Music Facilities

SArPA (Sound Art Production and Analysis) Studio

The SArPA (Sound Art Production and Analysis) studio is an interdisciplinary creative space for composers, sound designers, and sound and video artists. It features a 7.1.4 Genelec monitor array suitable for mixing in 5.1 and 7.1 surround, ambisonics (immersive audio), and Dolby Atmos. Faculty and students have used this space to compose film scores, create immersive virtual reality work, and design scenes for video games. The studio also boasts more than 10,000 software instruments and hundreds of audio processing modules (“plug-ins”).

Mills Chapel

At the heart of campus, the iconic Mills Chapel is focal point for the musical life of the college. Most vocal and instrumental performances happen here. It’s the home of a beautiful Schimmel grand piano and full pipe organ. There is also a smaller organ, a harpsicord, and a pianoforte.

Mills Chapel Organ

Coffee Street Studio

Coffee Street Studio is equal parts recording studio and classroom. Professional level microphones, instruments, and software are available to students from the first day of their first year. The space is highly modular and can be reconfigured to suit everything from a solo pianist to a full rock band. This studio also includes a trio of Moog analog synthesizers for extreme creativity and sound design.

Babcock Computer Lab

This computer lab is unique on campus for having Logic Pro X and Final Cut Pro installed on 8 iMacs. Each workstation has several other music apps, including Ableton Live and Sibelius, as well as a MIDI keyboard controller. Additionally, the entire Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Premiere, Audition, etc.) is available on each computer.

Practice Rooms

There are eight practice rooms. Seven contain pianos (six have Steinways, one has a Baldwin); one practice room features a harp. Another practice room is set aside for video editing and virtual reality media development.

Rehearsal Hall

The rehearsal hall is home to our concert choir and instrumental ensemble and regularly features recitals and talks by guest artists and scholars.

Instrument Storage Area and Student Lounge

Students may check out a locker to store their instruments while at Sweet Briar and hang out with other music students who are taking a break from practicing.