Senior Staff

Sweet Briar College’s senior staff is composed of the senior executive officers of the following College offices and divisions: admission; alumnae and development; co-curricular life; dean's office; human resources; institutional research; integrated information systems; media, marketing and communications; finance and administration; president's office and the chair of the faculty executive committee. The senior staff works with the president and the board of directors to keep the College running smoothly.

Carolyn Burton

Director of Human Resources
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(434) 381-6506
(434) 381-6486 (fax)
[email protected]

  • Ensures employment, benefits and compensation policies and practices are compliant, competitive and appropriate for the College to recruit and retain the necessary talent
  • Provides analysis, support and advice to managers and senior leaders regarding human resources issues
  • Chief human resources officer of the College; serves as the College's Section 504 and Title IX Officer
  • Chairs the health care committee

John G. Jaffe

Director of Integrated Information Systems
Professor, Library
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(434) 381-6139
(434) 381-6173 (fax)
[email protected]

  • Provides learning-focused technology operations that enhance education, enable information access and improve assessment and institutional productivity
  • Enables informational access in the most cost-effective manner using integrated personnel structures and industry standards and systems
  • Monitors effectiveness through a continuous review process

Amy Jessen-Marshall

Vice President for Academic Affairs
and Dean of the Faculty
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(434) 381-6205
(434) 381-6489 (fax)
[email protected]

  • Chief academic officer of the College
  • Overall responsibility for all academic operations
  • Academic program and personnel evaluation
  • Curriculum and faculty development activities
  • Liaison to the educational programs committee of the board of directors
  • Budgetary responsibility for all academic departments, programs and academic support functions

Scott C. Shank

Vice President for Finance and Administration
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(434) 381-6202
(434) 381-6486 (fax)
[email protected]

  • Chief financial and administrative officer of the College
  • Responsible for operation of the physical plant and campus safety
  • Chairs committees on faculty housing, safety, land use and landscape
  • Administrative liaison on the board of directors' investments, finance, buildings and grounds and audit committees

Melissa “Missy” Gentry Witherow ’80

 Melissa "Missy" Gentry Witherow '80

Interim Vice President for Alumnae and Development
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(434) 381-6162
(434) 381-6263 (fax)
[email protected]

  • Works with the president and the board of directors to devise and establish policies for alumnae and development
  • Serves as advisor to the president regarding alumnae relations and development for the College
  • Responsible for designing and implementing programs that encourage financial and volunteer support of the College

Louise Swiecki Zingaro ’80


Vice President
Chief of Staff/Acting Dean of Enrollment Management
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(434) 381-6316
(434) 381-6288 (fax)
[email protected]

Acting Dean of Enrollment Management
(434) 381-6142
(434) 381-6152 (fax)

  • Acting Dean of Enrollment
    • Provides direction and leadership for the admissions office
    • Creates and implements marketing and recruitment strategies that support the institutional enrollment goals for undergraduate students; transfer, Turning Point and international students; and graduate students in education
    • Chairs the enrollment management committee
    • Oversees the office of financial aid
  • Chief of Staff
    • Serves as principal aide to the president
    • Liaison to the board of directors
    • Oversees media, marketing and communications
    • Coordinates College-wide strategic planning
    • Works with the president to plan and oversee campuswide strategic initiatives
    • Coordinates relationships with key external constituencies such as alumnae, local community and state and regional associations