After Sweet Briar

What can you do with a degree in chemistry?

Graduate School - Want to know a secret? You can get paid to go to graduate school! Graduate programs in chemistry often not only cover your tuition, but also pay students a stipend.

Sweet Briar chemistry alumnae go on to the top graduate programs in the country, including CalTech, Princeton, Harvard, Purdue, Penn State, Ohio State, Duke, UNC, Vanderbilt, University of California Riverside, Florida State and UVa.

And chemistry is not the only option! Chemistry graduates can pursue advanced degrees in chemistry, biology, pre-medical or forensic-environmental science, physics or engineering.

Medical School - Did you think that you had to major in biology or pre-health in order to get into medical school? Think again.

High numbers of chemistry alumnae are accepted to programs in medical, dental, pharmacy and allied health.

Industry - Ready to get out of school and into the workforce?

Chemistry alumnae go on to work for major companies such as Anheuser Busch, Fleet Pharmaceuticals, PPD and more.

Government - Do you have a passion for justice or the environment?

Sweet Briar alumnae have gone on to careers at the FBI crime lab, D.C. City Metro crime lab, EPA, and other governmental agencies and labs.