Mission and Vision

Students enjoying springtime on campus Students enjoying springtime on campus


Sweet Briar College challenges and inspires women, forging ethical leaders with the skill, compassion, and vision to create a more just and sustainable world.

Approved by the Sweet Briar Board of Directors, February 2022

Faculty Vision Statement in Support of the Mission

Sweet Briar’s academic programs, at the undergraduate and graduate levels, seek to cultivate an inclusive and vibrant community of learning among students, faculty, and staff that prizes ethical and innovative thinking. Our curriculum fosters personal and professional development through a liberal arts education. The faculty and staff guide students to understand how justice and sustainability are connected; promote inclusivity, diversity, equity, and access; solve real-world problems across an array of disciplines confidently and creatively; and develop critical analytic and communication skills. Students pursue these goals in the classroom, across the campus community, and around the world.

Approved by the Sweet Briar faculty, February 2022


What’s Now? What’s Next?

When we launched the new leadership core curriculum in 2017, we became a national example of innovation.

In 2021, we refreshed our mission statement, shared a new five-year strategic plan and committed ourselves to creating a more just and sustainable world by forging new generations of women leaders.