Resources & Opportunities

Ready to take your education to the next level? Our program offers resources and opportunities that will unlock your full potential. Join us, and unleash your greatness!

Education Club: Sweet Briar Education Association
  • Students have opportunities to engage in leadership roles, social time, and community service opportunities through the education club.
  • Through our association with the student chapter of the Virginia Education Association, students have access to networking and professional development opportunities, attending student or educator conferences, locally or nationally.
Grant for Engaged Learning
Sweet Briar offers a resource for support to alleviate the costs of travel to the local schools, in the form of a Grant for Engaged Learning (GEL). Students can apply for the GEL grant beginning in their sophomore year.

In addition to school-wide scholarships, the Teacher Education Program offers three scholarships:

  1. Delta Kappa Gamma International Society for Key Women Educators Virginia Scholars Award: Awarded annually to a M.A.T. candidate who is a leader for education. 
  2. The Nicole Greenleaf Service in Education Award: Honors a student in the education program who has demonstrated scholastic achievement and whose volunteer service in support of a struggling student in a local public school has been an inspiration to that student’s school community. 
  3. The “Big Sister” Award: Given to a member of the senior class who has shown a commitment to community service by contributing to the educational and emotional growth of the children at Tye River Elementary School. The recipient gives valuable time and makes a positive difference in the lives of these children.