Email Signatures

Given how many emails faculty and staff send each day, email signatures are a critical part of the College’s branding and should reflect that brand, rather than your personal beliefs. As such, consistency in how our email signatures appear is important. We’d like to ask that all faculty and staff use a consistent format and style for email signatures. Here are the items that should be included in your signature:

  • Name (plus class year, if you’re an alumna)
  • Job Title
  • Sweet Briar College
  • Email address
  • Direct phone number
  • (Optional) General office
  • (Optional) Fax number

You might also include a call to action. For example:

The preferred fonts for email signatures are Avenir or Arial; if they are not available, choose Sans Serif. You may also include the College’s logo, if you want. Putting all of that into practice, your email signature might look something like this: 

Example 1

John Smith 
Assistant Director of Wow
Sweet Briar College

Schedule a campus visit at


Example 2

Jane Smith ’10
Director of Wow
Sweet Briar College

Learn more about Sweet Briar College at!