Study Abroad

Sweet Briar College is a 2,840-acre campus with a worldwide classroom.

As a corollary to its mission to prepare women to be active, responsible members of a world community, Sweet Briar College is committed to providing all students the opportunity to have an affordable international study experience as part of their education.

Sweet Briar students may choose from over 90 study abroad programs or foreign universities in 40 countries around the world in partnership with selected study abroad providers. Sweet Briar has carefully reviewed and selected the programs on the approved list based on academics, quality, cost, safety and, in some cases, historical relationships.

Through advising and support at every step of the way, the College will work with interested students to facilitate an affordable experience which meets their academic, personal and professional interests, needs and goals. Regardless of their major, students may spend a semester or academic year, summer or a short faculty-led course abroad earning credits towards their Sweet Briar degree, exploring new interests, learning a language, doing an internship or conducting research.

We believe that study abroad affords students a transformational experience of personal and academic growth which complements their on-campus education and provides the professional and intercultural skills needed for today’s global workplace.

Globalize your degree through studying abroad. Contact your advisor to discuss more details.