Adjusting to U.S. Life

You are welcome here. You are welcome here.

Here are a few ways we’ll help you (and your family!) with the adjustment:

  • Pre-departure orientation is provided for all new international students before arrival.
  • Airport pick-up is provided to international students who travel on the recommended group flight.
  • Arrival orientation is organized with you in mind - upon arrival you’ll get a SIM card, go to the bank to set up a local bank account and go shopping for the essentials that would not fit into your luggage.
  • Weekly shuttles to the store are provided free of charge to all students throughout the fall and spring semesters.
  • Your DSO team will check in with you often and will host special events for international students to make connections and build friendships.
  • Internship and Employment workshops are offered each semester.
  • Annual tax preparation assistance is provided.