Residence Life

Sweet Briar values the enhanced educational experience that living on campus provides for students to live and learn together. It is an opportunity to grow, learn and share; a time to establish meaningful relationships, to learn more about oneself through daily interaction with others, and to accept the responsibilities and privileges of group living in a college environment. Residential living on campus is more than a room in a building or apartment; it is part of the total educational experience at Sweet Briar.

Each residence area maintains, to some degree, its own identity and, upon a majority and/or unanimous vote,
depending upon the issue, may establish through a community agreement additional guidelines than those described in the Student Handbook.

Resident Advisors (RAs) live in each student residence area and serve as a resource to students, build community
in student residence areas and to serve as a liaison with the Office of Residence Life to support the College in its
overall operation of the residence life program.