About the Program

What is distinctive about studying biology at Sweet Briar?

  • Because Sweet Briar’s 2,840-acre campus serves as a living laboratory and outdoor classroom, a powerful tradition of field work marks our program. Forays through meadows, streams, nature sanctuaries, mountaintops and forests are integral to the program. 

For example, you might deploy sensors to measure microclimatic gradients, collect soil to culture bacteria from fields with different land use histories, or sample macro-invertebrates to assess the water quality of campus streams.

  • Our programs are known for close collaboration between professors and students. Your professors know you well, and you’ll likely stay in touch with them for years to come. Sweet Briar professors connect current students with alumnae for career guidance and write strong letters of reference years after they graduate.
  • Faculty-mentored research is a valuable culminating experience for the degree. Students not only conduct original research or complete internships, but they have the opportunity to present their efforts at regional research symposia, such as MARCUS. Whether you’re planning on graduate school or a job, you’ll be prepared to advocate for your work and communicate clearly with scientists and non-scientists.