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The world is so big and you found us! We are honored!

Sweet Briar international students come from 18+ nations from 5 different continents. Over 40% of our student body are international students who are pursuing degrees in STEM, the arts, and business.

International students come to Sweet Briar in many ways - as first year students, transfer students, or to complete their degree.


F-1 students who would like to transfer to Sweet Briar must must first be accepted through the transfer application process.

 The following steps will assist you in the transfer of your immigration record to SBC:

  • After acceptance to Sweet Briar, make an appointment with your current Designated School Official (DSO) to inform them that you plan to transfer to Sweet Briar.
  • Complete the top half of the Transfer In form then have your DSO complete the second half and return the form to Sweet Briar Admissions. Note: you can cancel a transfer request only before the “release date”. In SEVIS and on the Transfer In form, your DSO must enter a “release date” from your current school and select SBC as the transfer school. The “release date” is usually the last day of the current session at your school.
  • After the enrollment deposit has been received and the “release date” has arrived, SBC can issue you a new I-20 showing the transfer of the F-1 visa sponsorship. 

Sweet Briar is authorized by the federal government to issue F-1 and F-2 visas.