Each group can display its own announcements.

  • Sample Announcement

    Here’s the content of my announcement.

In your group, go to Blurbs -> Announcements to add or edit announcements.

The blurb title and blurb body appear as shown above. The body can contain links to more information. The announcement itself should be brief.

Announcement Box

Groups can add announcements to any page using the Latest Announcement widget. This shows the top announcement in this group. Use balloons to change the order of announcements.

Go to the LiveWhale toolbar, click Insert -> Widgets -> Latest Announcement to add this widget to the page.

If you would like to place a specific announcement on another page of your site, give it a tag and then when placing the widget, add the same tag. 

Emergency Alerts

Emergency alerts are blurbs in the Alerts group: see Alerts.