Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation scholarships help local students attend Sweet Briar

Posted on April 02, 2020 by Abby May

The Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation awarded two local Sweet Briar students each with a $5,000 scholarship. The GLCF’s goal is to help two first-year, full-time students from the Lynchburg region attend the College. 

Willow Hope Litchford ’23 and Keeley Shay Sarver ’23 were the recipients of this year’s scholarship.

Offering scholarship aid is essential to Sweet Briar’s educational mission as it helps make the College’s liberal arts and science programs, as well as its distinctive Women’s Leadership Core Curriculum, more accessible to all young women.

Willow is from Madison Heights, Va., and graduated from Amherst County High School where she was active in band, dance, theatre and the tech club. When asked why she wanted to come to Sweet Briar, Willow replied, “I took dance classes at the College for so many years that it has always felt like home to me.” She plans on majoring in biology and minoring in dance. 

Keeley is a first-generation college student from Lynchburg, Va., and graduated from Heritage High School where she was a member of the orchestra and pit orchestra for theatrical productions. Keeley was eager to come to Sweet Briar because she knew she wanted to go to an all-women’s college and enjoyed the smaller class sizes. “I’m able to know my professors and they know me. I’m able to get help whenever I need it because of the close-knit group environment,” said Keeley. She intends on majoring in elementary education.

The scholarships provided through this award directly support some of the costs for Willow and Keeley to attend the College, helping them pursue their education and career goals. Both students are truly grateful for the support through the scholarship.

“It means so much to me and my family. Both of my parents and I work to help put me through college to get my dream job of being a teacher. It means the world to me to have this scholarship,” said Keeley.

“This scholarship means a lot to me because college is very expensive. I am very thankful for it; it makes me feel very confident in myself and my ability to be here and to do academic studies,” said Willow. 

Sweet Briar is fortunate to have this support and partnership through the Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation.