President Woo speaks at women’s national leadership conference

Posted on September 24, 2020 by Dana Poleski

Women Leadership conference

Update, 12/3/20: Mount Saint Mary’s posted the entire fascinating discussion on YouTube, and we encourage you to watch!

Women's Leadership Conference
President Meredith Woo
is one of twelve accomplished women from diverse professional and personal backgrounds to speak at the 2020 Women’s Leadership Conference sponsored by the Center for the Advancement of Women at Mount Saint Mary’s University in Los Angeles and the Women’s College Coalition. The virtual conference will take place on Thursday, Sept. 24 from 12:30-5 p.m. EST. Registration is free.

The theme of the conference is #BeTheChange, which the Center for the Advancement of Women describes as this: “From the global pandemic to racial injustice, 2020 has challenged communities across the country. And yet, women continue to rise. They are meeting the moment by organizing, learning and collectively working together to secure a better tomorrow. A more equitable future is in our hands and it’s up to each one of us to #BeTheChange.”

President Woo joins three other women—Zulema Garcia, Ann McElaney-Johnson and Suzanne Walsh—for the session, Women at the Forefront: Leadership Lessons from Women’s College Presidents. Zulema serves on the Mount St. Mary’s Board of Trustees, Ann is the president of Mount St. Mary’s and Suzanne is the president of Bennett College. This portion of the conference begins at 1 p.m. EST and addresses why the events of 2020 (COVID-19, a crippled economy and racial injustice) compelling us to look for strong leaders.

The Center for the Advancement of Women describes the session: “On the global stage, for example, we know that women-led nations have generally handled the pandemic more successfully than male-led nations. This may speak to inclusive political institutions and values. Women’s university and college presidents have fostered inclusive environments that allow young women to thrive and grow their leadership potential.”