About the Program

Let us tell you about the importance of Liberal Arts in your pursuit of Business 

Business and Liberal Arts go hand in hand. Many people miss the value that broad learning brings, but we help students be prepared to step directly into the Business world or continue their studies in Grad School.

When you have the opportunity to learn broadly, you are better able to understand the subtleties of markets and consumer needs.  With the rise of non-profit business and Sustainability as a core value, the student with a breadth of academic experience has an advantage over one who focuses narrowly. 

  • Sweet Briar offers students a unique Core focusing on Leadership—this translates directly to Business and underpins the importance of ethics and empathy
  • Our program exposes students to complementary disciplines, but this isn’t limited to Economics. Topical study in Political Science, History, Sociology and other programs is encouraged.
  • Students get the opportunity to hear from leaders in the business community; site visits allow students to see management and problem-solving up close and in action.
  • Faculty members offer coursework on special topics and facilitate interactive discussion on current issues.
  • Seniors develop Case Studies for existing organizations as their capstone project.
  • Together with our great career services office, we collaborate to help our Business students find opportunities for internships and jobs or engage in off-campus study.