James Kirkwood, Chair

Professor of Mathematical Sciences

(434) 381-6285
[email protected]
Guion A208

B.S. Southeast Missouri State College (Mathematics) 
M.A. University of Oklahoma (Mathematics)
Ph.D. University of Virginia (Mathematics)

Jim Kirkwood has had ten mathematics textbooks published on various topics including calculus, real analysis, mathematical biology and  mathematical physics. His newest text is "Markov Processes," published by Taylor and Francis, and will be out in January, 2015. His original research was in mathematical physics, and he co-authored the seminal paper in a topic now called Kirkwood-Thomas Theory in mathematical physics. During the summer, he teaches real analysis to entering graduate students at the University of Virginia. He has been awarded several National Science Foundation grants. 

Bessie Kirkwood

Bessie KirkwoodProfessor of Mathematical Sciences

(434) 381-6167
[email protected]
Guion A206

B.S. University of Arkansas(Mathematics)
M.S. University of Arkansas(Mathematics)
Ph.D. University of Oklahoma(Mathematics)
Ph.D. University of Virginia (Statistics)


Bessie Kirkwood holds doctorates in both mathematics and statistics. She has co-authored papers published in Journal of Algebra, Journal of Multivariate Analysis, Pacific Journal of Mathematics and Geophysical Journal International. Her research has applied statistical methods to estimate the motion of tectonic plates. She has worked as a statistical consultant at the University of Virginia, where her projects have included research on health behaviors of college students, a study of the nurse labor supply in Virginia, and a study on injuries to feet and lower legs in car crashes. Her research and work in education have received funding from the National Science Foundation and The Jeffress Memorial Trust.