Art Galleries

Sweet Briar College believes that the study of original works of art is an invaluable component of a liberal arts education. As such, the College has an impressive collection of art, which is housed in several art galleries and a museum on campus. The collection provides an ongoing opportunity for object-based learning with students and professors examining and researching significant paintings, prints, drawings, photographs, sculptures and other works of art together. The galleries are also a cultural destination for passing visitors, within a remarkable network of rural arts venues in the area.

In 1984, Sweet Briar College renovated the former refectory (dining hall) to house the art collection and art library. The building, now called the Anne Gary Pannell Center, is the College’s principal art gallery and is home to the art history program and arts management certificate. In addition, it is a venue for lectures and classes, as well as other educational programs and public events.

Pannell Gallery neighbors two further galleries, one located in the mid-century foyer of Benedict Hall and one in the vaulted entrance to the Library. In addition to hosting exhibitions, each gallery also serve as spaces for talks and social events. 

Art acquisitions and art collection-related programs and activities are supported in part by the College’s Friends of Art.