Fly-In Program

Let us help with the cost to visit Sweet Briar College.

Campus in the fall at Sweet Briar Campus in the fall at Sweet Briar

There’s no substitute for a visit to our beautiful campus.

In fact, we’re so convinced you’ll love Sweet Briar as much as we do that we’re willing to put money on it, so we’re issuing a special invitation to you to be our guest at Sweet Briar. We will cover the cost for you and one parent to visit and coordinate an agenda tailored to your interests—whether you fly, drive or take a train!

What is our fly-in program?

It’s a visit reimbursement program. Although we sometimes call this our “fly-in” program, you don’t have to fly here to take advantage of it. Fly, drive or take the train and we have you covered.

We will reimburse you for your the travel to campus and lodging expenses once you are here for an in-person event or tour. We will cover the ticket fare for one prospective student and one family member to visit Sweet Briar College up to our program limits. Plus, we will make the reservation for you to stay at our on-campus Elston Inn.

It’s just one of the ways that we’re committed to making sure that women who seek the kind of education we provide, can see for themselves what makes Sweet Briar College so special.

How to use the Program

1. Schedule a personal visit or register for an open house.

We need to know exactly what days you want to arrive and depart campus so we can reserve your room at the Elston Inn.

2. Make your travel arrangements and keep receipts.

On the registration form, you’ll be able to indicate you’d like to take advantage of this invitation. You may make your own arrangements and we’ll reimburse you. Make sure you keep all receipts related to the travel you’d like to have reimbursed. If you choose this option, we’ll ask you to fill out a form when you get to campus.

3. Come to campus.

Enjoy your visit!



Who can use the program?


All domestic juniors and seniors in high school are eligible to use the program for one visit – as well as, domestic transfer students.

Are there reimbursement limits?


Yes – the program will cover up to $400 per plane/train ticket for one (1) prospective student and one (1) family member, and if you are flying, the program will cover up to $100 for a rental car as well.

If you are driving your own vehicle, the program will cover up to $400 in mileage expenses OR we will cover up to $200 for a rental car. We will not reimburse for gas if you are requesting mileage or rental car reimbursements.

If I live locally, can I use the program?


You must live at least 60 miles from Sweet Briar College to use the Fly-In Reimbursement Program.

Can I bring both of my parents?


More than one parent can come with you on your visit, but we will only cover the ticket cost for one.

I’m flying in and need to rent a car. Does the program cover that cost?


We will reimburse you for up to $100 for the cost of the rental car if you are flying to campus.

Where will I stay?


You and your parents will be able to stay at the Elston Inn on campus. The total cost of your room at the inn, or another local hotel if our on-campus Inn is full, is covered by the program. The Office of Admissions will make the reservation on your behalf and send you the confirmation.

This sounds too good to be true. Is it?


It is true!

Although we do have to limit the program to one time per family, we promise that it is true! It’s a pretty amazing program and we’re so glad you’re interested in taking part in it. We look forward to meeting you!

Can I use this program more than once?


We wish we could allow multiple uses, but in order to support as many prospective students as possible, we are limiting this program to one-time usage. If you have already taken advantage of this program, we would love to hear your feedback and we hope you will share it with other students so they too can visit Sweet Briar.

Have you already visited campus?

Fill out our Fly-In Reimbursement Form included below.

Thank you for visiting Sweet Briar College! Please confirm your information below so we can process your reimbursement for your visit. Reimbursement checks will be sent in 3-4 weeks following your visit, and it will be remitted to the prospective student directly. If you have any questions or concerns, please email

To learn more about our Fly-In Program, click here

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If you have any additional questions or special circumstances, we want to help you visit campus. Please reach out to us using the information below!
Fly-In contact information


p: 434-381-6142