Kathleen Placidi, Director of Institutional Grants

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Kathleen has been working on grants for Sweet Briar College since 2003. She received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Case Western Reserve University and did additional graduate study in American art at the University of Virginia. Before coming to Sweet Briar, she was a fundraiser at CWRU and at Monticello, and she has taught art history at several colleges, including Sweet Briar.

She collaborates with the faculty and professional staff to help the College obtain external grant support from a variety of funders, ranging from federal and state agencies to private foundations, corporations and individual donors. Kathleen serves on the faculty advancement, student advancement, human and animal subjects, and Common Read committees, is a member of the diversity, equity and inclusion working group, and is the vice president of Sweet Briar’s Phi Beta Kappa Chapter. She is a member of the President’s Team and works closely with the president on presidential communications and special projects.


Phone: 434-381-6596