Trespass Policy

Campus Safety has assessed and evaluated the safest, yet most hassle-free way of preventing uninvited or unwelcome guests from attempting to visit students. We will continue with the practice of maintaining a Student Guest List spreadsheet. The Student Guest List must be updated at the beginning of every academic year. This process will assist with our goal of keeping students safe.

Campus Safety requests students to email Campus Safety at, with your guests’ legal first and last names, as they would appear on a Photo ID. Campus Safety will add these names to our Student Guest List where they will remain for the rest of the academic year or until the student instructs us to remove the previous approved guest. 

This process will prevent unwelcome guests from visiting students. However, as an added measure of security, if there are specific guests that you request to be denied entry to campus, please let Campus Safety know as soon as possible. We have additional options we can use to identify those who are not approved to be a guest.

Thank you.