Practicing Faith and Traditions

Practice your faith and traditions while studying at Sweet Briar.

Get Involved with a Multicultural Community

The Delight Christian Faith Community on Sweet Briar campus started as a part of the Delight Ministries National Organization. Sweet Briar Delight leadership did not agree with some positions of the National Organization, and decided to separate and begin their own faith-based ministry in December of 2021. It is the hope of current and future board members that Delight can offer an accepting, welcoming, informed and accommodating environment for members of the Christian Faith community, regardless of previous faith experiences or political beliefs.

Delight would like to be clear in their statement of open-mindedness, and separate itself from certain Christian Nationalist stereotypes. This includes, but is not limited to, the acceptance of all races, genders, sexual orientations, and thoughtful discussions with other faith based organizations. We also acknowledge the significance of religious-based trauma, and hope to offer a safe space for members of the entire Sweet Briar community to navigate previous traumatic experiences. It is our intention to support all individuals on their faith based journeys, regardless of their current or previous involvement within the Christian Faith. We are aware of our historic position of privilege within the Sweet Briar community, and look forward to partnering with and affirming other faith-based organizations.

Muslim(ah) Student Association (MSA) is a non-profit, religious organization open to people of all faith and no faith. The fundamental purpose of our organization will be to promote an educational and informative outlook of Islam that helps to address and eliminate misconceptions of the religion today. MSA shall also have the purpose of creating a feeling of sisterhood among students of all faith.

Connect with the Sweet Briar Chaplain

Stop by the Mills Chapel on Thursday at 12:30 p.m. for “Pause”

Visit a Local Place of Worship

Agudath Sholom Synagogue

Amherst Baptist Church

Amherst Presbyterian Church

Ascension Episcopal Church

First Unitarian Church of Lynchburg

Greater Lynchburg Islamic Association

Hill City Community Church

Kingdom Hall-Jehovah’s Witness

Lynchburg Korean Church

Midway Baptist Church

St. Mary’s Catholic Church

Maintain Your Diet

Meriwether Godsey, our dining services provider, is aware of how important observing a faith-based diet is for practicing. Sweet Briar’s chefs offer many dishes and ingredients to cater to different eating preferences and dietary restrictions such as Halal food. Complete the Dietary Needs Form to share preferences and restrictions that matter to you.

Here are some local stores & restaurants we love that cater to diverse needs:

  • 99 Cent Store & Oriental Grocery
  • Aji Ramen
  • Al Ryan (Halal)
  • Annie’s Indian Kitchen (Halal)
  • La Cocina De Sheyla
  • Milan Indian (Halal)
  • Oasis Caribbean Resturaunt
  • Osoro’s Kitchen
  • Philippine Delight & More
  • Taste of India Grocery Store (Halal)
  • Thai 99


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