Admissions Blog: Applying Early Decision, “It’s the commitment for me!”

Posted on October 29, 2020 by Abby May

by Ailish Rhodes ’19

Students everywhere have experienced the lack of stability 2020 has been providing and are choosing to take action to make plans for their future. One of the most exciting things high school students have to look forward to is going away to college next fall! 

Many colleges offer something called an Early Decision application, but oftentimes, people shy away from taking advantage of this amazing opportunity before receiving adequate information. We have seen how stressful this time has been for students in particular and want to help inform you of all the options available. Hopefully, this post will help dismantle the hesitation surrounding Early Decision and encourage you to consider taking advantage of this beneficial option. 

The Early Decision application is a perfect option for students who have a definitive first-choice school. What sets this option apart from its sister, Early Action, is the contract associated with it. 

Sweet Briar College
When applying Early Decision to a school you are stating that once accepted, you will be officially committing to Sweet Briar and are agreeing to withdraw applications to any other schools you have previously applied to. One of the main concerns when it comes to Early Decision is that students believe they are committing to a school without knowing the financial aid they will receive. While this is a very valid concern, Sweet Briar awards students their merit scholarships and any additional grants they qualify for immediately upon acceptance. We understand that you need to have all the information before making such an important decision, which is why we’ve structured the application the way we have. 

Quad Rocks
So, why should you apply Early Decision? If you can see yourself strolling through our Quad, down past the Bell Tower on the way to class with your friends, tea in hand, and know in your heart that this is the place for you, apply Early Decision! If you are highly motivated and want to set in stone your fall 2021 plans (we all need a little stability right now!) then apply Early Decision! If you’re tired of the college application process, are feeling a bit burnt out and just want to wrap this whole experience up in a neat little bow, then apply Early Decision! 

There are so many perks for students who take advantage of this opportunity such as partial textbook reimbursement, cute Sweet Briar swag and, most importantly, you will be first in line for academic advising and housing selection. If this sounds like something you would like to pursue but still have a few questions, reach out to one of our admissions counselors at any time.

We can’t wait to hear from you and are always more than happy to help set your plans in action! Have a very happy Halloween and as always, please stay well.