Student Guest List

It is the Policy of the Sweet Briar Department of Campus Safety to enforce the established student guest/visitation policies as found in the current SBC Student Handbook. The Department will coordinate education and enforcement efforts of the student policy with the Office of Student Life staff. 

  • GUEST - A guest is any student who is not assigned to the specific residence space being visited, or any individual (male or female) who is not a Sweet Briar student
  • Students are to notify Campus Safety of Guest List
    • Each student is notified by email at the beginning of each semester that they are to provide the Department of Campus Safety with a guest list. The list should include those guests who will be visiting regularly throughout the semester. 
      • Students may notify Campus Safety of their guest list by email, phone call or LiveSafe.
      • The legal name of the guest as listed on a photo ID is required.
      • Once the name of each guest is provided to Campus Safety, the name will remain on the student’s guest list for the academic year. At the end of each academic year, all lists are void and must be created for the new academic year. 
      • A student may advise Campus Safety at any time to remove a person from their guest list.