Top Level Landing Pages

Core pages such as Admissions, Academics, Student Life, Riding, and Alumnae use a specially designed page template.

Header Image Slider with Text Box

Slider images are managed as Blurbs of type Landing Page Slider Features, in the group to which the page belongs. For example, go to the Core: Academics group to manage the Academics page images.

The intro text within the slider is managed by the Sweet Briar Web Team group. Each core landing page has a blurb of type Landing page intro sentences. The blurb title should match the title of the page it appears on.

Pink Navigation Bar

Links are pulled from the Navigation of the appropriate group (for example, Core: Alumnae for the Alumnae page).

2-Column Grid

This is an area of two-column sections. Balance the placement of content visually, so that the eye flows down the page. Consider varying images from left to right.

Full-Width Video

In the “landing-page-content” area near the bottom of the page, place the cursor where you want the video to appear. Then select Insert -> Video/media in the toolbar, and enter the Vimeo URL. 

Featured News

This widget displays three news stories. If there are stories in the page’s group, it displays those (share the story to the group if not already there); otherwise it shows Core: News & Events stories. 

Alumnae Profile

This is a widget which displays one or more alumnae profiles (that is, profiles of the type Alumnae). If the widget is used on the site of a group that has alumnae profiles, those will be shown; if not it will pull profiles from the main Alumnae group. If there is more than one, the widget displays arrows so that you can scroll through all of them.

Majors and Minors (used on Academics landing page)

Screen shot of Majors & Minors popup display Screen shot of Majors & Minors popup display

The Academics landing page displays a condensed list of Sweet Briar’s majors and minors. Note that this is not the same list displayed on the Majors & Minors page, which contains a more complete and detailed list of all the programs offered at Sweet Briar. 

This same block of content is also displayed in the popup Majors & Minors list that displays from the homepage header, as well as the “View all programs” link on the sidebar of academic program pages. To make changes to that list, edit it on the Academics landing page. 


Landing-page-specific Content Layouts

Landing page call to action

Screenshot of Landing Page Call to Action content layout on the Admissions page Screenshot of Landing Page Call to Action content layout on the Admissions page

Landing page full width image

Use this content layout in the “landing-page-content” area for an image which covers the width of the screen. Make sure you are using a high resolution image.