Meet the new SGA elected officials

Posted on May 11, 2020 by Abby May

As the academic year comes to a close, new student leaders are selected for the following academic year. This includes new members of the Student Government Association executive board and administrative cabinet. 
Sweet Briar’s SGA was created in 1906. According to their constitution, the purpose is to:

  • Promote the highest standards of honor and integrity in all phases of college life

  • Coordinate and promote student activity within the community

  • Provide a forum for the expression and discussion of student opinions and sentiment

  • Complement the educational aspects of student life

  • Advance the spirit of loyalty to the College and its undertakings

Through its committees and funding, the SGA organizes many events, traditions and initiatives that promote and expand the student experience at Sweet Briar.  
The SGA executive board is composed of the administrative cabinet, all SGA committee heads and the president and vice president from each class year.  The executive board serves as the main voting body. It decides how SGA funds are spent and what initiatives or events are a priority.  They represent the student body as a whole and coordinate efforts throughout the year to enrich campus life.

SGA Administrative Cabinet

SGA president
Madeleine McAllister ’21: SGA President

I am incredibly excited about the connections and responsibility that this position brings. I look forward to working with students in all classes on campus, in addition to outside partners, faculty and staff,” she said.

Madeleine hopes to increase the school’s community visibility by not only making other colleges and organizations aware of Sweet Briar, but by expanding our partnerships and utilize resources both on and off-campus.

SGA vice president
Hannah Epstein ’22: SGA Vice President

Hannah wanted to be involved with SGA because, “It has been a big part of my experience at Sweet Briar. I felt that this position was a new challenge for me as a leader and a student in our community.” 

“I value our traditions. I felt that SGA was a good way to be more involved in all of them,” she said. 

Hannah hopes to complete many ongoing projects from this upcoming academic year and would like to build connections with students, faculty and alumnae while in office.

SGA treasurer
Angelika Lindberg ’21: SGA Treasurer

“I have been involved in SGA my entire academic career at Sweet Briar. As a first-year entering college, I saw SGA as a way to be involved on campus and get to know others while strengthening my leadership skills,” she said.

Angelika hopes to continue to make funding readily available for students to host a variety of campus-wide events. 

“I’d love to see on-campus student life flourish, and funding is a key factor in helping it grow. I will also make sure that the SGA budget is spent wisely and in ways that benefit the entirety of the Sweet Briar community,” she said.

SGA engagement officer
Sara Story ’22: Engagement Officer

“I wanted to run for this position to expand the community’s awareness of SGA and it’s functionality to and for the Sweet Briar student body,” said Sara.

“I’m really looking forward to learning more about the ins and outs of SGA and how to be a part of an effective student government body.”

SGA community service
Dara Keffer ’23: Director of Community Service

“I am most excited about beginning in a new position that no other student has tried before. I hope to expand Sweet Briar’s horizons and create a calendar for community service that is intense and giving,” Dara said.

“I want to bring attention to the community service aspect of Sweet Briar and make a well-known name for the College.”

Executive Board

SGA academic judicial chair
Audrey Malone ’21: re-elected as Academic Judicial Chair

“The judicial system is one that I have been a part of and passionate about since my first year at Sweet Briar. Being a part of the Judicial Committee each year has sparked a passion for justice and people that I might not have otherwise found. It is because of my experience with the committee that I realized I want to continue my education after Sweet Briar,” said Audrey.

“I saw a lot of great change, dedication and strength within the executive board during my time this past year that was inspiring to me and I look forward to another great year with this team, some new faces and some returning.”

SGA judicial chair
Tatum Wallis ’22: Non-Academic Judicial Chair

Tatum said, “This position leads the student body in one of our school’s most significant traditions, the Honor Code. It’s not only something to take pride in as a student but connects us with our alumnae. I took on this position as well as the challenges of adapting the Honor Code to the modern Sweet Briar campus to ensure it’s longevity and presence.”

“I hope to help students maneuver through the Honor Code on today’s campus as well as encourage integrity and compassion,” she said.

SGA campus events
Reesa Artz ’22: Campus Events Organization President, CEO

“I hope to make CEO increasingly visible on campus. I would like to make it not only a strong organization solely based on the members of the board but also from student input,” said Reesa.

“The Sweet Briar culture is a community of like-minded adults who provide unparalleled support and a home away from home. As CEO president I understand how to use unique perspectives as a positive factor. When we all collaborate, we produce the best events.”

SGA inter club
Sydney Campbell ’21: Inter Club Council, ICC President

“I am looking forward to working closely with all of the clubs at Sweet Briar. We currently have 29 clubs on campus, each with their own unique mission. I believe that this is what makes Sweet Briar home to so many women. I am thankful to be part of it,” she said.

Sydney ran for this position because “Being on the executive board allows me to have hands-on interaction with the community.”

SGA academic affairs
Rachel Davis ’22: Academic Affairs Committee Chair

“I’m excited to be able to advocate for my peers’ academics! I want AAC to be more visible on campus so people can come to us with issues,” Rachel said.

“I’ve been a part of AAC since my first year. It’s one of the most important activities that I’m a part of on campus.”

SGA non-traditional students
Katee Bartlett ’23: Non-traditional Student Chair

“I’m most excited to get to know all of the non-traditional students better and assist them,” she said.

“I will organize events to get non-traditional students involved on campus. Let’s make them feel at home at Sweet Briar.”

SGA diversity
Siena Annable ’22: Diversity and Inclusion Liaison

“Sweet Briar is an ever-evolving and innovative community. It does its best to help support the need-driven ideas of its students and staff. I wanted the chance to be a part of that.”

“I hope to further the legacy that the person before me has created and push forth the ideas of the Sweet Briar community that create diversity. We include all of our students in a respectful manner,” she said.

SGA advisor
Jess Austin: SGA Advisor

Question about SGA? You can email Jess at