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Engineering employers and grad schools want big-picture thinkers.

Become one here.

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Engineering employers and grad schools want big-picture thinkers. Become one here.

No matter what you want to study, our curriculum will challenge and prepare you for your next step.

We do engineering differently

There are no big lectures at Sweet Briar. No waiting for your second or third year before the work gets interesting or you get your hands on the equipment. You’ll jump in right away: Every class is project-based, hands-on learning. It’s all the challenge and sense of purpose you’re looking for — discovering all the ways you can become a woman who gets things done.

Tough, yes. Sink-or-swim, no.

Engineering at Sweet Briar means joining a community where everyone has your back. It’s challenging work, of course — but engineering here is a tight-knit group of young women who prize individuality and share your love of making things that matter in the world.


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  • Engineering 324

  • Professor T.C. Scott

In the Mechatronics course, students design and build prototypes of various mechatronic systems.

Based on customer requirements, which included a 2-zone environmental control system for a reptile enclosure, a PID-controlled ball position controller as a way to demonstrate automated self-compensating control systems, and a strain measurement device using three strain gauges for testing material deformation during mechanical testing.

A weekend of enginnering and fun

The students made mechatronic weather stations and along the way they learned some circuits, Arduino programming, 3D printing, and some good old fashioned shop skills.

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