MARCUS Conference

The 16th annual MARCUS Conference was held at Sweet Briar College on Saturday, October 11, 2014. Approximately 100 undergraduate students from 18 colleges and universities in Virginia and surrounding states participated in the conference. Students presented their research in oral sessions organized by discipline and in a multi-disciplinary poster session. Faculty, other students, parents and friends also were in attendance to support the student scholars.

Click to view the 2104 Conference Proceedings.

The 2015 MARCUS Conference will be held at
Sweet Briar College on Saturday, October 10, 2015.

Please email any questions about the conference, as well as requests to be added to the mailing list, to [email protected].

A Note on Creative Endeavors:

MARCUS welcomes research-based projects from any academic discipline or combination of disciplines. We define research broadly, expecting that projects will be based on the critical interpretation of primary material, will demonstrate a responsiveness to other work within one’s field(s), and will culminate in the production of new work. We ask that abstracts describe the research underlying the work, and indicate the format that the final work will take. We also ask applicants to indicate what accommodations (other than space for a poster or oral presentation) will be required, if any. We will make every reasonable effort to accommodate the needs of all presenters and will contact presenters if we anticipate any difficulty. In cases where the final product is a creative work, we ask that the presentation either implicitly or explicitly make evident the research component underlying the work.