Current gallery exhibitions are listed below:

For Evelyn, 1990Laura Pharis

For Evelyn, 1990
Laura Pharis

Valé Shenandoah, 2023Ian Donegan

Valé Shenandoah, 2023
Ian Donegan

Bottle washing, Under Land, Over Sky, 2023Susie Ganch

Bottle washing, Under Land, Over Sky, 2023
Susie Ganch

Under Land, Over Sky

February 8 to June 29, 2024

Pannell Gallery – Open Thurs: 3-5pm, Fri & Sat: 12-5pm

The overwhelming scale of plastic pollution and its relationship to climate change is viscerally experienced in the approach to making of artist Susie Ganch. She works with excess material - the abject waste of human production - that has not yet found its way back to a functional after-life. Her human-scale form of recycling has woven coffee cup lids into swirling tapestries, plastic bags into cloud rooms, and now water bottles into architecture. In Under Land Over Sky  seven elevations of green emerge through translucent bottles activated by daylight from unshuttered, refectory windows.

Ganch’s work responds to and comments on our ongoing and continued effects on the landscape and environment. Drawing on her background in geology and science, her practice-led research is reliant on the discoveries that can only be made by working with materials where she finds solutions through hands-on experiments. Ganch’s studio practice references science, is influenced by culture, and uses criticism merged with beauty to talk about the urgency of our times.

A collaborative project Sweet Briar College’s Center for Human and Environmental Sustainability and the Galleries & Museum program.

Generously funded by Sweet Briar College’s Friends of Art and VCUarts’ Dean’s Faculty Research Grants.