Although there is no single path for success in law school or the field of law, developing critical writing and research skills is imperative. Those skills — along with broad interdisciplinary knowledge and the ability to speak persuasively — are the results of a liberal arts education.

Over the course of four years, we prepare students for law school. Philosophy, history and economics are among the top majors of successful law school applicants. You can study all three at Sweet Briar, combine aspects of them, or choose from more than 25 other liberal arts programs to create an individualized major that advances your specific goals for a career in law.

Students who are interested in international law might choose to add study abroad to their Sweet Briar experience. Students destined for art law may select a studio art major combined with an internship at an art auction house. The possibilities are as numerous as the specialties within law.

Sweet Briar’s pre-law advisors ensure that students’ program of study fosters analytical thinking and builds the knowledge that will ensure success in the law school application process.

They work with students one on one to

  • understand law school admission procedures;
  • prepare for the LSAT;
  • take advantage of internship and shadowing opportunities; and
  • learn what it takes to get a job as an attorney or in fields where a law degree is beneficial.

Sweet Briar has an outstanding track record of placing students in renowned law schools across the country and abroad.