Meet librarian Lore Guilmartin: Beyond books

Posted on April 16, 2021 by Abby May

Lore Guilmartin Lore Guilmartin

It’s hard to name only one place as the heart — or should we say brain — of a campus, but certainly, the library ranks near the top of the list. In today’s world of abundant digital resources and interconnectedness, the traditional view of a library falls short of what it is truly capable of offering. And, the Mary Helen Cochran Library has followed suit with the times, expanding beyond the bounds of the printed page. Here, the library is the perfect place for students and curious minds alike to start writing that research paper, studying for exams, discovering new ideas and growing as a person. It is a peaceful place of inspiration and opportunity.

Librarian Lore Guilmartin joined the Sweet Briar family in January 2021, having previously worked at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. Her favorite part about working in a library is the wealth of resources at one’s fingertips.

“The library has so much more to offer than collections of printed books,” says Lore. “Some of these include e-books, electronic articles, videos and image databases. The library also has a large collection of College archives, which is especially convenient if you want to do research on local or College history.”

“We also offer research help,” she says. “Students can get assistance at any time by using the chat feature on the library website, but myself and our archival assistant Adrian Broughman are available for individually scheduled meetings to help, as well.”

“Essentially, anything that you want to find out, we can help you get, whether it’s using the collections and resources here in our library or connecting you with other collections throughout the state, the country and the world,” says Lore. 

Happy National Librarian Day!

Reading Room, Cochran Library