Janet C. Steven

(434) 381-6365

2003-2005  Postdoctoral Researcher, Indiana University
Ph.D. 2003 University of Wisconsin, Madison (Botany)
B.S. 1996 Davidson College (Biology)

Courses I teach
Introduction to Organisms, Introduction to Cells, Introductory Laboratory Techniques, Y:1 Economic Botany (First Year Seminar), Plants and Human Affairs, Laboratory in Plants and Human Affairs, The Plant Kingdom, Plant Ecophysiology, Ecology, Evolution


My research focuses on the causes and constraints of natural selection. I am interested in how genetic correlations both shape and are shaped by selection. I am currently also exploring whether exploding deer populations are changing selection regimes on the wildflowers they eat. In my classes, I emphasize engagement with primary research at all levels, and I like to explore new technology that helps students achieve learning goals.


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Recent presentations (* = student)

2012.  Steven, Janet C., Holly R. Prendeville, and Laura F. Galloway. July 2012. Variation in the intensity of herbivory by deer and its impact on fecundity across a latitudinal gradient in Campanulastrum americanum, a monocarpic herb. Botany meetings, Columbus, Ohio.

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2007. Steven, Janet C. and Rebecca H. Penny*. Sexual dimorphism in pollen grain size and flower number varies among populations in a cryptically dioecious plant, Thalictrum macrostylum (Ranunculaceae). Joint Congress of the Botanical Society of America and the American Society of Plant Biologists, Chicago, IL.

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