Student and alumnae essays published in Studio Potter magazine

Posted on September 28, 2020 by Dana Poleski

Ceramics studio

Rachel Gomez ’20, Caroline Trimmer ’20 and Madeline Schulman ’24 all love throwing clay. As past and present ceramics students, Professor Shawn O’Connor encouraged them to submit an essay to the national magazine Studio Potter. Each student worked from the prompt: What have I learned about myself by learning to throw on the pottery wheel? 

The article notes how Professor O’Connor’s classroom philosophies came through their voices and that each woman had a strong sense of her own journey. The magazine presents their essays as a unified piece portraying the student-teacher relationship. “The result, as so many head back into uncertain classroom situations this fall, is a hopeful essay of three young voices considering how the pottery wheel has impacted their lives,” says the magazine’s editor, Jill Foote-Hutton.

Congratulations Rachel, Caroline and Maddie! Read the article in Studio Potter magazine.

Rachel Gomez ’20 Rachel Gomez ’20

Caroline Trimmer ’20 Caroline Trimmer ’20

Maddie Schulman ’24 Maddie Schulman ’24