About the Program

What is distinctive about studying archaeology and ancient studies at Sweet Briar?

  • It’s inherently interdisciplinary — perfect for students with wide-ranging interests and curiosity who want to explore the history of ancient societies and cultures. Coursework in both the archaeology and the ancient studies tracks integrates elements from various disciplines, including environmental science, engineering, philosophy, history, psychology and visual studies.
  • Sweet Briar has one of the only stand-alone Archaeology majors in the country. Students are able to dig deep into both the academic side of archaeology and its practical applications. Our courses provide students with a broad knowledge of the history of the discipline, the major discoveries of multiple Mediterranean societies, and practical experience working with real artifacts and excavating both on campus and abroad.
  • Our faculty consist of professional archaeologists with research expertise in classical and historic archaeology in Italy, Greece, Albania, and Turkey and professional expertise in cultural heritage management and sustainable tourism. The program also works very closely with other programs, such as History and the Arts Management certificate, so that students can create pathways to post-graduate study and/or careers in public humanities, museums, and galleries.

Academics Time Capsule with Archaeology 3D Design CORE29 Academics Time Capsule with Archaeology 3D Design CORE29