simmons Bright. Unfortunately, Holly will be at her nephew’s graduation from UT over reunion weekend. Holly says, “So sad...know it will be a great weekend for all! As I look at colleges with my children, I can’t help but remember how much fun we all had at SBC!”

Elizabeth Lindsey writes: “Elsinore and I passed our pet therapy recertification test at the end of Dec., so we’re able to continue visiting a hospice together, spreading good cheer and basset goofiness among those who want it. Life at the moment consists of going to ballet and ice skating lessons in lieu of putting in time at a fitness center, helping my mother, doing the odd bit of writing, and willing the washer, dryer, and dishwasher to all keep on going despite their apparent desire to quit after just 6 yrs. on the job.

Diana Everitt Boxall has lived for nearly 6 yrs. in a pretty village 10 mi. north of Oxford, and been married to Philip for nearly 19. Chloe (9) and Yasmin (6) are busy in and out of school. Diana works in financial management at the U. of Oxford (it’s a challenging time for Higher Education funding in the UK), sings with the local choral society and supports her local church, the clock chimes of which are within earshot of her house. She’s given supper to 1 or 2 Oxford Programme students over the yrs., and would be pleased to welcome any old friends if they’re passing through England.

2010 was one of the best yrs. April Adelson Marshall can remember in a long time! She finds that God is amazing, and she enjoys being part of the Talent Acquisition Team at Freddie Mac. Daughter Lily is a freshman at SCADD in Savannah, GA, and son Hayden a h. s. Junior. April is planning a move to northern VA in about 14 mos. once Hayden finishes school. She’s psyched for our 25th in May!! Holla Holla!

Burke Morrow teaches chemistry and geoscience at East H. S. in Lincoln, NE. She spent a yr. in South Africa teaching through the Fulbright program — a life changing experience. She calls it her Jr. yr. abroad in her 40s. Burke has 2 dogs that she takes to herding, obedience and lure coursing lessons, but not in a minivan. She has loved catching up with people via Facebook and can’t wait to see everyone at Reunion.

Michelle Miller Haddad and Sam are well and are about to celebrate many milestones in their family: their oldest daughter will graduate from UT at Austin May 2011, their middle daughter will graduate from h. s. in May, and their youngest daughter will complete 7th grade this yr. Michelle works at her husband’s immigration law practice, enjoys it. She’d love to hear from any alumnae who might find themselves in Austin.

Thanks to all of you for sending news. Hope to continue hearing from you! Remember, there are many of us on Facebook; we’d love to have you join us! We’re having lots of fun. If your contact information (address, phone number, and email) has changed, please notify me or the Alumnae Office ([email protected]) with your updated information.


1987 facebook

Jean Guergai

3641 Elderberry Pl.

Fairfax, VA 22033

[email protected]



Maia Free Jalenak

605 Camelia Ave.

Baton Rouge, LA 70806

[email protected]


Paige Shiller Okun has been in Singapore for 8 yrs and in Nov. started a new job as the director of communications and development for Special Olympics Asia Pacific. She writes, “It’s a great organization and I’m very excited to be a part of it. If anyone is in Asia or the Pacific, let me know, chances are I’ll be somewhere nearby and we can catch up!”

Vida Fonseca predicts that sometime soon she’ll accede to the repeated requests of her father to return to TN. A couple of friends, one of whom formerly managed Kaldi’s (a coffee shop in the French quarter in New Orleans), want to open a “hip ‘n happening” coffee house in the wilds of Williamson County, TN. “I’m looking into sites and funding. After that maybe I’ll finally finish those pesky novels. By the time I’m 50, I should be pretty $&#*ing amazing!”

Stacey Sickels Heckel has engaging news. On Valentine’s Day, she accepted boyfriend, Lyn Locke’s romantic proposal at the National Cathedral. She continues to head up the Foundation for Anne Arundel Community Coll., recently ranked #1 in the country by the National Alliance of Business. Son Kent (14) attends h. s. with Kate Cole Hite’s son, Chase. Kent sings and runs. Her son Leland (12) attends middle school. He’s also musical and plays soccer and lacrosse. Stacey’s sister, Susan Sickels Dyer ’91, lives in Woodinville, WA, outside of Seattle, and her 2 boys are doing great in middle school. Stacey’s synchronized figure skating team, D.C. Edge, will compete for U.S. Figure Skating in Lake Placid in Feb. and Anaheim, CA, in March for Nationals. She writes, “the team keeps getting stronger each yr. One day I know I may not be able to keep up with the 20 yr.-olds, but I can still hold my own.”

Kelly Meredith Iacobelli enjoyed seeing Polly Sattler and JoAnn Boglin ’89 at the SBC Day Brunch in Atlanta. She commented that it’s fun to see the different generations of alumnae who share so much in common, no matter what decade they graduated. Kelly, husband John and Kathleen (8) are well and staying busy with gymnastics meets.

Brenda C. Payne has retired as of 12/31/10 after 21 yrs. and a few mos. as a social worker. There’s also a new addition in her life, a Beagle puppy named Bentley. She and husband are looking forward to a visit from their son and grandson from CA this Jan. Brenda adds, “I’d like to wish all the Turning Point students, students and facility, past and present, at SBC a very Happy New Year.”

Susan Detweiler enjoyed her 7th season in Antarctica last fall and is spending the winter teaching Nordic skiing and leading ski tours into Grand Teton National Park part-time for the winter. She’s also climbing ice and guided for Chicks With Picks over a long weekend. She’s enjoying being home in Jackson for another winter, but is also looking forward to a spring road trip before another climbing guiding season in the Tetons. Susan continues to thrive on the seasonal/outdoor/contract lifestyle and takes exceptional care of herself to maximize the number of decades she can do this into the future. She encourages all the busy moms in our class to remember to take care of themselves as well as they do their families!

Katie Weidner has been happily remarried for 5 yrs. She lives in Chester Springs, PA, which is not far from her old stomping grounds of Wilmington, DE, so she still gets to see her DE friends (“such as the hilarious Kathryn Ingham Reese.”) Katie loves to play tennis (and paddle tennis). She loves her time on the court, plays on several teams, and enjoys her teammates, some of whom she’s been playing with for over 15 yrs. Katie’s oldest is a senior who is applying to colleges. He is a 4-season lacrosse player and was mentioned by ESPN as an “up and coming” player to watch. Her sophomore son plays lacrosse too and she notes, “it’s fun watching them both play for the same team. I am always the redneck mom cheering in the stands and embarrassing them!” Katie’s daughter in middle school lives for going to the barn and riding her pony. Katie writes “she’s a beautiful rider, and I’m hoping as she enters her teenage yrs. her riding will not fall to the wayside in favor of boys.” Katie sees Corrado Stillwagen often since she moved from Australia to Philadelphia. Katie reports, “Leslie has the most adorable 3 boys, all under the age of 2. She is a wonder mom, still looking stylish and well rested despite a whirlwind of activity at her house.” Katie keeps in touch with Kate Cole Hite, Mary Halliday Shaw and Beth Bennett Haga. This past Thanksgiving, Katie got together with Paige Apple Montinaro when she was in NY seeing her family.

This yr., I’m making a resolution to stay in better touch with friends. It’s so nice to hear from you all. I recently loved hearing from my NJ buddy, Laura Schumacher Kasprzak who was waiting for a big snow to fall and her daughter’s 1st indoor soccer game. My kids have been keeping me busy. I’m working part time for a museum and finishing a 2-yr. term as president of the Baton Rouge Art League, a group of art lovers who host activities and exhibitions. My son, Jack will graduate from h. s. in May and my daughter, Nina will be 12. Where does the time go?! My husband, Jay, gave me an English Bulldog puppy for my birthday this yr. I’ve been working on training this handsome fellow (the bulldog) who’s sitting beside me and snoring as I finish these notes. 


1989 facebook

Emmy S. Leung

7102 Wynnewood Ct.

Richmond, VA 23235

[email protected]


It looks like everyone has had a busy year! Some have had mini-reunions, and many have taken advantage of technology and reconnected on online.

 Kim Kline Malone lives in MD and gets together often with Sandy Compton Sellman, most recently to take their girls to see Mary Poppins at the Kennedy Center. She also had a mini-reunion with Leslie Braginetz Lemish and Sharon Bittner in 1/11.  Oldest son, Brendan, is in 6th grade while the twins, Jeffrey and Sarah, are in 4th. All are involved in scouting. Kim is Cub Master and Cookie Mom. Husband David is approaching the 20 yr. mark with the Air Force and has done 3 tours to the desert.

Suzanne Rester Watson lives in Grayton Beach, FL, with husband Tom and son Wyatt (3). Suzanne is an interior designer.

Camelia Washington Gunn is celebrating her 15th yr. in education and her 4th yr. as a Library Media Specialist. Son Josiah is 2. She keeps in touch with Geneal Darden Lauder and loves hearing all the news about her 2 girls. 

Betsy Howie Christian still lives in Austin, TX, loves it. One of her stepdaughters has graduated coll. and the other one will finish Bryn Mawr this spring. Her youngest daughter Kathryn is in 4th grade and the baby, George, is in 2nd grade. She’s a partner in Christian & Co. and enjoys working on legislative issues facing TX. She talks to Shelly Brashear Tomlin a few times a wk. and keeps up with other SBC friends on Facebook.

Elizabeth Fokes is a student once again studying networking in Unix and Windows platforms with the goal of a master’s in internet security and forensics. Her long term goal is the CISSP. 

Nancy Quinones Conwell is working at George Mason U.’s Coll. of Science, as well as pursuing a master’s in Inter-disciplinary Studies (Higher Education Administration), and preparing to write her thesis. In her spare time, she and husband Mike enjoy riding their horses, hiking and reading anything other than textbooks! She enjoys sampling her husband’s awesome cooking!

Andrea Williams Oakes celebrated 20 yrs. with the Cincinnati Insurance Co. She serves as a City Council member for the City of Staunton, VA. Her girls are 16 and 15; her son is 8. She and Kenneth have been married for over 17 yrs. and love living in the Shenandoah Valley.

Susan Stoebner is living in Los Angeles and working as Managing Film Editor at Baseline, an entertainment research firm owned by the NY Times, while producing a retro-future, sci-fi web comedy called “Space Hospital” (, now in its 2nd season.

Twig Odell Tucker is still in MN. Jack is a sophomore this yr. and was the only freshman on his high school’s Varsity lacrosse team that won State. He’s driving and growing up fast. Will continues to play hockey, soccer and lacrosse and is in 8th grade. Katie (10) is in 4th grade, and loves hockey and soccer. Husband, Jimmy (W&L ’87), is still at Cambria(countertops)/Davisco. She keeps in touch with Amy Ottaway Zambetti, Jill needham Franke, Karen Greer Goss and Vickie Campo Byrd on a regular basis. She also gets together often with Tish Markey Hutter, husband, Rob (W&L ’88) and their 3 children, Harrison (16), Katherine (14) and Anna (11) live in the same school district. They’re busy attending the kids’ sporting events, which include soccer, Nordic skiing and lacrosse.

Christina Stoltz Feldkamp is enjoying her 1st yr. teaching kindergarten. Daughter, Ariel, was in the Nutcracker for the 2nd time. Chrissy volunteered for the production. In 1/10, she spent her birthday weekend with JoAnn Bogolin, Krista Biggs and Allyson Welch Cain in Atlanta.

Edie Rue is still in Pebble Beach, CA, teaching math and science. Her husband is the president and CEO of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute. Their boys are 6 and 8. They welcome visits from SBC friends.

Beth Hodgkins Green has been living on Hilton Head Island, SC, since ’05, and is celebrating her 12th yr. of as the “Music Lady.” She founded and directs a School for Performing Arts, teaching voice and piano, and dramatic arts classes and camps. She’s a children’s choir director, and serves 9 local schools as a children’s music specialist. She continues to teach her Mommy & Me music classes, and her teacher trainer workshops. She traveled to present at a national education convention where she got to meet “Bob” from Sesame Street! She directs a Sweet Adelines barbershop chorus, and sings in a quartet and a 10-member a cappella singing group (which reminds her of her Sweet Tones days except that it is co-ed). Son Michael (15) will be driving soon! Keep in touch via her website at 

Raquel Hickman Thiebes and family are enjoying Belgium right now due to her husband’s duty assignment with NATO. She’s given up her dream job as a tour manager at the USO and now works as a para-educator at her son’s international school. They’ll be there for about 2 yrs. They’d love to host anyone from SBC passing through. Check out her blog, “Life Lessons of a Military Wife“(

Kimberly Willock Pardiwala had a baby boy on 8/11/10, Becket Cyrus. It took a long 6 yrs., but was well worth the wait! Kimberley has already introduced Becket to Lisa Claypool Stevenson, Sarah West Reeves, Sarah Consolino Murphy and Heather Daly Jones ‘92. 

Whitney Bay Shuck enjoyed a trip to Amsterdam in 8/10 for the wedding of one of Quin’s cousins. The rest of the yr. was quite eventful with a tree falling on her house in 5/10, then major knee surgery on the left knee in 8/10 and on the right knee in 12/10 with the goal of postponing replacements.

As for me, I’m still in Richmond at the same job. The weather this winter has cut down my trail riding time, so my horse has gotten fat and fuzzy. In my spare time, I sell on eBay and volunteer with Lab Rescue of Greater Richmond. I’m also an annual participant in the Start! Heart Walk, raising money for the American Heart Association. I always enjoy hearing from everyone so keep the news coming!


1990 facebook

Kelly Wood Erickson

104 S. Winterberry Ct.

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Thanks to everyone who sent in notes! Hope 2011 is going well for everyone!

Tracey Thomas Jones is trying to purchase a home in the historic Springfield neighborhood of Jacksonville with the hopes of being part of an exciting revitalization effort and a diverse yet tight knit community. Nathanial (10) is close to qualifying for the FL Junior Olympics for swimming; he’s got 2 more meets to drop 1 sec. in his 50 Free and Breast. Brennan (5) is also a swimmer, but a little less enthusiastic. She homeschools 2 days a wk. Jonathan is about to take his exam to be a licensed mental health counselor. She’s still open to the idea of being part of another church plant, (maybe downtown), but they’re waiting on the Lord for a clear call. They celebrated our 20th wedding anniv! Ailish O’Connor Shirley and husband Grant welcomed baby Christopher O’Connor Shirley on 1/13/11. He weighed 6lbs, 9oz and was 20 in. long. Despite being born 3 wks. early, he’s a healthy baby. Allison Richards has been living in Destin, FL, since ’08 and runs a hunter/jumper business teaching, riding, and doing horse sales and leases. She stays in touch with Norma Valentine and travels back and forth to Wellington during the winter. If anyone is in the area please give her a call as the gulf is recovering and as beautiful as ever. Karen Malmquist Laakso’s kids are busy with their hockey teams. School is going well for all 3. Reed loves h. s., the academic challenge and variety. Ingrid is in girl scouts and still does her outdoor adventure group “coyote club” once a mo. Nolan gave up boy scouts (peer pressure and disapproval from his brother), but has been doing well with his school projects so the extra time is getting put to good use (and Facebook). Karen keeps busy with daily commuting to work in Boston and travelling for business. Elizabeth Mason Horsley writes: “I just bought a horse and am looking forward to some shows this summer. Until then, I am planning an April benefit in NYC for the Virginia Center for Creative Arts, which is right across the street from SBC! I’m hoping to see some alumnae at the party! I continue to practice law at William Mullen, but I’ve moved from the litigation team to the tax team where I’m advising and representing fiduciaries who act as trustees and executors in VA.” Sonja Gruhl Dupourque and family have been living and appreciating life in Coronado, CA, for 5 yrs. She and her husband, a Commander for the US Navy Reserves, have 2 active sons Jack (7) who enjoys soccer & baseball and Erik (5) who enjoys soccer, basketball & t-ball. Sonja works as a Recruiting Administrator at Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP (law firm). She’ll be transitioning out of position after 3 yrs. at end of 3/2011, and welcomes her next adventure as 2011 President of San Diego Legal Recruitment Assoc. She volunteers with her boys’ school fundraisers. She enjoys & looks forward to family trips to HI! She’s grateful to keep up/rekindle friendships with SBC friends from various classes. She reconnected with Allison Lee Chaby ‘90, also living in Coronado with husband (US Navy SEAL) & 2 young boys. She caught up with Kem McCoid Roth ’89 who returned to the U.S. with her family from a number of yrs. in London, England. Brandi Beck writes: “I still live in Los Angeles with my daughter (6) and work as a psychologist in private practice. My daughter and I spent last July in Arnhem Land, the private Aboriginal land in the Northern Territory of Australia. We attended Aboriginal festivals, camped, jumped off waterfalls, picked frogs out of the toilets, hiked, fought mosquitoes, traveled through rivers via Land Rover, and kept a constant distance between us and the many crocodiles and snakes who live there. It was an adventurous and exciting mo., and especially lovely to witness through the eyes of a 5-yr.-old girl. This past Christmas and New Yrs. we spent 3 wks. in NYC and the Berkshires. We were able to visit Beth Melloy Butler and her family, and Beth Gottlieb ’89. Cheers to all!” Nina Rowles Panarese lives in Milton, MA, with husband Luke and their 3 kids, Emily (11), Jack (9) and Grace (7). She’s a pre-school teacher and administrator. Leslie Stalls Albizzatti writes: “Our kids Benjamin (13), Grace (11) and Matthew (8) are growing up fast. We have a dog Sadie (4). Husband Nicolas still works for McKinsey & Co. and travels frequently. Last summer we took our RV up the east coast all the way to Bar Harbor, ME. It was spectacular! On the way home we stopped in D.C. and saw Leigh Harvey and Kiki. We had a great BBQ as Kiki gave our son his 1st fly fishing lesson. This Christmas we spent the holidays with Nicolas’ family in Patagonia in Argentina. It was the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen; mountains, lakes, rivers, etc. all glacier-made. We hiked, rode horses and fished. As for me, when not taxiing kids, I volunteer at church and with an animal rescue group. You can look us up on line a Hope to see more of our class at our 25th reunion!” Stacy Gilmore Hanling writes: “My daughter, Haylee (15), is a sophomore in h. s., starting to drive (scary!) and looking at colleges. Why is it so scary when your teen starts to drive? Son Jake (4) keeps me busy. He thinks he’s ready to drive or at least not be in his car seat! My husband and I are well.” Beth Pesiri Solomita writes: “I’m still in Stamford CT working in a large preschool. My children Grace (6 ½) Jack (4 ½) and Ava Rose (2 ½) are enjoying the weekly snowstorms this winter. We had almost 3 ft. of snow by mid-Jan.! I’m on Facebook and have reconnected with several alumnae.” Christine Carriere Zazulak got together with Meg Caulk and her husband over the holidays. She has 4 boys playing lacrosse in the spring. Her oldest son is graduating from h. s. in May, and her youngest son will graduate from Kindergarten. Amy Kathleen Donnelly Tobik and husband Steve still live in Winter Springs, FL, where the weather ranges from 28 degrees to 110 degrees. Amy is the features writer for the Seminole Chronicle newspaper and Moms Like Me magazine. She’s been the Girl Scout leader for both daughters, Katie (15) and Emily (11), since they were in kindergarten. She serves on the h. s. PTSA Board and volunteers at the middle school. Steve retired as a Naval Commander and continues to travel around the world as an engineer for Siemens. Anne Lackey writes: “2010 was a good yr. for our family. Real Estate is still volatile so it keeps our business interesting. I was selected to write for a national online news source on short sales, so that was an honor. I’m still enjoying life with my husband & best friend. His kids are almost all out of the nest so we’re looking forward to some time for traveling and having fun in the coming yrs. Reconnected with some alumnae through Facebook and would welcome to connect with more. I love keeping up with everyone!” Allison Richards lives in Destin, FL. She started a hunter jumper equestrian business involving teaching, training and horse sales and leases. She can be contacted at [email protected]. She stays in touch with Norma Valentine and travels to Wellington in winter. She’s working on getting her judges card and will travel to Lexington, KY, for a seminar. The gulf is slowly recovering and if anyone is in the area feel free to give me a call: 561-635-9696.

Kelleigh Klym Friesen and family are looking forward to a holiday in Maui after the winter deepfreeze in Canada. Hopefully Tracey Thomas Jones and family will join us. I’m looking forward to horse showing again outside on grass! Ava (2 ½) loves the horses and Frank has adjusted to the notion of another horsey girl in the family. Ava is such a joy and I’ve reduced my clinical time to enjoy her childhood. We’re considering attending SBC’s Homecoming 2011 & hope to see some of you there. 

Julie Brooks Nyquist writes: “It was great to see classmates at our 20th reunion. I’m still working with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation as the grants manager. I completed my MBA in Oct. ’10 at Keller Graduate School.  My son Andrew (17 mo.) is keeping me busy as he’s now running and climbing. In my spare time (when the ocean is above 80 degrees) I enjoy scuba diving with my husband and friends off the coast of Miami and the Florida Keys.



Victoria Campo Byrd

2800 NE 22nd St.

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305

[email protected]


Mary Anne Farmer Farley

5302 Bewdley Rd.

Richmond, VA 23226

[email protected]

Carey Bates is consulting for IBM and works from home most of the time. She’s still singing in the New Haven Oratorio Choir and Orchestra (NHOCO) and is dating someone she met through it! Joan Dabney Clickner is looking forward to helping her husband, Bob, in his acupuncture clinic next fall when Georgia starts preschool. If all goes as planned, Ian will be attending the all-boys Field School come fall. Life is good in Charlottesville. Joan enjoys seeing what classmates are up to on Facebook. Signee Hoffman Swartley has a busy chiropractic functional neurology practice and is also a busy mom. Her daughter (4) is in ballet and will have her 1st recital in June. Tammy O’Malley Fein had Zachary on 4/6/10. He joins his big brothers Ben (10) and Ethan (9). Husband Larry works as copywriter and manager for Agora Publishing; she continues as a psychotherapist in a private practice. They live in Jupiter, FL. All is going well for Tammy is looking forward to Reunion. Amy Lemieux says the good news is Frank’s youngest is graduating from Loyola Baltimore in May. The bad news is it’s the same weekend as Reunion. She promises to be with us all in spirit. She says, “Holla Holla, see you at the 25th!” D’Andra Callaway Simmons achieved her 3rd magazine cover this mo. since we graduated (this time on the cover of Grand Luxe)! You can read about the Junior League Ball that she’s chairing; her company, Hard Night Good Morning; and her philanthropic work in Africa on the following link: Hard Night Good Morning (skin care line) will soon be sold at Whole Foods nationwide. She starts on Shop NBC as a vendor this spring with her skin care and nutrition supplements. She’s hosting her own TV Show in Dallas for one yr. called “Daily Talk with Dee and D’Andra,” and it has just been renewed for another season. Two ’91 alumnae were interviewed for the article, Amy Lemieux and Kristen Walberg-Urbach. She’ll be at Reunion (staying with Amber Vellenga a few days before in Richmond) and can’t wait to see everyone! She keeps in touch with Amber Vellenga, Amy Lemieux, Connie Gehrman, Kristin Walberg-Urbach and Christina Tellalian Mulvihill.

Dawn Monahan Nelson can’t wait to see everyone at Reunion. Life is good — children getting big, parents getting old!

Karen Hott says 2011 is off to a good start with several new projects for Karen Hott Interiors. She spent the holidays in Abingdon with Pete before getting into design work full-speed. She’ll be featured in an ASID Magazine and her alumnae friends in Atlanta continue to be a tremendous source of support and professional guidance, as does Pete! They’re excited about Reunion. She encourages you all to join our class Facebook page! Holla Holla! Kimberly Blackwell Terry says it’s hard to believe it has been 20 yrs.! She’s sad to miss Reunion, but her son graduates from h. s. the same weekend. Kelly Langdon Wooster and husband Paul have moved into their dream house in England, an 1800’s barn conversion overlooking a river and an old water mill dating back to 1100! Kelly is still enjoying her career in the humanitarian sector working in places such as Afghanistan, Kenya, Lebanon and Pakistan. Elliott Pitts is looking forward to the Reunion! Elliott has been back in school finishing a Master’s in Organizational Development and just earned her Program Management Certification. Her work with the Episcopal Church brought her to Richmond twice last yr. where she caught up with Dawn Monahan Nelson, Mamie Farmer Farley and Anne Crow Galanides. Meanwhile Elliott still enjoys raising money for The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital at ME Medical Center and is busy volunteering for the Junior League of Portland as president-elect. Heather McGowen Sanford still lives in Galway, Ireland. She, along with her husband and 4 beautiful children, pastor a dynamic church on the West Coast. Hannah and Abigail, their 2 oldest, love piano and ballet. Matthew (6) is a sports enthusiast. Lilly Beth (2) is into absolutely everything. Heather can’t wait for Reunion! Sonia Haddad Salfity is still living in Omaha, NE, with her husband of 17 yrs., Marwan, and 3 children Shereen (16), Shareef (14) and Matthew (7 ½). She enjoys working with her husband in his private cardiology practice and still plays tennis in the same league. Between her work and volunteering at school she keeps busy. She still enjoys cooking (mostly Middle Eastern dishes) travelling, reading, walking and swimming. They went to Jordan this past summer for 7 wks. — incredible time. The children enjoy seeing their cousins there and brush up on their Arabic language. Sonia has been trying to encourage them to become more fluent as it will be an asset for them in this global world. Shereen also takes French and the boys take Spanish. She’s in touch with Ceci Moore ’90 among other SBC friends. Thanks to Facebook she’s connected to many of the faculty as well. Sonia enjoys staying in touch with everyone despite her busy life. Sonia’s parents were knighted as Knight and Lady of the Holy Sepulchre in Amman, Jordan, this past Dec. It’s a big deal in Jordan as Christians only make up 4% of the population. Allie “Al” Doucette Casler and family are back in Pensacola, FL, and enjoying their new-to-them old home, but especially enjoying having husband Billy there. Son Alastair turned 4 shortly after their move from San Diego. She’s still working solely as a mom, but that should change this fall when Alastair goes to school full time. At our previous reunion she was pregnant, so she is looking forward to “relaxing” a bit more at this one! Nicole Gauthier can’t believe another reunion is here! She and family still love living outside of San Francisco. Chloe (5) is in kindergarten at the Ecole Bilingue in Berkeley, and she’s their bilingual baby. She’s also an incredible swimmer and will be doing swim team again this coming summer. Nicole is back to work full time. She still does freelance meeting planning and travels domestically and internationally. The joy of freelancing is that she gets to work when she wants. She’ll be taking the summer off to vacation with her family. They’re partners in a small hotel in Tahiti, so will be spending several wks. there in June. Check out their website at For the mo. of Aug., they’ll be going to France where they’ll visit family and enjoy Paris. She’ll try to make it to Reunion, but it depends on her work schedule. She hopes all is well with everyone. Elizabeth Beesley Triplett Draminski says life has been interesting. Today, her life is full as a stay-at-home mother of 2 children, Jake (5) and Grace (2). Husband John (James Madison U. ’86) and she are blessed to have their children; it was a long road. They met in the summer of 2000 after her 1st marriage ended. She worked for 7 yrs. as a medical illustrator/graphic designer and programmer for UNC-Chapel Hill Nutrition in Medicine project. Nutrition in Medicine creates online curriculums for medical students and continuing education for physicians to teach nutrition in a clinical setting. After being active in the Junior League of Durham and Orange Counties since ’98, she served as president in ’04 to ’05. Being involved with the Junior League and the Assoc. of Junior Leagues International was one of the best experiences of her life. Cathi Tavi “Goz” Goslau Rainold says her family is doing great! Son AJ (3 ½) is smarter than his parents. She plans to be at Reunion. Her horse, Almond Joy, won 2 yr.-end awards for ’10. Adults hunters and the adult eq. 36 & Over! Facebook has helped her keep in touch with alumnae. She’ll be traveling some in ’11, but focusing on showing her horse. She became a mentor this yr. for a 16 yr. old. It’s nice to have some female companionship! She hopes to shoot her 1st turkey this spring and do some snow kiting this winter. She’s still working part time in property management and keeping in shape at the gym. Christine Flint Canterbury is looking forward to catching up with everyone at Reunion. She and family had a wonderful Christmas and New Yrs., the highlight being a family skiing trip to Snowmass. Vickie Campo Byrd and her family are doing well in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Garnett (10), Ellie (8) and Caroline (5) are busy with baseball, ballet, basketball and school and keep getting bigger every day! It’s amazing how fast they grow up! She’s looking forward to seeing everyone at Reunion! It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 yrs. since we graduated. Kathryn Hagist Yunk is looking forward to seeing everyone at Reunion! Beth Hensley Martin says: “Jay (my husband of 18 yrs.) and I live in San Antonio, TX, with our 2 children Katherine (15) and Tyler (11). We moved here in July of 2010 after Jay returned from a deployment in Afghanistan. While he was gone, the kids and I visited with Lorraine Haire Greer and family in NC. It was wonderful seeing an old friend during this time. We’re happy to have Jay back and will be entering into a new phase of our lives as Jay is retiring from the military. In the past 18 yrs., we’ve moved 8 times with as many as 2 kids, 3 horses and 3 dogs. We’ve had many adventures and loved every moment, but I’m pooped. I can’t wait to walk out my back door to feed the horses in the morning with my dogs yapping behind me. Katherine has developed a love for horses so I spend a great deal of time trailering her to lessons and horse shows. Tyler spends most of his time involved in team sports. I’m the mom with the first aid kit, extra drinks and nutritious snacks yelling in the stands with the shirt that says “Ty’s Mom” on the back. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with everyone at the reunion in May.” Megan Read Lindberg says “everything is great with my family, and I’m enjoying ranch life and all of the hard work and reward that goes along with it! Looking forward to seeing everyone at Reunion.” As for me, Mamie Farmer Farley, my family is as busy as all families with school-age children are! Our weekends are filled with sport events, soccer or basketball or baseball games. And there are periodic recitals as both boys play violin and viola as well as Indian guide and scout camp outs. Miller (11) is finishing Lower School this yr. and counting the days (yrs.??) till he can have a cell phone and a lap top of his own. Harry (9) is a completive sportsman and has already become a ladies’ man, with several close “girlfriends.” Joanie has become the house goofball and loves nothing more than to get her brothers in hysterics with her! In Oct. Matthew and I took a long overdue romantic trip to the Bahamas! We have had a terrific family trip skiing this winter and are planning to check in on President Obama at the White House over spring break! I want to tell you all that Vickie and I have enjoyed sharing the job of secretary and have loved hearing from you all! Thanks for all your enthusiastic responses to our requests for notes. It’s made me feel so in touch with you all! Absolutely can’t wait to see you all at Reunion!



Tricia Pheil Johnson

10359 Church Hill Rd.

Myersville, MD 21773

[email protected]



Stacey McClain

2219 Belote Pl.

Jacksonville, FL 32207

[email protected]


Sabryna McClung Roberson and Greg announce with joy that they have adopted siblings Tyler and Lilly! Sabryna writes: “They make a wonderful addition to our family!” The whole family (including dog Captain Jack) will be making a cross-country trek this summer from Northern CA to the East Coast and back. Sabryna and family hope to have many mini-SBC reunions. As for Dianne Hayes Doss, she and her hubby Bill have both moved into management roles at their respective companies Cox Communications and Titlemax. Sophie, a sweet black lab/pitt bull mix, joined the family in 2/10. The big news in 2011 for Dianne and family will be middle school for son Dan and a family trip to Ireland in Sept., including a half marathon for Dianne and Bill while they’re there. Dianne loves catching up on Facebook, so please reconnect if you haven’t done so!

Jennifer Jarvis Ballard is still a stay-at-home mom with the twins (9), involved in scouts. This summer Jennifer’s family made a trip to MA and got to see several alumnae including Carolyn Imperato and one of her old professors, Jane Heinze-Fry. Jennifer can’t wait to see them again sometime. Julia Skilinski Brooks began teaching 6th grade this yr., so she’s learning a whole new curriculum and teaching 6th graders all the day. She’s participating in her 2nd local MS Walk in Syracuse, NY, on 5/01/2011. Julie is the team captain for “Weeble’s Wobblers” and hopes to exceed both the team/personal fundraising goals! Last yr., her team was 7th out of all Syracuse teams and she was 5th out of the individuals for fundraising. Julie reports that her multiple sclerosis is still in remission thanks to her monthly Tysabri infusions. (Holla, Holla Julie!) Julie loves keeping in touch with everyone on Facebook and is a self-proclaimed Wii Just Dance-aholic.

            Patti Sagasti Suppes and family are back in VA now that she has a position at Ferrum Coll. Her children Sebastian, 1st grade, and Adrian, 2nd grade, have adjusted to the move. They love the beautiful hikes in VA and have been busy with soccer, school and friends. Husband Jeff is still working for his company in Chapel Hill and telecommuting from home. Patti loves living in Roanoke and was able to visit SBC in Jan. Catherine Jannik Downey, husband Marc and son Jacob (2 ½) welcomed Sydney Carol on 4/2/10. Jacob is a great big brother, and Sydney is a joy! Catherine loves seeing Gretchen Smith Finley regularly.

Ellen Ober Pitera and Rob are enjoying their time with son Charlie (3) and eagerly awaiting the adoption of number 2! They hope to travel to Korea in fall to meet the newest member of their family. Ellen enjoys managing the farm. Check out the website: Holly Witt Aitken and family are moving back state-side after 4 yrs. in Hong Kong! They’re relocating to Maple Valley, WA, on 2/1/11. Kristen Swenson Sloop closed her business after 15 yrs. so she could focus more on kids John (9), Eliza (7) and Katherine (4). It’s been a huge relief and she’s enjoying her “retirement.” Kristen is still painting and teaching art to little ones age 2 to 12, loving it. Kristen’s youngest will start kindergarten in fall, and she’ll have 1 yr. with all kids at the same school.

            Annalisha “Lily” Anderson McGinley still lives in Panama City Beach, FL, with no plans to move. Husband Sean is teaching combat dive at the Navy base. Lily works part-time in her church pre-school dept. They welcomed daughter Daisy in 5/10 as their “4th and final family member.” Son Cash started pre-school in 9/10, loves it. On a somber note, Lily’s mother-in-law passed away in Jan. after living with them during the final stages of her battle with cancer. Norma Bulls Valentine writes that she and sister Nancy Bulls are still doing real estate in Palm Beach, FL, and busy with 11 horses, 4 sheep, 1 donkey and 4 dogs!

            Nalini Mani is still in consulting, but taking some time away from Big 4 consulting to develop a consulting practice for a D.C.-based firm as well as start her own consulting firm on the side working with small/medium businesses in the U.S. and Brazil. Nalini had the good fortune to celebrate the big 4-0 on 12/31/10 with SBC gals Debra Elkins, Chandra Garcia ’94, Nora Oney ’92, Erin Oney ’95, Anne Collins, and Leti Romo (via text message)! They surprised her with a birthday bash as only SBC women can. This yr. is a yr. of new beginnings for Nalini — redefining her career, coming home daily after having spent the last few yrs. living in hotels. She has big trips planned this yr. to Grenada to conduct due diligence and check out properties for a restaurant she hopes to open there someday, reconnecting with a trip to Cairo for a wedding, Sicily for a week and, finally, a 2-wk. jaunt to monasteries in Tibet, ending with her trip at First Base Camp Everest. Debra Elkins is loving being in D.C. and can’t believe it’s already been a yr. since the move. She’s still working for Homeland Security.

            Sarah Alexander writes that work has led her to relocate daughter Lily (3), dog George, and cat Katelyn to West Palm Beach, FL. She’s excited to lead a new team on a different program at Lockheed Martin, her employer of 14 yrs. Sarah is also excited to be close to family as her brother has been battling an incurable form of cancer for 3 yrs. Sarah writes: “God willing, he’ll continue to fight it for many yrs.” After the move, daughter Lily will be close to her cousins and Sarah close to her Ocean Engineering girl friends including her best friend Karen. Lisa La Londe Hamaker is living outside New Orleans, LA, with husband Will and boys Powell (7), Reese (5) and Lane (3). She’s training for her 2nd yr. of triathlon competition and still plays volleyball in a co-ed league with former Vixen teammate Amy Dickson Riddell ’02 and her husband Tim. Lisa keeps in touch with several alumnae including KC Chandor and Kerry O’Donnell.

            As for me, Stacey McClain, we’re still in Jacksonville, FL. Daughter Ever (6) enjoys Kindergarten and frequently asks for me to sing her to sleep with the Sweet Briar alma mater. (Future SBC woman I hope!) I’ve been substitute teaching (finally getting to using my Library Science M.S.) and hope to find a part-time position. I’ll be taking Ever to on her 1st trip to NYC to visit her godmothers. My husband Bob, Ever and I are planning several trips this summer including a mini-reunion to meet the new additions to Sabryna McClung Roberson’s clan and a trip to Seattle, WA, to visit friends. It’s hard to believe it’s 2011 — our 20th is right around the corner. Seems like yesterday I was napping before meeting up for a nice dinner at Prothro… I hope we can get as many ’93 ladies there as possible! Start planning…


1994 facebook

Molly Morris

1411 S 6th St.

Columbus, OH 43207

[email protected]


1995 facebook

Beverley Stone Dale

2006 Ashcrest Ct.

Richmond, VA 23238

[email protected]



Amy Daugherty Michel

8185 E. Smooth Sumac Lane

Tucson, AZ 85710

[email protected]


Janeen Sharma

4729 Spine Rd., Apt. E

Boulder, CO 80301

[email protected]


As this is my last submission as secretary, I’d like to say that it has been my pleasure to hear from so many of you these past 5 yrs. and to share your lives with our classmates. Through these exchanges, as well as on Facebook, I’ve become friends with many of you that I didn’t get the chance to know well while we were at SBC, and have been able to reconnect and maintain so many other friendships. It’s my sincere hope that our class can remain as close, connected, supportive and caring of one another as we are today. Thank you for a wonderful tenure!

            Abby Phillips Hinga still loves life and her work in Denver, but even more so as James turned 1 yr. old in Feb. One of the greatest surprises has been the advice from fellow SBC mommies and their generosity in sharing all of their experiences!

            Robin Bettger Fishburne is selling real estate with The Real Estate Shoppe in Greenville, SC, and loves it, though she’s ready for the market to pick up. Gibbs (6) started Primer at Robin’s alma mater, CCES. She says it’s strange to have a child in her old school, with many of the same teachers still there more than 19 yrs. after she graduated. Also, this yr. she and Joe celebrated their 10-yr. anniv. Robin loves catching up with SBC friends on Facebook.

            Sarah Dennis Roberts tell me that things in OKC are great. Hayden is working in a new job that he loves, as an administrator for Western Heights Public Schools (a Pre-K through 12 school district). Sarah remains at Inasmuch Foundation, where her work has surrounded developing programs to divert non-violent women from prison, as OK has the highest rate of female incarceration in the U.S. It’s been fascinating, heartbreaking work. Jackson (7) continues at Crossings Christian School in 1st grade, which he loves, but she says the homework is killing her and Hayden slowly. Owen (1) had his tonsils out in Mar. and Jackson loved sharing lots of ice cream with his brother! Sarah still talks to Hilary Carlson Katerberg, Mary Margaret Dixon Biss and Sarah Reidy Ferguson, though not often enough! Sarah saw Katie Gumerson Altshuler ’97 at an event. She has a wonderful new job as director of policy for OK’s 1st female governor, Mary Fallin.

            April Collins Potterfield says all is well in China. Russell is starting businesses there, while continuing to function as the CEO of Battenfeld Technologies. He loves Asia. April volunteers with charities in Shenzhen, as well as at her children’s schools. Benjamin attends Shekou International School; Oliver and Nathaniel are in a Chinese school. She says it’s fun to watch the kids speak Chinese to each other; April is studying Chinese as well so that she can understand their teachers, their neighbors and what the kids are saying to her at the dinner table. It’s exciting to use a new language every day. The family was able to do some traveling this yr.; besides moving to China, they have traveled a bit within China and have also visited Borneo and Bali on separate trips. They’re expecting another Potterfield baby in May! The baby will be born in Hong Kong, due on May 25, really bad timing for Reunion. They don’t know if it is a pink or blue baby and aren’t going to find out. They do, however, know that it’s 1 baby, rather than 2! April says of course they love Oliver and Nathaniel, but twins are a bit of work. They’re delighted to add to the chaos in China and are quite a spectacle when they venture out. She has photos of crowds of people taking photos of her kids! The Potterfields are healthy, happy and very blessed. They don’t see as much of SBC friends as they’d like, and April is sad to miss Reunion. She’ll be there in spirit, she writes, and maybe by Skype.

            Paige Vaught Campion is excited for May and our 15-yr. Reunion! She’s looking forward to seeing old friends and is counting down the days.

            As for me, Amy Daugherty Michel, we’re all doing well here in Tucson. Sam continues to enjoy his work, but enjoys fatherhood much more. Xander (4) and Owen (1) are happy, healthy, busy boys. We all look forward to an extended vacation for reunion in May. We’ll spend a good deal of time in NC with Paige Vaught Campion and her family, including her parents, who adopted me all those yrs. ago, 1st day of freshman yr. I’ll also have the chance to visit Beth Garlough Merritt ’97, our 1st in 14 yrs.! After Reunion, we’ll travel to KY to spend some time with my brother before heading home to the heat of the southwestern summer.


1997 facebook

Kerri Rawlings Burtner

601 N Rosina Ave.

Somerset, PA 15501

[email protected]


1998 facebook

Chantel Bartlett

7775 Tiverton Dr.

Springfield, VA 22152

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Cynthia Bumgardner Puckett

7123 High St.

Floyds Knobs, IN 47119

[email protected]


Two yrs. Ladies until our 15th reunion! Please keep your May ’13 free so that we can have a wonderful turnout. Please also be sure to send any financial contributions you can towards the annual fund. Let’s do our part to give back to SBC.

Dana Bordvick Poleski’s horse barn and paddock are complete! Her horse, along with 3 dogs and cat, have moved in with Dana and her husband Mark. They’re working to turn the mud into grass! Dana is working on organizing trail rides through the mountains. She’s also drawing more pastel landscapes. For the past 4 yrs., Dana has been working in marketing for our local healthcare system and helping a good friend with marketing and graphic design for her new luxury lingerie boutique. July ’11 will see a mini-reunion at a beach in NC with Kelly Bowman Greenwood and Sophie Simonard!

For the past 8 yrs., Tiffany Whitmire Graham has been selling real estate; she opened her own franchise company of Keller Williams Realty in Columbus, GA. Son Caleb is 5 ½ yrs. old. He’s adorable and the light of her life! The mayor of Tiffany’s town is the 1st elected female and an SBC alumna! Tiffany said to call her if you’re looking to move, she can help you find a realtor.

Cady Thomas was promoted to director of government affairs for the NC Association of REALTORS and is ready to start a busy legislative session. Cady saw Serena Putegnat and Tara Putegnat ’00 over Thanksgiving when their families were together in Nags Head. Serena acquired her family’s industrial laundry business in Jan. ’10. Serena owns the business along with her siblings (Tara ’00 and William HSC ’04). Model Laundry was founded in 1906 by Serena’s great-grandfather, William Henry Putegnat. Serena continues to practice law in Brownsville. After almost 11 yrs. working for the local child support enforcement office, Sara Wilcoxson Bond went in a completely different career direction. She’s now a police officer for the City of Lynchburg. And yes, everyone Sara works with is always surprised to hear that she graduated from SBC. Sara and husband Jeff live in Madison Heights, in the house they built back in ’04, the same yr. they got married.

Astrid Liverman is possibly going to be in D.C. early 2011 to visit her grandmother. Astrid and her fiancé Taylor Streetman will marry in the library at SBC on May 28, 2011. This is Astrid’s favorite places in the world! I was assured that there will be a SBC Vixen photo! Exciting news from Kate Rinehart Eskew that she welcomed a baby girl, Liddy Carol Eskew to the world on 9/14/10.

Shelley Shreve Oliver saw Ann McDonald Carter ’97 at her baby shower in D.C. as well as Melissa Coffey Gay at the same event. Shelley looks forward to a visit with Gretchen Gravley Tucker and Kerry Coleman Proksch ’97 at the end of Jan. Shelley said that if anyone is ever in Lynchburg, their home is always open! She loves her life as a wife and working mom!

Stephanie Belk Loter says that a lot happened in 2010! On May 16, 2010, Benjamin Thomas Loter was born (6lb 10oz). Big sister Abilene has enjoyed helping out with baby Benji, especially now that he’s helping himself to her toys for ‘eating.’ Stephanie still works in Greensboro and commutes from Wake Forest (75 mi. each way), Tom is still employed so more good news. Their house is full of fur with their 2 dogs and 1 cat! Stephanie hasn’t seen any alumnae as of late and misses everyone.

Anne Smith Culver and family purchased a house last summer. They live in Chesterfield, VA, only about 10 min. from Andrea Sheetz McCarney. Anne started teaching kindergarten this past fall (her youngest has now started school). She teaches at the same school that her 3 kids attend. This has been a big transition after having been a stay-at-home mom for the past 10 yrs.! Anne loves her class (only 7 students) and enjoys going to work. Anne also spends her time coaching cheerleading for the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade girls (something she never thought she’d do, but somebody has to volunteer!)

Cynthia Bumgardner Puckett stays busy with 3 kids (ages 6, 3 and 1). She’s also taking a college-level class entitled Perspectives of the World Christian Movement.

Laura Fitton Pieper finally found a job! After 2 yrs. of unemployment, she’ll be the managing editor at The Perry Chief — a newspaper in her town. The Chief is where Laura started her journalism career 10 yrs. ago as a reporter with zero experience! Laura is excited to go back and show everyone how much she has learned over the yrs.!

Both Sam Brodlieb Platner and Candice Broughton Maillard are expecting babies in Feb. ’11.

Thank you everyone who participated in this class notes entry! There are many things going on with Chantel Bartlett! The end of Jan. saw the end of a one path in life. She left her job working with exchange students. She’s taking time off to figure out the next direction. Chantel’s brother is deployed to Afghanistan for most of ‘11. Chantel, her mom and brother’s girlfriend from Columbia will all fly to Germany in March to spend her brother’s 2 wks. R&R traveling together through Germany & Italy. They’re so excited to see Scott! Plus, her brother is going to propose in Rome! Chantel is also working as a Independent Beachbody Coach. She helps to encourage others on their paths towards better health by encouraging them and telling them about the amazing Beachbody products such as P90X, Insanity, Turbo Jam and Shakeology. Chantel is training to become a personal trainer, Zumba and Turbo Kick instructor. She hopes to have a full-time career in ’12 in the fitness industry. Chantel will begin training for a sprint-triathlon in ’11. Many changes abound!


1999 facebook

Lindsey Neef Kelly

15012 Ashby Way East

Carrollton, VA 23314

[email protected]

Rachel Bratlie and husband Chris Taylor from CA have been traveling a lot and visited Seattle, Phoenix, San Diego and D.C. with more travel planned for 2011.

After a move to Sneads Ferry on the coast of NC, Debbie Bushek finds herself poor, but happily moving on as a single mother. Although things are a little slow the rest of the yr., she and the kids make excellent use of the beach just 10 min. away. Space is limited, but visitors are welcome. And no, still not on Facebook. New email [email protected].

Andrea Capano’s son Alex (4) got a promotion to big brother on 1/7/11 when Jackson Lee Bartlett was born weighing in at 9 lbs 11 oz. Andrea loves staying busy with the 2 boys, teaching middle school, and her science consulting company which she started to assist schools with science instruction, curriculum and achievement.

Angela Walton Carpita and husband Chris welcomed their 1st child, Thomas Campbell, into the world on 10/12/10. Their amazing doula in the process was SBC alumna Cheryl Bishop Gilman ’90. Angela would like to publicly thank the spirit of Jennifer Crispen, as she labored during field hockey practice, returned to the field the following wk., & received the county’s Field Hockey Coach of the Year award for progress with her winning program.

Aracelie Castro gave up government service for awhile. She’s participating in SBC’s Junior Year in Spain Teaching Assistant Program at a school just outside of Granada, Spain. Aracelie will return to George Mason U. in fall.

Brenda Elze and her boyfriend are moving to Harrisburg, PA, sometime between April and May.

Melissa Henning Hill moved to Sunnyvale, CA, for her husband’s one-year job transfer. She’s a full-time mom to Owen (4).

Sarah Elkins Ince is still in the Charlotte area working as director of college placement at Gaston Day School. She’s doing her best to funnel some of her girls to SBC. Sarah, husband Keith, and son Asa are well and continuing life as usual. SBC visitors are welcome should you find yourself in the Charlotte area.

On 11/13/10, Mamie Jackson married Robert Williams III in Huntsville, AL. It was a wonderful weekend of festivities that was shared with Isabel Jean-Pierre ’98 and Joelle Jackson ’98.

Lindsey Neef Kelly loves her new job at Shapiro & Burson in Virginia Beach, where she supervises the title clearance team and does foreclosure defense and other mortgage-related litigation. She took up running in fall 2010, is training for an 8K race, and is planning longer distances in the future.

Meghan Pollard Leypoldt and husband Steve welcomed son Lex Harrington on 9/25/10. Lex came charging so fast into the world that they barely got to the hospital in time for his delivery. Big sister Piper loves her baby brother and enjoys telling him what to do.

Jen Schmidt Major is busy running around after her 4 kids Anna (11), Emily (9), Allie (3) and Ryan (1). She finally decided to put all that running around to good use and achieve a longtime goal of participating in a race. She has run a 5k (took 3rd place in her age group!) and an 8k.

Meredith Tillery McNamara welcomed her 1st son, Martin Patrick McNamara V on 9/3/10. Meredith is back to work and blessed to have husband, Marty, acting as stay-at-home dad to Patrick.

Emily Sartor Patterson and family (husband Brad and kids Claire & Tyler) live in Chapel Hill, NC, where Emily works part time at Duke Medical Center, providing therapy for families suffering from cancer. 

Laura Walters Price is continuing her education in Early Childhood Special Education while still teaching for Amherst County Public Schools. Daughter Olivia started Kindergarten this past yr. and is having a blast as the social butterfly of her class. Son Jackson is in preschool at SBC and is soaking up a whole world of knowledge and amazing her every day.

Kelli Rogowski was thrilled when she was promoted to a new position as a public affairs apecialist at the National Endowment for the Arts. Last summer she had a mini-reunion with Marisha Bourgeois, Gwen Wray Samans ’00, Becky Stephenson ’00 and Tara Day ’98. She’s also visited Tara and a bunch of other ladies from ’98, including Pam Fine Auble, Emily Virkus Calle and Lesya Yeatman.            

Jill Triana continues to serve as the assistant director of the Counseling Center at Meredith Coll. in Raleigh, NC. She’s also preparing for her 3rd Susan G. Komen 3-Day for A Cure, which will take place in Aug. ’11 in Chicago. She has agreed to walk 60 mi. over 3 days and raise a minimum of $2300 this yr. to support breast cancer research and community programs. Please visit her fund-raising website at:

Sharon still resides near Philadelphia, PA, with her father who fully recovered from a serious brain hemorrhage. She finally received her doctorate in psychology from the U. of Denver the end of last yr., shortly before her mother passed away from a yr.-long battle with lung cancer. She continues to work as an unlicensed psychologist at a NJ prison as she studies for her licensing exam.


2000 facebook

Marilen Jordas Crump Sarian

212 Rock Creek Ct.

Yorktown, VA 23693

[email protected]


A toast to all of us for the changes and excitement I’m reporting for our lovely class. A couple of us have been making headlines. Christine Bump’s hubby, Elias Papasavvas, was featured 11/10 in the NY Times along with his company Elderlife. Christine is still working with the Food & Drug group at Goodwin Procter and trying to strike a good work-life balance and may be considering another possible career path; 6 yrs. at law firms may be enough! People Magazine did a story 8/10 on people who met because of Hurricane Katrina, and featured Josie Beets, husband Sean and baby Sonia. Josie and Sean met as volunteering law students post-Katrina and had a blast at their photo shoot on the banks of the MS River at the edge of the French Quarter. Lacey Banis edits All You Magazine, which is published by Time, Inc. and in 01/11 wed her love Kelly Vorrasi. SBC ladies Katie Wright Thomas, Tara Putegnat , Ashley Hill, Renee Dupre, Elizabeth Melvin ’99, Kristin Hard ’99, Mary Friberg ’98, Hobby Cole ’98, Sam Platner ’98, Serena Putegnat ’98 and Susana Bobadilla ’01 were present at the 12/10 celebration of Carol Skriloff Starr’s marriage to Pierce Starr, of New Orleans. Carol and Pierce said their vows at the Four Seasons in Costa Rica the day after Thanksgiving with just family and spent their honeymoon at the Maldives and Dubai. Another lovely bride was Jackie Chatham Halcomb who married David Halcomb 8/30/10. My new husband, Kenneth Crump must have gotten the hint to take full advantage of the Clifton Inn in Charlottesville’s elopement package. They had a small ceremony with 2 witnesses on 2/3/11 and returned the next day to our new home in Yorktown, VA. Their business expanded into another space, which keeps them busy ( Tara Putegnat celebrated her 1st yr. as business owner of her family’s industrial laundry business which she co-own’s with her sister, Serena ’98 and brother William, H-SC ’04. Tara is in touch with Gregor Lee who is in Asheville teaching dance classes at Center Stage Dance Studio. Melissa Bellan’s law firm, Buchanan & Bellan, L.L.P., celebrated their 3rd yr. She also continues her role as general counsel for the Dallas County Democratic Party. Abby Bradford Anzalone is the sales manager for Troxel Performance Headgear. She’ll be at Rolex in Lexington, KY, 4/28 – 5/1/11, fitting helmets on any interested riders… so stop by and say hi! She’ll be sending a helmet to Jen Perkins, who is getting another grad degree at Trinity Coll. in Dublin. Abby also caught up with Astrid Liverman ’98, Kim Schmidt Miscavage ’01 and Jennifer Schmidt Major ’99. Jen and Abby will run the Buffalo Half Marathon together in May. Anne Ryan Craig’s daughter Abbey (4) who has a birthday in May will start Kindergarten in the fall. Anne works in Fairfax, VA, as assistant director of a preschool and her husband Matt is a firefighter in Alexandria, VA. Other VA gals say hi: Beth Rice-Kinnaman in Fredericksburg; Melissa Fauber Carter in Amherst who teaches 2nd grade and manages Clara (5) and Aubrie (2) with husband Jack; Desiree Day, spouse David, kids Timothy (3 ½) and Benjamin (15 mo.) live in Forest; Kate Kenefick moved to Winchester in 8/10 to attend Shenandoah U. to pursue a B.S. in nursing and was elected as Treasurer of the Student Nurse’s Association at Shenandoah and keeps busy with fundraising events. Alison Stockdale, along with hubby Adam, Annika (3) and Violet (18 mos.) will be going to a family reunion in WI in the summer that will be filled with Adam’s numerous 1st and 2nd cousins (over 100) to eat a lot of cheese and relax in the tiny town his mom once called home. Traveling Vixens include Victoria Zak Rosenthal and husband Ben who moved back to Honolulu, HI. They have a trip planned to Scotland and England this March, plus several weddings this summer. Kimberly Harden Fella and Chad are well in Germany enjoying trips to Ankara and the Cappadocia region of Turkey, to the Alsace region of France, to Vienna, and will be traveling to Berlin. Kim started working as the 2nd full-time counselor at the DoDDS elem. school on the same base where Chad works. They’re going back to the U.S. in March to visit family, and in April they head to Florence and the Cinque Terre in Italy for vacation. Evangeline Easterly Taylor explored the cobblestone streets of Lahic, a small village in the Azerbaijan countryside located in the Caucasus Mountains. She is looking forward to traveling to other villages this summer. Besos from Holly Wilmeth who is living in Mexico working in photography. Christian and Kimberly Leach Burge are enjoying parenthood with baby Sarah. Christian's family visited from Australia for the 1st time in over 10 yrs. to see Sarah after she was born. Kim returned to work after being home with her baby girl, Sarah, for 13 wks. and is thankful for the rewarding work with NCSU on developing a management plan for a little patch of woods, home to a population of Eastern box turtles. Dina Orbison takes care of the large primates at her zoo and enjoys her own little place with her animals. Two of her monkeys are pregnant so it should be an eventful spring! Emily McGregor Fenlaw and husband Jay are enjoying their 2 kiddos and life in Dallas. In Aug. they’ll make room for baby # 3! Meanwhile, Emily is staying busy with a budding freelance art and architectural design career. Virginia Smith and family are well with the excitement for baby # 2 in early June. Eamon will be a great big brother. Laura Waisner is enjoying being a stay-at-home mom to Emily Grace (9 mos.) and lives in Colorado Springs, but hopes to relocate to be closer to family in VA or husband’s family in KS. Kibby Jane Fergusson and Fergusson family are back in the U.S.! Currently they’re in Newport, RI, and then maybe off to HI in Oct. Mandy Rice is still enjoying nursing school, excited to finish in Aug.


2001 facebook

Amanda Campbell Wright

19304 Anna Kate Ct.

Pflugerville, TX 78660

[email protected]

[email protected]


You all have shared fabulous news. We have a lot to celebrate at our Reunion, and I hope to see everyone there!

            Annie Ortengren relocated back to NYC this past July to start a new post with Louis Vuitton, which has kept her pretty busy. She’s really happy to be back in NY and catch up with classmates, Christy Holterman Ziegler as well as recent visitors Erin McKinnley Wiley, and Sarah Riggs Stapleton.

            Joy Powell Talmon still lives in Des Moines with a growing family. She and husband Tamir welcomed their 2nd child, Liora, on 12/30/10. Oren (2) is excited to have a new sister. She is still working at the Animal Rescue League as the volunteer coordinator, although she is enjoying her maternity leave.

            Julia Kientz Ambersley said: “Robbie and I still live and work in Southern Pines, NC. Gus (4) goes to school where I teach. Now that I’m finished with my time as president of the Junior League of Moore County I’m doing more with my school. I’m president of our PTA and chairing several school functions like field day and May Day. I keep up with Sarah Farber; she’s loving her new job with Pixar films. Last Aug. I was able to see Leigh Harpel, Angela Browning Montgomery, Ashley Moring, Jamie Solimando and Emily Keating Haag for our annual girls’ trip. We spent a few days together in Seaside, FL. I can’t wait to see everyone at Reunion!”
             In Oct., Sarah Belanger Levinson enjoyed a weekend visit in Chicago with Natasha Nickodem Stevens. Sarah completed the Richmond marathon (her 1st) in Nov. with a time of 4:27:37. After the race, she celebrated with Casey Perlow Davidson ’02 and Whitney Bryant ’02. Sarah and husband Dave visited India in Dec. and Jan. to attend a friend’s wedding followed by sightseeing. They’re planning trips to Mexico and Tanzania in ’11.

            Erin Bronson Phillips has a baby girl named Elizabeth “Libby” Cohn Phillips (10 mos.) She’s the light of Erin’s life. Erin stays at home and loves every min. Meg Braddy has a boy named Colston (14 mos.) She’s due with a baby girl in June. Colston and Libby are best friends.

            Catherine Peek and husband live in Pittsburgh and had twin boys in July. Catherine stays at home full time with Bennie and Roy Williams III, but is working on a few other projects, including a proposal for the National Monument ideas competition.

            Catherine Holswade Asher says: “My husband, Andrew, and I also had a little girl, Kendall Julieann Asher, on 6/ 29/10. Hard to believe 7 mos. have already come and gone with her. I’m still in Richmond and recently started teaching 2nd grade at a private Catholic school. It’s been challenging with a little one at home and hard to leave her every day, but I’m enjoying my students and long holidays. Fortunately, my parents are watching the baby, so it makes it a little easier and she has fun at their house.”

            Angela Cameron has twins Amber and Faith (2) and is expecting another girl on 4/5/11. She works full time as a social worker for the court conducting custory investigations. Her dream is to work part time and spend more time with her girls.

            Jessica McCloskey has exciting academic news. “I have finally gotten the extra diploma in psychology that makes my original psychology degree “count” in the UK, just in time to start making plans to move back to Finland in a few mos. to finish the MSc in Sociology of Deviance I started yrs. ago. I took time off to do an MSc in psychology, because I clearly love degrees too much. I have my 1st ever published book coming out soon. “Delicious Gifts” is a cookbook for making homemade gourmet presents and will be available in the U.S. sometime this spring/summer and in the UK some time after.”

            Sarah Machinist moved to Virginia Beach last mo. and is having fun finding new things to do and meeting new friends. She still works in sales for Kraft Foods and volunteers for Special Olympics NC. Sarah is excited to see everyone at Reunion in spring.      

    Christine Rangel is back playing water polo after 2w surgeries, and hopes to be playing in cross-country tournaments again by the late spring. She “adopted a little New Yorker,” a little cat named she Willoughby this yr. She had an amazing time seeing Elizabeth Parker, Nicole Redwine, Sarah Houston, and Chanel Smith last Dec. in NYC.

            Whitney Smith Jordan and husband Chas celebrated the birth of their 1st child! Tate Abigail Jordan was born on 10/18/10 at 10:16 a.m. She weighed 6 lbs., 9 oz., and 18 ¾ in. long. Whitney and Chas also celebrated their 5-yr. wedding anniv. on 10/15/10, a few days before their daughter was born. The Jordan family is doing well!

            Tana Malm Baber and Chip (HSC ’00) welcomed son Frank Howard V (Tank) born on 7/16/10. They’re loving parenthood! Tana was thrilled to have Alison Brown Breene and Jenaire Terry attend her baby shower! She can’t wait to meet all the summer ’10 babies and more friends at Reunion.

            As for me, I’m training hard for the Danskin Women’s Triathalon in June and looking forward to competing in a few sprints by then. Campbell (4) and Owen (2) enjoy riding in the stroller for miles a day! We’ve been enjoying frequent visits from Ariana Wolynec-Werner. Spencer and I are also looking forward to expanding our family when my parents move to be with us in Austin this summer.


Margaret Brooks Buck

4436 Yoruk Forest Lane

Charlotte, NC 28211

[email protected]


Lori Smith Nilan

14600 Windjammer Dr.

Midlothian, VA 23112

[email protected]


Thanks to everyone who responded with news. We hope everyone is happy and healthy.

Many of our classmates have recently been blessed with babies. Here are a few:

Christi Rose Hart and husband Jason welcomed their 2nd daughter, Kinsley Rose Hart, born on 12/22/10. She’s such a special addition to the family and Kendall is a great big sister! Meg Anderson Richburg still lives in Arlington, VA, with husband, Thaddeus, & is teaching h. s. Social Studies in Fairfax County. Their son, Aaron, was born last yr. on 5/25. She loves being a mom. Denise McDonald Gentry and husband Temple are expecting a boy, Graham, in March and cannot wait to be new parents! Mary Tassone Dunlevy celebrated her 30th birthday. She lamented on Facebook for a while, but is now at peace with the number. She says the last 12 mos. have been a blur. Just after her birthday last yr., she left teaching to prepare for the arrival of her daughter, Ariana. She misses teaching, but loves being at home. Instead of grades and deadlines, her days are filled with errands and playgroups. Mary finds herself delighted by each new thing that Ariana learns to do. (As of this moment, 1/28, she learned to talk.) Ariana will celebrate her 1st birthday in April.

We’ve also had class members with exciting career changes and big moves! Jaime Henna moved to North Hollywood, CA. Liz Waring McCracken and husband are moving to Boone, NC, in June. Chris will be working as a doctor in an outpatient family practice, and she will continue to be a SAHM to Isadora — 2 in Oct! Kathleen McNamara Brown recently purchased a new home in Falls Church, VA, and welcomes visitors! Jennifer Brown Robinson and husband Andy moved to New Haven, CT, last fall for Jen to accept a new position at Yale. She’s now working as the nurse practitioner in the neurosurgery dept., loves it. Sara Kaplan received tenure and was promoted to the rank of assistant instructor of English at Del Mar Coll. Her book, Moon Talk, was published last spring with Trilobite Press. Touring West of the Mississippi, (Finishing Line Press), her 2nd collection of poems is due out in Feb. and will be available on

And there are lots of weddings to celebrate! Corinne Weiland is marrying Christopher Zeruto on 5/14/2011. Leigh Riddell, Jen Brown Robinson, Heather Minor Gelormine and Monique Moshier will all be in attendance. Maria Thacker will marry Patrick James Goethe of Savannah, GA, on 11/6/2011 in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Attendants will include Sonya Truman, Lori Smith Nilan, Kelly Monical, Denise McDonald Gentry, Margaret Brooks Buck and Ashley Johnson McGee ’03. Brook Buck is enjoying being a nurse and taking care of all the orthopedic patients in pain. She has a lot of funny stories to tell about all the crazy people that come to her floor. Husband Trey got a new job in Bank of America’s tax dept. and is excited about the change of scenery. Brook will be going to 3 weddings and she in 2, but is most excited about Maria Thacker’s wedding in Puerto Rico! And she also can’t wait to see all of her SBC friends at Denise Mcdonald Gentry’s baby shower in March, hosted by myself, Lori Smith Nilan. I completed my 2nd marathon last Nov. and am training for my 1st triathlon with the Team in Training organization. Thanks to those who joined the Sweet Briar Class of ’02 Facebook group. If you’re not a member, please look us up. It will be a great way to stay in touch for our upcoming Reunion —10 yrs., can you believe it?


2003 facebook

Courtney Arnott Silverthorn

501 Palmtree Dr. #4 

Gaithersburg, MD 20878 

[email protected]


Angela Grisby Roberts married Gregory Roberts on 10/23/10 in Washington, D.C. Serving as bridesmaids were Megan Gaillardet Steiner, Tiffany Williamson Norwood and Kylene Smith. It was a wonderful weekend and the girls look forward to getting together for their yearly mini-reunion!

Shirley Pinson Hendricks hopes to plan an SBC girls’ get-together this spring. She and her husband relocated to OH for his job. Life is great; they love every min. of it! Prior to leaving VA, they enjoyed a lovely summer day with Courtney Pfaff Kimble and family at Smith Mountain Lake. Courtney and her husband just built a house in Palmyra, and she’s the clinical coordinator of an ER in Richmond. Their daughter turned 2 in Nov. and they’re expecting their 2nd child, a boy, in March.

Kimberly Martin graduated 5/10 with a Ph.D. in Public Policy from the U of FL. She became engaged to Chris Tecklenburg. They’ve not yet set a date, but plan to hold the ceremony at SBC.

Lindsey Kinyon Ashton, Lara Hansen and Courtney Yerdon Gleason spent a weekend on the lake last Sept. Courtney had breakfast with Julia Schmitz in Nov. Courtney is halfway through a master’s program, working part time as a tax associate at an accounting firm in Charlotte, and is excited to have the opportunity to study abroad in June — her 1st time to Europe! She and husband David just celebrated 6 yrs. of marriage.

I, Courtney Arnott Silverthorn, attended the memorial service for Dr. David Orvos at SBC on 1/29/11, along with Carrie Speck, Anne Marie Clarke, and Laura Reither Marcotte ’02. Laura and I had a lovely lunch with Rob and Jill Granger after the service. I also had a wonderful visit with Jane McKenzie Davis that weekend, and enjoyed seeing her renovated farmhouse! Matt and I had a blast on our Caribbean cruise in Oct. (and have already booked another for next Nov!) and are moving to Leesburg, VA, in March.


2004 facebook

Virginia Wood Susi

7975 Dunstable Cr.

Orlando, FL 32817

[email protected]

[email protected]


This issue, we start off with something sad. Jennifer Burton, currently doing graduate work at the U. of Memphis in pursuit of her MFA, welcomed her 1st child, a beautiful boy, Pace Fletcher Burton on 9/8/10. Her beloved Pace passed away unexpectedly on 11/24/10 from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. After the tragic loss of her baby, Jennifer began working to raise money as well as awareness for the CJ Foundation for SIDS through a website created in honor of

Cat Scheer Rymer gave birth to a stillborn baby boy, Griffin on 1/5/11.

Mary Davis Blood’s father Blackie passed away on 10/9/10 from complications with Myodysplasia. In honor of her dad, she and her family are reminding people to contact the American Red Cross for dates and locations for blood drives and GIVE LIFE: Donate Blood. Donations can be made in the name of J. Blackwell Davis, Jr.

Meanwhile, Brienna McLaughlin Pruce is traveling Europe with her husband and working as a freelance artist. Her latest paintings can be seen at

Anne Benham Willson and husband David welcomed their 2nd daughter Eleanor “Ellie” Allison Willson on12/25/10. They still reside in Greenville, SC, where Dave is an assistant men’s basketball coach at Furman U. and Anne is staying home with their 2 girls, Maggie and Ellie.

Virginia Fowler Voigt and new husband John live in Nashville, TN, where she teaches kindergarten at Oak Hill school, and he is in sales and development for Emma Inc. She misses all of the SBC girls, but is still in contact with them. 

Stephanie Gleason Peppler accepted a position as Program Manager for Developmental Programs with the Dept. of the Defense’s NAVAIR Command. She continues to work on her master’s degree in counseling and resides in southern MD.

Ginny Wood Susi is working at Dillard’s Dept. Store in Orlando.

Sarah Ruff went to Beth Farnsworth Warner’s ’05 wedding with Grace Farnsworth Loughhead and Autum Matysek-Snyder Fish.

Kelli Bergmann Thomasson is still enjoying her job as an online teacher and is happy to announce she and husband Will expect a baby girl in June.

Stacey Maddox completed her 2nd yr. of medical school and took Step 1 of the board exams on June 7 in Lynchburg. She’s now living in Elkins, WV, doing her 3rd-yr. rotations and thinking about residency.

Camille Simmons is in her 6th yr. of teaching middle school Spanish in Bermuda. This past summer she took an amazing trip to Cuba and was also able to catch up with Khadine Fisher, Caville Stanbury ’06, and Hailey Hickman Hermosa ’03, her husband Paul and their adorable baby Sebastian. 

Mary Morris Park is still living in Bluefield, WV, with her husband Rob and their 3 boys. They enjoy the mountains, but are planning to move back to Richmond within the next 18 mos. for Rob to go to seminary. It will be great to be closer to so many friends from SBC.


2005 facebook

Mindy Katherine Wolfrom

105 State St/, Apt 1

Newburyport, MA 01950

[email protected]

Camilla Russell is living in Bangkok and works as the public relations manager (international) at Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok. She has worked there 3 yrs. now and loves her job. Everyday she meets international journalists and learns about new countries and cultures. She’s proud to be a part of the 135-yr.-old hotel and its history. Camilla’s travels oversees are mainly for the holidays, but she has visited Bali twice, and it was love at first sight (both times)!

Ginger Tripp McAdams and husband Judson have moved from Richmond to Charlotte, NC. She teaches at Charlotte Latin School and coached field hockey there last fall with Mary Yorke Robison Oates ’87. They had an absolute blast swapping SBC stories and getting to know each other. She sees Tori Hankins LaBrosse ’06 and Tamra Scott ’06 regularly and the 3 attended the Charlotte SB Day Dinner and met fellow alumnae and prospective students.

Amanda Watts is excited to marry James Moffett on 4/9/11 in her hometown of Rockford, IL, and then get whisked away to Italy for their honeymoon! She still works as a Forensic Document Analyst for the Federal Government and loves every min. She and James bought a single family home in Falls Church, VA, back in Nov., and are busy settling in and starting up projects around the house.

On 9/18/2010, Kimberly Gibson-McDonald and David McDonald (HSC ’05) got hitched at Santillane B&B in Fincastle, VA. They were married by the beautiful Hilary Cook, SBC bridesmaids included Lori Giguere Liveston, and the maid of honor was Haley Bouvette ‘06. Charlotte Formichella ’06 and Terra Chamberlain ’04 were present on this special day. 

Tamara Himelright Helton’s daughter Chloe Helton, class of 2032, just turned one. She and her husband feel blessed to have a beautiful home, good work and a great family. She still works as a Physical Therapist at UVA Healthsouth Rehab Hospital and is now NDT certified.

Brentz Basten East and husband Matt celebrated the New Year in style by welcoming their new son, William David East. Tamara Himelright Helton, Catherine Brumley and Lauren Byrne ’04 threw a baby shower for Brentz in Dec. Her daughter Rosa has been a dream with William, and he’s a wonderful baby. Otherwise, Brentz cannot wait to get back onto the tennis court, but that won’t be for a few more wks.

Jan Need gave birth to a girl named Maddison Noelle Need on 1/22/11. She weighed 7 lbs. 4 oz.

Kathryn Davis was engaged 1/1/11 in San Francisco to Justin Conger. Kristen Bergquist ‘06, Jennifer Woodson Morton and Leah Davis Philhower ’04 will be involved in the wedding this summer. 

Ann Katherine Daves Hardeman married Casey Hardeman on 1/15/11 in Mobile, AL, and now lives in Birmingham, AL. One of her paintings was featured in the Nov. issue of InStyle Magazine! 

Beth Farnsworth Warner was married on 10/23/10 to Matt Warner in Harrisburg, PA! Grace Farnsworth Loughhead ’04 was her matron of honor, and Sue Knouse, Lesley Warner, Sheena Belcher Hubbard and Michelle Badger ’06 were bridesmaids. Joyce Scott, Catherine Cox ’08, Sarah Ruff ’04, Megan Behrle ’08 and Autum Fish ’04 attended the wedding and helped celebrate! 

Hillary Cook switched jobs! She left Affinion Loyalty Group after 4 yrs. and is now a Sales Executive at SNL Financial.

Ashley Forehand Oakley married Jeffrey Scott Oakley (an ODU graduate) on 9/25/2010.

Joyce Scott has accepted a new job at Definition 6, a top digital advertising agency in Atlanta.

Katharina Fritzler spent Christmas hiking and climbing in AZ. She climbed in Sedona, Prescott and in Jacks Canyon, and visited Flagstaff, Phoenix and Tombstone. She and her cat Gigi are still making a dynamic cat-and-human team. They released their 1st Christmas video this yr! She started her 1st semester as a Trojan at USC (CA), where she’s working on her master’s in social work with a certificate in gerontology.

            Lynsie Watkins Steele gave birth to Gabriel Peter Steele 5/5/10, which brings her kid count to 3 (her stepson Nick, 15, and her stepdaughter Kate, 12). She’s no longer running her company, Perfect Flavor, but instead teaches cooking classes, writes a blog (, is working on a cookbook, and most importantly, loves being a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM). She just celebrated her 2nd wedding anniv., and loves growing and learning with her husband, Colin. She, Michelle Poore, and Nancy Kirbo attended the Bengali wedding of Samira Hossain in Toronto in Jan. It was by far the best wedding she has ever attended! She also joins Megan Knight for Zumba classes in Charlottesville, VA.


2006 facebook

Victoria Chappell Harvey

[email protected]

[email protected]


Reunion is May 19-22 and we hope that all our classmates who can make it will come back. We need all of your help in breaking Reunion Giving records. Our goal is to raise $13,000 with 45 percent participation from our class. We need your help to reach our goals in classic 2006 style!

Joelle Andrews left her job at Duke U. in Sept. and is living in Sevilla, Spain, thanks to SBC JYS’s Teaching Assistant in Spain program! She teaches English to middle and high schoolers during the wk., then travels Europe on weekends. All of this was made possible by Alexandra Blair who adopted Joelle’s dog Lindy Lou. Joelle will return to the U.S. in June.

As mentioned in the notes last time, Michelle Badger, was running a State Representatives campaign sadly they lost. She says it was a good fight running against the political wave in this particular part of Cape Cod. She learned a ton and met great people. Afterward, Michelle took a trip she called her Great Asia Vacation (with a blog by the same name) for about 17 days. She spent about 10 days with Victoria Chappell Harvey and husband David. They had a blast traveling all over Japan. They started in Misawa and took a train to Kyoto. They walked all over Kyoto — their favorite place. They saw 3 Geishas — absolutely stunning. Michelle traveled to Hiroshima for an afternoon. Then they headed to Tokyo together. After Michelle left Japan she visited Rebecca Mcspadden ’07 in Taipei, Taiwan. They had a blast traveling around Taipei, Taichung, and the Sun Moon Lake area for about a wk. The trip was amazing. The day she got back she had an interview and is now working at Suffolk U. as the new associate director of annual giving. She cannot wait to see everyone at Reunion.

Sara Coffey is working on her MLitt of Management at St. Andrews U. in Scotland. She met up with Hollylane Riley, Olivia Ungerer and Erin Gibbs ’05 for New Year’s Eve! She also plans to see Katie Nemeier ’05 in Paris this Feb.

Jennifer Jones Collins and husband Tommy (VMI ’06) moved to Heidelberg, Germany, in April! It was a big adjustment to leave her job, friends and country, but it’s been an incredible adventure! In just the 1st 6 mos. Jennifer and Tommy visited Belgium, France, Switzerland and Northern Italy, seen the Passion Play in Oberammergau, went to the 200th anniv. of Octoberfest in Munich, visited the spa town of Baden-Baden for private massages, saw fireworks along the Rhine and too many castles to count! And they have 2 more yrs. to go! If you need somewhere to stay in Germany feel free to visit or call. While Europe has been an amazing new home, in Jan. she made the difficult decision to return to SBC and complete the last semester of her MA in Teaching degree. Jennifer was unable to complete the degree in ’07 because of moving to TN with her husband; she is thrilled to be back in the Briar and living on Faculty Row until graduation in May! It was hard to leave her husband in Germany for 4 mos. and it’s strange to be back on campus after a 4 yr. hiatus, but it’s as beautiful and welcoming as ever! She’s happy to be only 3 hrs from the D.C. area. She’s already had get-together with Jessica Mercier Andryshak , Nicole Bergeron Fichthorn and Alexandra Blair!

Julie Drake had a great summer catching up with Kerri Faust, Melissa Massy, Caroline Byrd ’08 and Kimberly Gibson ’05 for Haley Graham’s wedding. She also visited with Michelle Badger in Boston while on vacation to MA and NY. Her 1st yr. of teaching 2nd grade was busy, but enjoyable! She bought a new car in Nov. After 4 yrs. of living with her sister and brother-in-law she’s finally moving out with 2 other friends in Feb.! She’s looking forward to going to Nova Scotia, Canada, to visit her boyfriend in April.  

Kate Dobie loves life in NYC! She was promoted to special events manager at Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum (in addition to her responsibilities as development associate, donor relations). Kate cannot wait to see her fellow ’06 alumnae in May for our 1st reunion!

Kerri Faust returned to the States after 2 yrs. in Bogota, Colombia. In Bogota, Kerri served as a missionary to Indigenous university students. She taught English at a small student center to build relationships, and then was able to share the Truth with them. In July, Kerri went to SBC to celebrate the wedding of Haley Graham. She was also able to spend some time enjoying a little La Carreta’s with Melissa Massy, Julie Drake, Nicki Brandt, Colleen Karaffa Murray, and Cara Cherry. During this transition back into life in America, Kerri will be staying in her hometown of Franklin, TN.

Ivey Tabor Godfrey is living in a townhouse Wake Forest, NC, and her husband Ryan (HSC ’05) is working at Christ Our Hope as the youth director. Their daughter Caroline is 2 ½, son Gabriel is 11 mos. and they’re both happy and healthy! They’re expecting a new blessing to their family around 2/10/11 and they don’t know the gender yet, but are anxious to meet him or her!

Kit Robertson Gonzales and Patrick welcomed a healthy baby boy Xander Robertdson Gonzales into the world in Arlington, VA, on 9/29/2010 at 1:20 a.m. Xander weighed 7 lbs and 2 oz and was 20 in. Mom and baby are doing great, please check out Facebook to see pictures! Hope everyone is doing well!

Victoria Chappell Harvey loves life in Japan! This past winter Michelle Badger came for a visit and they had a great time visiting Kyoto and Tokyo. Unfortunately, Victoria will not be at our Reunion this May, but is looking forward to seeing all the pictures and hearing some fun stories! In Aug., Victoria is very excited to be part of her cousin’s, Caroline Chappell ’09, wedding in NJ and in Oct. and to be part of Lea Pyne’s wedding in Jamaica!

Elaine Mathews was married at Sweet Briar Chapel to J. Brooks Honeycutt (H-SC ’06) on 6/26/2010. The bridal party included Sweet Briar alumni Rachel Leonard ’08 and Lisa Ruffle ’08 as well as J. Hunter Pickels (H-SC f ’05), J. Gordon Fairservice (H-SC ’06), Jamie Summs (H-SC ’06) and Willis Honeycutt (H-SC a’13).

Melissa Massy still loves life in CO and just finished her 1st semester in grad school at CO State U. where she’s working towards her master’s in social work. Melissa volunteers with children co-facilitating group grief therapy and is interning at a Community Mental Health Center. Get excited people because she plans on making an appearance at Reunion in May!

Maureen McGuire will be graduating this May from the U. of South FL where she has spent the last 2 yrs. earning her master’s degree in art history. She presented a paper at an academic conference in Venice, Italy, in Dec. The paper will be published in an online journal this spring. Annie Wise also honored her by asking her to be a member of her bridal party this June. She’s excited to join Amy Hubbard, Sarah Ostrow and Elizabeth Wise in celebration of the event.

In Jan., Joanna Meade finished classes for her masters in environmental science and policy from Johns Hopkins U. She’ll participate in graduation ceremonies in May and is looking forward to the future. She’s enjoyed spending time with her SBC roommate Meg Shortlidge since Meg moved to Northern VA last fall and has been busy crossing items off her Baltimore bucket list in case any opportunities should take her elsewhere.

Maggie Murray married Bryan Watts US Coast Guard Academy ’05 in San Luis Obispo 7/4/2010. Erin Gibbs ’05, Dana Ripperton ’05, Liz Eager Marvel ’05, Courtney Sames and Kate Feiss were in the bridal party and Sara Hoverson and Rachel Moretta ’04 attended the festivities at the Santa Margarita Ranch. Maggie lives in Monterey, CA, and can’t wait to move back to D.C. in the fall to be closer to her SBC friends!

Colleen Karaffa Murray will be resigning as magazine editor in early Feb. so that she can spend more time with Rosie (2) and Scarlett (4 mos.) She’s excited to catch up on family life and give her girls undivided attention. They’re still on campus, but will soon be moving to Richmond, VA.

Gwen Reyes had a banner yr. as her company Fresh Fiction celebrated its 6th yr. of business. She travels across the country multiple times a yr. to meet with clients, promote the company, and visit SBC buddies. At the beginning of the yr. she put her film studies background to work as syndicated soap opera columnist and film critic. All those yrs. of watching “General Hospital” paid off as her soap column appears in over 200 newspapers nationwide, and she writes for a handful of movie websites. As a member of the press she attends many film festivals throughout the yr., included the annual South by Southwest film and music conference and the Dallas International Film Festival. In mid-April Gwen took a break from all her film and book work to venture up to NC for Sara Ostrow DeLeo’s wedding to Dan DeLeo. She loved catching up with Amy Hubbard and Anne Wise over delicious lemon and chocolate cupcakes. In mid summer she worked on her 1st real movie as a locations manager and then had a delightful visit from Cara Cherry before the yr. was up. In fall she’ll be a bridesmaid in Elsa Mittlehotlz’s (’07) Washington, D.C. wedding. Until then, Gwen is working hard and watching movies — life is tough!

Hollylane Riley was fortunate to see several alumnae over the holiday season. Sara Coffey flew in from Scotland to ring in the New Year with Olivia Ungerer and Hollylane in Washington D.C. Olivia and Hollylane both live in D.C. and work exactly across the street from each other. Olivia is a project manager for Chemonics International, a development consulting firm, and Hollylane works at the World Bank covering Financial Risk Management for the World Bank Group. Erin Gibbs ’05 also joined in the festivities. Gibbs lives in Boulder, CO, and is perfecting her alpine skills. Over Christmas, Hollylane also had a lovely dinner with Tori Hankins Labrosse and Tamara Scott in Charlotte, NC, which is where Tori and Tam both live. Tori and Tamara are still teaching and from the sounds of it seem to be amazing teachers. Everyone is doing extremely well!

Heather-Anne Speer moved in Nov ’10 from SC to Midland, MN. She’s enjoyed the past couple of mos. living with boyfriend Steve Piechocki (MI State U. ’92) and experiencing her first “White Christmas.” Heather-Anne works as a bookseller at Barnes and Noble in Saginaw; she’s contemplating a teaching certificate. Before moving out of state, she also performed the role of Denise Sanders in the Clemson Little Theatre production of “Smoke on the Mountain Homecoming” in Sept. She hopes to attend Reunion this spring.

This past Sept., Laura Ann Toussaint tied the knot with Scott Toussaint in a small ceremony close to where they live in D.C. The wedding party included Alicia Gorman and Page Napier ’05.  Also in attendance were Kendra Borden, Hollylane Riley and Shanthi Ramesh.

Melissa Westhouse now works for the state of CA. She’s one of the people at the CA border that asks if you have any fruits or plants. Anyone who has traveled into CA by road knows what she is talking about. It’s through the CA Dept. of Food and Agriculture. She likes this job, especially when they find insects/pests hiding in people’s things. She purchased her 1st car, a ’06 Dodge Stratus in Magnesium pearlcoat, in only her name. From the end of March to the 1st week in April she plans to visit Kelly Cox at her residence in NYC. If anyone wants to contact her they can use her SBC email address or text her at 5412052968.

Kathleen Wilson married Anthony Wissel on 10/23/2010 in Louisville, KY. Bridesmaids were Kimberly Wilson and Katharine Vaughan with Meg Shortlidge and Sarah Mouri in attendance.



Emily Nicole Olson

382 E Scripps Rd.

Lake Orion, MI 48360

[email protected]


I, Emily Olson, still live in MI; I’m writing this with a blizzard going on outside. I continue to work at the local h. s. doing costuming for the theatre and at a dance studio teaching musical theatre classes to kids. I enjoy it, but am looking forward to a change. I have applied to several grad. school programs for theatre performance starting in the fall. I hope to be someplace where I’ll have more opportunities to see more of my SBC classmates and fewer opportunities to see blizzards.

Nani Smith writes, “2010 was brilliant for me. I traveled all around Europe. I started in London, as my boyfriend is from the UK, then Ireland to stay with close friends. Then Germany, Spain, Gibraltar, Italy and then back to England. I’m now in San Diego, CA, living in La Jolla just a few blocks away from the beach. I’m a buyer for my mother’s store in Charleston, SC, called Warren on King. Even though I’m miles away from SC it works because I attend the fashion shows, which are all over, and buy the clothes she’ll sell in her store. I get to go to all the fashion shows and to see what’s “in” this season. Then I go on massive shopping excursions in hopes people will love what I buy for her store. I’m thoroughly enjoying it.”

Danielle Briggs-Hansen works at Systems Planning and Analysis in Finance and plans to continue taking accounting classes to learn more about her field of work. This yr., she plans to travel to Denmark to reconnect with a friend she made over the summer 2010. She’s also planning to make a road trip to Boston with her little brother, and to NYC for a long weekend celebrating her mom’s birthday. She’s become an avid camper/hiker, Volleyball/Wallyball player and hopes to continue to participate in these activities in ’11!

Ferrell Lyles Smith says, “The last time I wrote, I was in Afghanistan. Now I write you from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where I’m working for Joint Task Force-Guantanamo. I have to say, Afghanistan was pretty awesome, but being able to snorkel and dive in some of the most beautiful waters in the Caribbean on the weekends is hard to beat! Katie Vaughan ’06 visited in Feb. My husband, Andrew, is going to come spend a mo. with me this spring. I hope everyone is doing well, I miss you all. Who knows where I’ll be writing you from next!”

Heidi Trude is staying busy at Skyline H.S. She’s coaching the Academic Team and serving as co-director of the Glee Club. Heidi is assisting with the theatre productions of “Romeo and Juliet” and “Little Shop of Horrors.” Heidi is also in the process of establishing a partnership through the French Embassy with a school in Reims, France. She hopes to travel to Europe this summer.

Laura Schaefer continues to live in Portland, OR, doing energy conservation outreach and education for Portland State U. Margaret Loebe ’06 visited her in Oct. She’s engaged to be married in 9/2011. Congratulations Laura!

Maggie Saylor Patrick writes, “I’m still living in Saint Paul and had a great time a couple wks. ago at the local SB day where I saw fellow alumnae and a couple of students. I love my regular trips down to SBC for board meetings and am happy to update anyone who has questions about what’s happening on campus (as much as I’m aware). Martin and I are hoping to move to more temperate climates soon and if anyone knows of any totally sexy, thrilling, life-changing jobs that I should check out I’d be happy to hear their advice! I hope to move and get a new job this summer, and maybe see some alumnae at Laura Schaefer’s wedding in Sept.”

Rachel Reynolds says, “Margaret Loebe ’06 and I will be hosting an engagement party for Laura Schaefer and her fiancé, Devon Grace, in D.C. in March.”

Corinne Davies writes, “I’m still living in Richmond, VA, finishing up my last yr. and a half of pharmacy school. I got engaged in Dec. and the wedding date is set for 8/6/11. I have a lot to do in the next few mos., but I’m excited about everything!” Congratulations Corinne!

Eleanor O’Connor says, “The 2nd half of 2010 was busy for me. I finished my MA in Publishing from UCL in London in Aug., traveled to Paris and Oslo, moved back to the U.S., and started a new job! I started at the Cato Institute in D.C. as marketing coordinator in Nov. It’s been great so far; I enjoy working in nonprofit publishing. In Feb., I was maid of honor at Katie Tipton’s (’08) wedding to Brad Wilson (VMI ’07). It was a beautiful ceremony and reception in Savannah, and I enjoyed catching up with Margaret Barnes ’08, Lieschen Cluiss ’08 and Tess Drahman ’08.

Danielle Dionne wrote in, “I’m sorry I didn’t get to see everyone at Homecoming. I was in the process of moving into my 1st townhouse! I still live up in Northern VA and continue to teach 1st grade. Still loving every min.! It was fun to catch up with alumnae at the hunt country SBC day!”

Theresa Jorgensen writes, “I’m in Sweden learning glassblowing at Orrefors. I came 8/2010 and will be done in 6/2012 when I plan to come back to the states and work as a glassblower. If anyone finds themselves up in Scandinavia in the meantime look me up!”

Kendra Hawkins Simpson says, “The most exciting thing in our life was the birth of our daughter, Lilly Iva Simpson, on 8/20/10. She’s growing so fast and is nearly crawling! Kyle and I are coming up on our 3rd wedding anniv. on 5/31, and on 6/4 I’ll be graduating from medical school here in Galveston! I’ll be entering a residency in pediatrics, but we won’t know until 3/17 where it will be.” Congratulations Dr. Simpson!

Rebekah McSpadden writes, “I’ve been living in Taipei, Taiwan, for the last yr. and a half and plan on staying here for one more yr. I’m visiting the USA in 8/2011 including OR and VA and I hope to meet up with other alumnae! Michelle Badger ’06 came to visit me in Dec.— a fantastic trip! We met the U.S. Democratic National Convention’s group visiting Taiwan on a gondola in the mountains! It was quite amazing!”

Rosanna Hawkins Winner enjoyed seeing everyone at Homecoming and spending time with Caitlin “Cat” Ashley, Virginia Didi” Robinson ’06 and Virginia “Ginny” Wood Suzi ’04. She writes, “Our little girl, Avarose, was born on 8/7/10. Thank you to all of my Sweet Briar sisters for the baby gifts and sweet words of congratulations! I hope everyone had sweet holidays.”

Thank you to all of the ladies who sent in class notes! I never cease to be amazed at the incredible variety of things that our class is doing, and I’m so proud of the many accomplishments. The class of 2007 is truly awesome!



Kathryn Mills

4310 Bromley Ln.

Richmond, VA 23221

[email protected]


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Julia McClung

5111 Block House Ct., Apt. 728
Charlotte, NC 28277


[email protected]


I’ve been so happy to hear from you about what is going on in your life after Sweet Briar! I’m so glad that everyone is doing so well and is enjoying life in the real world! Please continue to send me your updates! We would all love to know what everyone is up to! Here is what’s been going on most recently:

Mary Susan Sinclair-Kuenning is living in Manhattan and dancing with the Professional Studies Program with the Jose Limon Dance Company (guest professor in 2008 Clay Taliaferro was a principal member). She finishes the program in May and looks forward to auditioning for both theatre and dance opportunities in NYC.

Erin Coppersmith Aitken married her college sweetheart Thomas Aitken on 7/17/10. The wedding ceremony and reception took place at the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley, CA. Caroline Chappell and Julia McClung were bridesmaids. Meg Ryan ’08, Maggie Nicholson, and Wendy Weiler ’71 were in attendance. After honeymooning in Kauai, the couple now lives in Sunnyvale, CA, where Erin is teaching 3rd grade in a neighboring school district.


2010 facebook

Alaina McKee

5939 W. Friendly Ave., Apt. 44K

Greensboro, NC 27410

[email protected]

[email protected]


Lindsay Arnold moved to Richmond, VA, and works at a photography studio. She took a trip to Boston for New Year’s where she met Rachel Vaughn, Celeste Rustom, and Rosie Morgan — an amazing time. She says, “we had such a great time walking around the harbor and seeing the fireworks, and visiting the oldest pub in America.” Lindsay has started the process of joining the Navy and will be moving towards a career in the U.S. Military.  

Victoria Marshall is in Bucheon, South Korea, teaching English at a private school. So far she loves her job and says that, “South Korea is an amazing country. For Chinese New Year I’m going to be traveling to Thailand to experience more of Asia.” Don’t we all wish we could be touring Asia? Enjoy your travels, Victoria!

Andria Pasquel is working at Best Buy and has been promoted to a full-time position as a Magnolia Home Theater Expert.

Melanie Higginbotham became engaged to Ryan Jay on 7/24/10. Melanie says, “he proposed at sunrise on the beach while vacationing during my 23rd birthday. We’re planning for a ’12 summer wedding.” Congratulations Melanie! Allison Garrison is also planning her wedding while she continues to attend graduate school for Spanish in Greensboro, NC.

Carina Finn received awards for poems from “I Heart Marlon Brando,” published in Seven Corners. It was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Carina has also published poems in CutBank, Melusine, Seven Corners and Connotation Press, and she was interviewed as a Featured Poet in Connotation Press. Two of her plays, 4Ever Rainbow and 13 Ways of Breaking, were produced at Notre Dame. On top of all this, Carina has been hired as the Graduate Assistant/Social Media Coordinator of Notre Dame’s Multicultural Student’s Programs and Services. In the spring she plans to work as a senior editor and layout editor for Notre Dame’s graduate and undergraduate literary journals, The Bend and Re:Visions. In addition to her work, Carina is volunteering as a coordinator of the Creative Writing Workshops at the South Bend Center for the Homeless. She teaches a Poetry Workshop at the South Bend Juvenile Correctional Facility and will be starting a theatre workshop at JCF in the spring. This past fall she worked as a Student Learning Specialist for South Bend’s No Parent Left Behind program.

Kathleen Thomas is at the U. of MA at Amherst getting her Masters of Arts of Teaching (M.A.T.) in Latin and Classical Humanities and will be receiving her degree in ’12. Katy Johnstone is living in Tampa, FL and working as the marketing director at a surgical practice. She’s also acting with a professional theater in FL. She says that, “right now, I’m in Guys and Dolls, and later this spring I’ll be in a musical revue.” In the fall Katy will be getting married to her fiancé, Nathan. Congratulations Katy!

Madeleine MacIntire has completed her 1st semester at the VA-MD veterinary school at Virginia Tech. Fun activities included ultra-sounding horse leg tendons, viewing radiographs, and weekly cattle palpations at VA Tech’s dairy. She’s tracking equine with a secondary focus on food animals and is looking forward to an equine dental lab as well as ultra-sounding goats and an alpaca dystocia lecture. She loves Blacksburg, but has never seen so many snowy days!