A letter from Cailey Cobb ’20, SGA president

Posted on April 02, 2020 by Dana Poleski

Cailey Cobb

Dear Sweet Briar Community,

I hope that each of you have taken time to process how COVID-19 has affected your experience at Sweet Briar. This is a situation that is necessary for you to internally process. I just ask that you don’t burn out. I know how easy it is to throw your hands up and feel as though “There is nothing I can do.”

There is so much to do.


You still have your big [sisters]. The Junior Class may be reflective (I was) as they imagine what Junior Banquet could have been like and all the ways they have earned their rings. Take time to learn from their experiences. This is an incredible lesson in gratitude. I am sure that your upperclasswomen have felt uncertainty many times at Sweet Briar. I believe that pushing through that feeling has led the upperclasswomen to fall more in love with Sweet Briar. Let this time give you a reason to think about everything Sweet Briar has given you. Let it remind you why you fell in love with our community.

I personally need help from your class. The Senior Class is hurting. Please give the seniors your love. We are a community unlike no other. Reach out to a senior you may not know, or your big. You are a strong class. This is the time that, as a group, you all dig deep and love each other. We each have a story of why we chose to attend the Pink Bubble. You can become closer to campus by hearing these stories.

Take a moment. Look down at your left hand and imagine your class ring on your pinky. You have earned that ring. Reflect on what you did to earn it. Think about how you have upheld the Honor Code, studied hard and been a friend to so many. This is not a time to dwell on the hurt. This entire situation wouldn’t hurt if you didn’t love Sweet Briar. Loving Sweet Briar is good. For every reason there is to be upset, there are two more reasons to smile and reminisce on your last three years.

I wish I could give each of you a long hug right now (even if I am really the one that needs the hug). I keep wondering, “How can I make the seniors know they are loved and supported?” Part of me wants to stand on a table in Prothro and tell you how loved you are. Another part of me wants to waste your time in the elevator in Benedict and endlessly ask how you are doing. Then, I am reminded that I can’t do either of these. There is one thing I want to make clear: We are a family that is a part of the Sweet Briar community. Community knows no boundary. We would be hypocrites if we said that we were not a community just because we are not on campus. Our class is fiery, strong, and at times, quite a riot. Don’t forget who you are and who we are.

Our community is not defined by location, but by our spirit and response to adversity.

This is not the end! We are not through with the year yet. We each have something to finish (along with a semester full of high marks in every class). The Student Government Association will continue to find ways to connect and celebrate the Sweet Briar spirit.

Cailey Cobb ’20
President, Student Government Association