Gracie Applewhite '24 in the Costume Shop

Gracie Applewhite '24 in the Costume Shop

Into the Woods

Into the Woods, Fall 2022

Professor Joshua Harris leading rehearsal.

Professor Joshua Harris leading rehearsal.

A Midsummer Night's Dream

A Midsummer Night's Dream, Fall 2019

Act. Direct. Write. Sing. Design. Build. Bring your own vision to life. Welcome to Theatre at Sweet Briar.

Theatre and Musical Theatre

The theatre arts at Sweet Briar are strongly interdisciplinary, allowing students to pursue one area in great depth while encouraging collaboration with other performing arts. 

At Sweet Briar, we encourage theatre students to engage with every aspect of production, from acting and directing to lighting design and electrics. Our faculty have extensive professional experience in the theatre and are ready to mentor the next generation of theatre artists, whatever aspect of theatre they decide to pursue.

In our faculty-directed season, we produce everything from musicals to Shakespeare to cutting-edge contemporary work. Our proscenium theatre, Murchison Lane, is perfect for larger shows, while our Studio Theatre is ideal for smaller, more intimate performances. Seniors often elect to direct shows of their own, and our season of student-directed work augments what happens on the main stage.

Students rehearse for production of The Tempest.

Final preparations are underway for an innovative performance of The Tempest

Over 50 students are adding their creativity, joy and talent to the production.

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