Join the Council

Alumnae are welcome to join the Alumnae Alliance Council by nominating themselves for a co-chair position on the Council.

The annual nominations process for the Council has launched for the 2023-2024 academic year. 

Click Here to Submit a Co-Chair Nomination

To get involved as a working group member, please consult the list of Current Co-Chairs to reach out the appropriate contact.

Learn more about each working group’s priorities below.

Operations Working Group

Leads the bi-weekly meetings of the Alumnae Alliance Council as well as the semi-annual AAC meetings. They are the liaisons between the Alumnae Relations and Development Office (AR&D) and the Alumnae Alliance Council and communicate with AR&D regularly on Council matters.

Admissions Ambassadors Working Group

Assists the Office of Admissions by coordinating the training and recruiting efforts of the Admissions Ambassadors. This includes finding ambassadors throughout the country to represent Sweet Briar at college fairs as well as other projects determined by the Admissions Ambassadors Manager.

Alumnae Clubs Working Group

Works with AR&D to organize and be a liaison for the geographic groups of alumnae. The co-chairs also help coordinate the planning of alumnae club events, such as Sweet Briar Days.

Class Leaders Working Group

Works with AR&D to organize, coordinate, increase engagement and giving, and be a liaison for all class officers. The co-chairs also work with the reunion co-chairs and help when needed to get new leadership for classes.

Communications Working Group

Through social media channels, engages with alumnae by providing news and information from the College and the alumnae community.

Governance and Strategic Initiatives

Oversees the AAC co-chair election process; the creation, maintenance, and dissolution of AAC working groups as needed; and the identification of strategic initiatives for the AAC to undertake. 

Sweet Work Weeks

Leads the collaboration with AR&D in the identification of projects and engagement of alumnae who participate in on-campus projects as identified and requested by the College.

Young Alumnae Support

Seeks ways to promote and maintain the participation and engagement of recent alumnae from classes up to 10 years out by organizing events, encouraging volunteerism, and other efforts.