Design Elements

In addition to the basic content styles for text on webpages, a range of design elements (editable content layouts and widgets) can be added to pages to make them more engaging, informative, and dynamic.

Content layouts

Content layouts are blocks of editable content with pre-formatted style and layout. They can be inserted into most content areas, and only their content can be edited, not their design and structure.

To add a content layout:

Select “Content layout” from the Insert menu while editing; choose a layout from the dropdown list; and click Insert to place it where you’re at on the page.

Here’s the list of layouts:

  • Accordion
  • Callout Box, Informational
  • Contact Info
  • Call to Action (Green)
  • Call to Action (Pink)
  • Featured Links
  • Featured News
  • Landing Page Call to Action (used on landing pages only)
  • Landing Page Full Width Image (used on landing pages only)
  • Related Links
  • Testimonial / Pull Quote

Here are a few examples:

Testimonial / pull quote

“Testimonials are entered as content layouts.”
- Sweet Briar Web Team

Related Links 

To insert related links, use a content layout. This includes include a block of basic text content on the left and related links box on the right. 

You can change the heading from “RELATED LINKS” to something more specific if appropriate. After you type in the text for the link, remember to add the link using the editing toolbar. 


This is the first header 
This is content for the first accordion. Use the green + at the bottom right to add another accordion section.
Second header
Lists, paragraphs, images, widgets, and other content layouts can be added here.


Formats are visual styles which can be applied to specific elements in content; for example, links, headings, or lists. 

To use a format, place your cursor within the element you wish to format while editing, and select from the Formats menu

For example: to make a link into a navy button, highlight the link and check BUTTON (NAVY) in the Formats menu.

This is a test link

To remove a format, highlight the item again, and uncheck the format in the Formats menu.